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iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.5%


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  1. Everyone should be buying this comic. Look at the art! Freakin Gorgeous.

    Also, I like it how there is a Safety Kit in a Nazi castle 🙂

  2. Even if I wasn’t getting all of these 70th anniversary specials, I would still get this for Roger Stern.

  3. This was POTW for me.

    Just a great look into why these kids were such a factor in these comics. Plus the art by Rivera has some of the best art in a comic this week.

  4. These 70th Anniversary Specials have been a lot of fun and this is definately on par with the Captain America issue. Beautiful art, a sweet but not sappy sentimental story, and great action.

  5. What an absolutely incredible book, it’s a shame it didn’t get many pulls. 5/5.

  6. Pick of the week for me


    amazing book. 

  7. Wow a resurge of comments and POTW % for this book.

    @kwisdumb, changingshades: Did you think it was puzzling that Marvel AGAIN didnt put Golden Age backups with the titled characters? I mean I still like the stuff they put into for extras; but why wasnt there any random YA issues thrown in?

  8. @TNC

    Probably because any issue of Young Allies would feature the insanely racist caricature that was Whitewash Jones. I dunno what the other one that you’re referring to is, though (I’ve only gotten this, Cap, & Human Torch’s 70th Anniversary issues, and those 2 had the proper reprints).

    This was my PotW, even though Invincible fought hard for it.

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