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Written by JOHN ROZUM
Art and cover by FRAZER IRVING

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

It’s amazing how we’re only three issues into this series but it feels like I’ve been reading it forever. I’m not sure why I have this sense really. Maybe it’s because John Rozum has packed each issue with many bizarre, but regular features into this strange world. Or maybe it’s that each page showcases something more bizarre then the next. Or maybe it’s because I am admiring the beautiful Frazer Irving art with each issue. It might be all of those things or maybe something else. Either way, with this first arc coming to a close I am definitely still on board this strange love child for DC Comics.

This issue is the best showcase of Kim’s abilities in my opinion. We’ve seen him transform a few things and heal at times. But this time we actually see the extent his powers will actually take him. With all the fighting going on you’d be surprised just how much narration and exposition Rozum put into this. It’s a weird balancing act of trying to give us an action packed fight but also explaining just what the hell is going on. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t and hopefully Rozum can make the expositions work in the future. But I did like the endless conversations about life and death and it’s more examples that Rozum is ‘Grant Morrison’-lite.

I really think this is the best work Frazer Irving has done. Don’t get me wrong, his work for ‘Batman and Robin’ was pretty damn good too. But for once I can totally see the advantages of having pure, digital artwork. Other times his work seems to be a bit rushed, or just a page doesn’t look good. Here though I can tell Irving is putting a lot of effort into the panels and the action that occurs in them. The best sequence in comics this week for me is Irving showing Kim’s healing ability. First we have this striking, one page splash of his literally destroyed body. Then we see his healing ability overtime and he took the time to have several panels showing a slow heal instead of instant (like with Wolverine or Deadpool). Plus he does a great job with these ghost projections to show some type of transparency but still show someone is in that outline. Also, once again a great choice of colors with oranges, blues, and the best use of pink I’ve seen anywhere.

I’m not comfortable to say that this might be the best book DC has to offer yet. We still have Batman INC, Sweet Tooth, and a few others that could claim that. But for me, this is the most bizarre yet imaginative book DC Comics has. It’s a load of fun by having so many weird characters and situations but somehow having John Rozum make sense of it all. It also has some of the best art in a book comics has right now with Frazer Irving killing it once again. This is a book where I can’t even fathom what the hell is going to happen next. That’s a good thing.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I know you’ll probably never seen this, but this was one of the best reviews I’ve read from you.  I agree with everything that you wrote here.

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