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  1. Can’t guarantee I’ll be on this title any longer. It’s just not doing anything for me at all. But this will probably the deciding factor.

  2. I am pretty sure I would like this book better if it didnt come out the same week as uncanny.  I think this is at least the 4th month in a row…makes no sense to me!

  3. yea after this arc i think im done

  4. It seems like every X book is coming out this week (Uncanny, Legacy, X-Factor, X-Force, ….). I remember when they used to ship a different title every week as opposed to one big X-dump. Oh well…

  5. This is really dragging, but I have to stick with my X-Men. Ron and I have that in common.

  6. Im almost off of this too. The first few issues were really great, but it’s tired now. Frankly, I think they should have just killed Proffesor X long ago. He would be a more effective character as a dead martyr. Mutants would have their MLK or Ghandi. Anyhoo.

  7. @blulew23-I agree, Prof X long ago served his purpose. It’d be nice to see the torch permanently passed to Cyclops, rather than waiting for the Prof to inevitably take over again.  Still, this series has been better than I anticipated. I’ve enjoyed everything up until now. This storyline doesn’t do much for me because I’m not that interested in exploring Rogue’s past or her current issues.

  8. I’m unsure about staying on this title too…I just need something to happen.  I’d actually like to see a team of some sort too.  Prof X, Gambit, Rogue…ok if this is a long drawn out "collecting the team" story, let’s speed it up.

  9. Ugh. Unreadable, I couldn’t get past the middle of the issue. Just boring. What happened to the Mike Carey from Lucifer? You know, the good one.

  10. another unreadable issue, absolutey aweful, especially compared to a surprising recovery in uncanny… when this was in the 185-199 area it was fantastic… aw well

  11. This was unacceptably bad. Just awful. I will also join the chorus of voices saying who is this hack, and  where is the Mike Carey that wrote Lucifer, Faker, Hellblazer. Prior to this recent downward turn, Carey was an author who’s name on a book was a guaranteed stamp of enjoyment. I just cannot understand what has happened here. I just want good comics!

  12. I’m just here for Rogue. Yet again, any Rogue storyline HAS to be attached to Gambit. WHY? She’s a strong enough character on her own.

  13. Ehn, yeah, I expected much more from this arc. I still give it a 3/5, but it’s not getting the consistent 4s from me the preceding almost year’s worth of issues did. And I was expecting this arc to really be an improvement on the title, kicking it into high gear, not a letdown. Still going to keep reading it, though, which is more than I can say for sure for most of the comics on my list these days…

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