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Bastion’s plan comes to fruition as an impenetrable dome makes the Bay Area a prison. It’s bad enough for the millions of humans, but it’s even worse for the 98% of the world’s mutants who live there.

WRITER: Mike Carey
PENCILS: Greg Land
INKS: Jay Leisten
COLORED BY: Justin Ponsor
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
COVER BY: Adi Granov

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. R.I.P. Nightcrawler.

  2. This feels like it is really starting to lose momentum.

  3. A dome? Really? I’m going in optimistic because I love the first act of this x-over, but I feel like giant inpenetrable domes have been a bit over done recently in other media. (i.e. The Simpsons Movie or Under the Dome by Stephen King)

  4. THis has really started to slump a bit in the last two weeks.

  5. Definitely slumping.  How do you run it with high octane and then stop.  Now I’m hooked and want to see more.  Could this be the last I pick up in this crossover.  maybe.

  6. Do you suppose the rest of the new Heroic Age Marvel heroes will even care about the San Francisco dome? Darn east coast bias.

  7. This issue of X-Men Legacy better bring back the WOW factor to the crossover. Last two issues killed the excitement for me. Where is the West Coast Avengers when you need them the most?

  8. Bastion’s Plan is the exact same plan that Count Nefaria had in (Uncanny) X-Men #23? ::sigh.:: I can only hope this will lead to the long awaited revival of Unus the Untouchable.

  9. i though chapters 1-5 were awesome. 6-7 were pretty bad, hopefully things turn back around.

  10. Can anyone remind me why some of the X-Men are mad with Professor Xavier? I know it was explained in Astonishing, but I don’t remember if it was more than that. Memory is a little rusty.

  11. I know most of the hate for Xavier started in the X-Men: Deadly Genesis series when they first introduce Vulcan (He is the Third summer brother), Before Xavier sent the new X-men to save the original team on  Krakoa,,He sent in a team of mutants who were not fully trained in using there powers by making them think they been training for months but really it was only a couple of days,  Then he brainwash everyone so thet could not remeber them, Vulcan returns pissed off and makes Xavier reveal what happed (kills Banshee too),,,i know at the end of the series Scott Summers kicks Xavier off the team and takes control as there leader.

  12. I like the new Scott. Much more interesting character since he took over as leader.

  13. So, is this title ever going to be about Rogue training the next generation of mutants?  It seems like that was all set up then abandoned.

  14. that should be following the events of second coming.

  15. The fact that this is coming out weekly keeps it going strong for me. Beats the shit out of doing an event month after month.


  16. It’s a two page spread…. OF A RED HOT! Man this was kind of boring despite being action oriented. It just seemed there. Also… the Nimrods look like Shredder in Iron Man armor and nothing like Nimrod. My interest in this crossover is waning fast and free. 3/5

  17. This was pretty decent but Ive had a few moments where I lose track of where characters are because there’s just so damn many. And the Avengers showing up just made me go ‘come on dammit!!! THEY JUST FUCKING FORMED!’

  18. This issue definitely didn’t disappoint.

  19. Quite shitty.

  20. I didn’t know barbelith existed in the Marvel U!  That’s what the two page spread was right? 

    That screeching sound you hear is second coming going from 100mph to 0 in 3 issues.  greg land’s art was worse than usual – hard pressed to find any facial expressions that come close to matching the dialog/scene, ugh.  Who was the old guy talking to Rockslide?  is it magneto?  


  21. @ The Taken

    There were several times when I didn’t know who the characters were supposed to be, and I’m a lifetime X-Men fan.

  22. it was Madison Jeffries- dark hair, grey temples, same shirt he’s worn since X-Club first formed

  23. Better than the last 2 issues. Hopefully next month gets this back on track.

  24. This was kind of just above average for me, but I feel like it really pushed the plot forward.  Nothing wrong with a huge X-Men vs. Nimrod(s) battle, I’m very excited for that.

    I love the idea of San Fran being imprisoned as a whole instead of just Utopia, maybe they’re setting up a X-Men defending the city concept.  Puts things on a grander scale, not just the mutants fighting for survival.

    I gave it a 4, but it’s more of a 3.5

  25. This is the worst sort of crossover. I couldn’t afford all the chapters of this even if I wanted to, and when I get to the chapters in the books I actually buy, I have no idea what is going on. Didn’t we stop doing this in the 90s? I’m on the borderline of dropping the X-titles I do buy until it’s over for budgetary reasons.

  26. This book was just a step above horribly mediocre, and it still got my POTW.  I had such a bad week…

  27. I’m so much in love with the Marvel Mutant concept that I don’t care. I’m just a whore.

  28. meh.

    I want to live in Land’s universe where all the women look the same.


  29. This is issue screamed for several scenes to have fantastic, cool art to carry it. Greg Land did not carry it. The red bubble, bastion, the Nimrods… all bleh. And what is the deal with Hope in despair last issue and fully pumped and ready to go after a ten minute pep talk in this issue. Did she just have low blood sugar and get a Snickers?

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