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David Kim has a choice: Join his companions in battle against a horde of murderous creatures or abandon them to their fates while he sets off alone to tackle escaped killer James Church.

Plus: Nuns with guns!

Written by JOHN ROZUM
Art and cover by FRAZER IRVING

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%


TheNextChampion05/07/11NoRead Review
FloydLawton04/28/11NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. I got this pulled into my pullbin in the nick of time, I hope.

    Any comic that has nuns with guns has to be amazing right?

  2. @TheNextChampion  Nuns + Guns = Must have .

  3. The first issue of this was a pleasant surprise with a ton of neat ideas in it.

  4. I loved the first ish as well. Unfortunate that this is such a big week for my DC books. Gonna have to let this one go. Trade maybe?

  5. What’s up with none of the iFanboys pulling this after rave reviews of the first issue? A victim of a far-too-busy week? I may end up dropping this as well and waiting for trade as well, though, due to all the other exciting stuff happening right now.

  6. First issue was a blast, can’t wait to put my hands on this one to know what’s coming-up with David Kim, Catholic Girl and Nun of the Above!

  7. Oh yes.

  8. Apparently King Diamond was wrong. Nuns do have fun.

  9. Easily my favorite new book.

  10. @RolandofGilead  Same here. Top of thre stack tomorrow. And I have a ton of books I’m excited about.

    I love it when a comic isn’t afraid to venture into the weird, especially when it appears that the writer knows what he is doing and where the story is going. Paul made a comment last month about this seeming like a Vertigo title and I really agree. Not gonna complain though. Seems like DC is more focusing things on their “main” universe, but if they keep churning out stuff like this, I’m totally fine with that.

  11. I want MORE nun-based puns! MORE!

    And I look forward to the day where the insanity presented in these pages crosses over with some mainstays of the DCU. That could get REALLY crazy.

    I like to capitalize words when I’m excited.

  12. Rozum did an interview at CBR where he specifically asked readers not to trade wait and considering the first issue sold just over 12K copies I’m inclined to agree.

  13. @HailScott a few weeks ago you had an Accept reference and now a King Diamond one?  Nice 80’s metal references that im sure most fanboys aren’t picking up on, but i am!

  14. Just thought of a nun pun.  How about:  “Nun too soon”

  15. WooHoo! 5.6 average!

  16. This series is a lot of fun and has the feel of Morrison’s Doom Patrol with all the fun crazy ideas.

  17. @markish  
    oh please NOOOO!!!!!!  The only reason I picked the first issue up was because everyone swore it was great and most importantly because everyone also swore that it had nothing to do with the DCU.  I don’t know how any of those characters could actually help something this original and fresh.  As soon as I see a bat signal in this book I’m dropping it

  18. Oh, I don’t want Xombi joining the JLA or anything like that. Definitely not.

    But I wouldn’t be against Detective Chimp stopping by for a cameo, y’know? When you can out-weirs a talking chimpanzee with a Sherlock Holmes obsession, you’re onto something.

  19. Wow another solid issue-pick of the week

  20. A week of “5s” for me, but not quite my pick. A runner up. Still though, Frazer melts my brain.

  21. This was absolutely phenominal. I’m so happy I decided to pick it up.

  22. Loved the 1st issue of this, very refreshing.  This issue didn’t hit as hard but is still a great read.  I’ll be reading Xombi for awhile I think!

  23. Great follow up to the exellent first issue.  The artwork, colors especially, really cements the story making it a total package.  This is going on my pull list immediately. 

  24. This book is still just as good and just as WEIRD as I remember it from the old Milestone Comics days!

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