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  1. this is book is slowly growing on me, but god is the coloring awful

  2. I would have to agree with you

  3. i don’t know why i’m still buying this.

  4. Is it just me, or is that cover majestically stupid-looking?

  5. "majestically stupid-looking" is a great description; I’m going to have to steal that and use it to describe other things.

    I’ve actually enjoyed this series a lot more than I thought I would. With that said, this issue is make-or-break for me. This is the long-awaited Cyclops/Xavier confrontation. If it sucks (which is doubtful, actually), I’m off. But if it feels like a good place to stop, then I’m off as well. I just really don’t care about current X-Men continuity anymore.They got my attention again with Messiah Complex, and things haven’t been awful or anything, but I just see no reason to hang around.

  6. this issue was what i was hoping from this title, really excited for the next one after that cliffhanger.

  7. I agree. This is going to be hard to top for my pick of the week. I loved this issue.


  8. Seriously, it’s as though they’re the same muscle-faced man.

    Mask-on, mask-off! Mask-on, mask-off!

  9. I liked this  — let me say up front, I LIKED this.  But.   I get the feeling Carey, Fraction, and Yost are not being allowed to talk to each other, or aren’t talking to each other, or *something*.  I love Uncanny, I like Legacy, I like X-Force.  But.

    If Emma is so much in Scott’s mind that she is ALWAYS watching for signs of manipulation and control, as Carey states, then how is Scott hiding the X-Force team?  How do the X-Men reconcile Warren’s joining the team via X-Force, and the stuff he did there?  What’s the excuse for him being around, how are they hiding that?  How is WARREN hiding from Emma what he and the X-Force team did?  And let’s not even drag in the latest issue of Cable.

    The telepathy is reading the script, dangit.  It’s not consistent.  And, I *know* that’s too much to ask for.  I’m not even truly miffed about it.  But I *will* be miffed if they start using each other’s plot points without establishing some consistency.

  10. Well said resolute, I hadn’t thought about it too much, but you are absolutely right. There is something odd about the disconnect between the books.

  11. Wow.  by far the best issue so far in this series, its good to see Rogue back

  12. At this point I’d kind of like to see a Brand New Day style continuity dump for the Xmen.

  13. Oh man that would be so great…

    I have a question, did Rogue always said "Ah" instead of "I" ?

  14. @spooky – How else would you know she is from the South?

  15. @dredscott:

    See, that’s the thing when I read the first time the X-Men it was german. So, I all the little things are new to me because the left it out in the german translation. Thanks

  16. I really enjoyed this book too.  Any references back to Australia get me. 

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