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What happens when you pit a man who cannot die against a raging creature whose only purpose is to destroy? David Kim discovers the answer when he finds himself in combat against the ancient entity Maranatha and finds aid in a most unexpected source.

Written by JOHN ROZUM
Art and cover by FRAZER IRVING

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. I seriously have no idea what’s going on in this series but I don’t care. It’s fucking amazing.

  2. I got halfway through issue 2 and p much said ‘wtf is happening’. But it was late and I was very tired.

    Returning the next day with fresh eyes, and it blew me away. 😀

  3. This series is PHENOMINAL. DC isn’t doing it any favors by putting out on the biggest week every month.

  4. You have to respect the madness in this, not to mention that it’s beautiful

  5. Yes.  I am sad it will likely be cancelled soon as its not even selling 10K copies.  Unless of course they can make the case for transferring it to Vertigo.

  6. @kmob181  I’m wondering why it didn’t just start at Vertigo? It seems like it would have “fit” there a little better.

  7. @HailScott – Word is they were worried that it would create confusion as the title Xombi is apparently too close to iZombie and they didn’t want too many zombie type titles under the same imprint.  Apparently they were serious.

  8. @MacAoidh  I had the exact same. Though I did finish it. Will need to read it again.

    Apart from the story though, man… the art. Simply love Frazer Irvings art… What he did on Batman & Robin 13-16 was what got me interested in Xombi in the first place.

  9. If this gets cancelled I’m going to be a little upset for a few days … I might even punch my pillow a few times with impotent rage.  It seemed like everyone was pretty excited about the first issue but then it just petered out.  *shrug*  

  10. iZombie/Xombi who cares if they are both Vertigo. Whoever decided to make this a DC book is a f*&king knucklehead! I really hope it survives.

  11. Maybe Xombi readers and Avengers Academy (or some similar title) readers should make a deal: if they all add Xombi to their pull lists, we’ll all add their favorite on-the-bubble title.  Is your favorite title worth three extra bucks a month to save?

  12. Don’t forget, a few years ago immortal Iron Fist showed that a good comic and word of mouth CAN increase sales on a big two book.

    We need to keep telling everyone just how good this book is. We need to make sure it is on as many pull lists as possible so retailers have the confidence to order strong and we need to make sure DC know we love it.

  13. @Funcrusher – correct.  knucklehead would be the operative definition.
    @Quinn – brilliant.  i’d do it.  
    @NodNolan – also correct. but im skeptical.  too many people fear change.  as well as talking change apparently. 

  14. @NodNolan  Oh, the irony of your avatar juxtaposed with your second paragraph. . . sigh.

  15. Best issue to showcase Kim’s powers. A bit too much exposition but Rozum is showing he is ‘Grant Morrison’-lite with the story. Also, best work by Frazer Irving in this book.


  16. Great issue!  At the beginning of the comic, I liked how the panels told one story and the writing told another.  I think that shows great collaboration and talent from writer and artist.  Can’t wait till next month… Yes, tell your friends about Xombi!!!

  17. I have no idea what’s going on in this, but DC has two of the best artists today working on their weeklies — Jock and Irving.

  18. The art in this series strikes such a cord with me I can’t even explain it. And in this issue when Rozum writes about how life is wasted on the living it was just sublime.

  19. Chord*

    Also, I would like to add that Rustling Husks are amongst the coolest charachters in comics.

  20. The middle part with the ghost woman talking about how we all take life for granted is why I love comics.

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