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  1. Did anyone get that old school Uncanny X-Men feeling reading the last issue?

  2. Kinda.


  3. I’m surprised this book doesn’t have more pulls. At my two local comic shops it’s (almost) all anyone’s talked about, and the reviews online were generally favorable. Well, Loeb’s Hulk doesn’t get a ton of iFanboy pulls either, but that sells a shit-load. Not that that’s good company to keep, but whatever… I have fun with this series.

  4. Funnily enough, i may actually get into this series later when I hear the Acolyte story is over. The Acolytes bore me to tears for some reason.

  5. i was humming the 90s xmen theme reading the last issue of this

  6. I find this so unbelievable….

    When has Chris Claremont been on the New York Times bestseller?

  7. @TheNextChampion

    March 5, 2009, 11:59 am

    Introducing The New York Times Graphic Books Best Seller Lists

    By George Gene Gustines

    Graphic Books Best Seller List (Hardcover)

    9. Uncanny X-Men: End of History, Vol. 1 by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis. (Marvel Comics, $12.99.) The mutant heroes fight the Fury, an enemy of Captain Britain.


  8. I read comics in the early 1990s so I can handle it.  I’m about to pull out my Funeral For A Friend trade and take me way back…

    I really wanna check out Morrison’s X-Men more though.  $3.99 twice a week is rather pricey

  9. @emacor72: Thank you. I forgot NYT’s had a graphic novel list again. For a sec I thought: ‘What prose book did Claremont write? Who thought it was that good too?’

  10. Claremont has written a least 6 prose novels that I know of (# set in his own sci-fi universe and 3 sequels to WILLOW "written" with George Lucas). No idea how any of those sold though.

  11. Shit, I fell asleep reading this X-Men 4ever shit a few hours ago.  It’s all banged up from me rollin around in my bed with my cats.  I still don’t feel like finishing it.

  12. Yeah, I remember that Claremont wrote a novel called "First Flight" in the late ’80s, and that made it onto the best-seller lists. It was kind of made out to be a big deal at the time, in the comics world, that Claremont had that success with his first (?) prose work. I even remember that some character in a non-Claremont book had a "First Flight" t-shirt. I think it was in Peter David’s Hulk run.

  13. I enjoyed this.  Sure it’s not perfect, but for someone who read the end of Claremont’s run on X-Men when I was a kid, it’s going back again and not in a Star Wars prequel kind of way either.  Maybe because I’m not expecting the second coming here I’m able to enjoy it for what it is.

  14. Yeah, I enjoyed this also. I totally understand all the criticisms people have, especially because it’s an, uh, overpriced book, but…it’s fun for me. I recognize the simplistic dialogue, whic is more simplistic and repetitive than Claremont’s old work actually was, but I still geek out over the story. Not many things make me geek out. This series does.

  15. Grummett’s art, with the Quintana colors, looks beautiful to me.  The art alone has compelled me to buy the first two issues.

  16. So far, I’m really liking this book more than I thought. And yes, it does feel like the old school X-MEN books.

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