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  1. By all looks of things, this story seems like a cliched clunker that I’d have no business wanting to read… But if I didn’t know better I’d have been thinking the same thing about every issue of this series for the last year or so, and they’ve all been damn near GREAT. Carey keeps finding new ways to make Xavier interesting. This is the only X-book I’m still reading and wish it would get more love.

  2. @flapjaxx, dont worrie, i love this book too.

  3. though the crossover was a little rough.

  4. this is a great book, and i agree that the wolverine origins crossover was horrible and a waste of my money. i’m glad this book is back on track on its own.

  5. I was a big cheerleader for this book at the beginning of the ‘Legacy’ era, but the character development really seemed to stall out at some point, and the Origins crossover killed a lot of the momentum.  This issue could make the difference in whether I stick around, because it looks like the Rogue and Gambit show is coming up next.

  6. The crossover almost convinced me to buy Wolverine Origins every month, and that Daken wasn’t a horrible, horrible character.

    Luckily, my survival instincts kicked in and left Origins behind.

  7. For the crossover I only read this title (not Origins or the one-shot) and was satisfied. So maybe I’ve been enjoying this book in part because I’m not that concerned with outside x-continuity that much anymore; I just take each issue of this on face-value. I guess there’s going to be an arc involving Rogue soon–looking forward to that.

  8. I actually really liked this issue; I didn’t expect to because I hadn’t heard great things, but I thought it was a cool one-and-done.

  9. It was a nice issue but it felt like the real purpose of this issue was to make Juggernaught a "bad guy" again.  Is it just me or is this character written inconsistently almost giving him a split personality.  

  10. this was my favorite issue of the series so far.

  11. Juggernaught was never the most stable guy around.  it was fun having him a good guy but it is nice to have him bad agian.

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