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X-MEN #4

• After the game-changing events of PRIMER, the women of the X-Men must contemplate the future of their makeshift team.

• Are the X-women ready for the BATTLE OF THE ATOM that’s right around the corner?

• Meanwhile: Jubilee may still look like a kid, but she finds herself burdened with some very adult responsibilities. What kind of plans can a mutant vampire teen mom make for her own future?

Story by Brian Wood
Art by David Lopez
Colors by Cris Peter
Cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.3%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Will read any Wolverine and Jubilee story

    • Yup, pretty much. The reaction I have to that cover is the same reaction a stereotypical soccer mom would have to seeing puppies. “Awww!” I luvs it.

  2. I love Jubilee! They’ve not focused at all on the vampire thing. Glad they’re not. Loving the new team and the baby!

    • I don’t know if you’ve ever read the X-Position articles on cbr but they do Brian Wood a lot and it’s kind of funny in that someone always asks about Jubilee being a vampire and I feel like I’ve extrapolated from his response that he feels like it’s just as stupid as everybody else but editorial won’t let him change it and since he’s stuck with it he’s just going to ignore it. He’s literally answered the question at least three times and every time you can almost see him getting more annoyed with the reality of it in each answer.

  3. I forgot Battle of the Atom was coming up.

    I might use that as a fine jumping-off point for X-books.

  4. I don’t see what the “game changing events of PRIMER” was. That story just kind of ended. But whatever, still love the characters and their interactions with each other so I’m still in.

    • I think they’re building some kind of mystery. I’ll admit it wasn’t entirely clear, but they deliberately didn’t show how the team defeated Arkea. My issue isn’t handy, but I think we saw Psylocke about to knife the Arkea-posessed Karima, then a moment where it looked like the real Karima came through, then we cut to the ride home where Karima seems to be Arkea-free and all the X-ladies are being weird to each other.

      “Game changing events” is typical hyperbolic solicit language, but I think we’ll learn what happened in that hospital shook up some of our protagonists.

      I like that Brian Wood is bringing a bit of mystery into the book — see also whatever has been going on with Bling and Mercury since the first issue.

    • Yeah the ending was very awkward and vague. This was the “come together” arc, so I think the game changing was this new (to quote Storm) team thats not a team.

  5. Anyone know how long Coipel is gone for?

  6. This is the last issue I’m gonna buy until this X-Men crossover event is over. I just don’t care about what’s coming up and I think it’s stupid this is already going into crossover mode after 4 issues.

  7. “What kind of plans can a mutant vampire teen mom make for her own future?”


  8. I’ve been away from the X-books for awhile now so I’m not sure about this but…Is Jubilee still a vampire?

  9. I love Storm and Rogue in this. Kitty Pryde and Psylocke are also interesting. A Domino or X-23 cameo would be fantastic.

  10. This was a nice little softball issue. I love the dynamic of this team. Rachel and Storm butting heads got a little tiresome, but still interesting. This team sports most of my favorite X-Ladies, and it’s a joy just to be around them.

    Also, for any child of the nineties, a Jubilee/Logan issue is always fun. Logan making an offer on her childhood home was adorable. What a softy.

  11. JML ( says:

    This was awesome! Everything that was missing from the first three issues was here. Goddamn you, Marvel, you’ve got me buying yet another X book for a little longer.

  12. I love Jubilee. I’m constantly surprised at all the love she’s getting, though. Looking forward to a member of the Summers family fighting a mohawk Storm for leadership of the X-Men. #teamrachel

  13. This is easily the best issue of the series to date. Brian Wood is finally getting into a groove and he clearly has a great voice for Jubilee. Seriously, the portions involving Logan and Jubilee were great and Wood used a lot of continuity to make their conversations engaging. Also, this ‘team’ he has set up has a lot of issues going forward and it’s nice he is addressing this. Finally, the art by David Lopez was great! There were a lot of great, little touches in the layouts and overall his clean lines worked great to replace Oliver Coipel.

    What a shame this is gonna be stuck in a crossover for the next 2-3 months. Cause this is finally going somewhere and it has to go immediately to a stand still.


  14. I guess to each their own, I thought the art on this was ugly, especially the faces. Storm also seems to have developed some nice head ridges.

  15. I wasn’t a huge fan of the art but Wood did a great job with the story.

  16. Lovin this series.

  17. First arc pushed me away. There were some cool moments but neither the art or the story overwhelmed me. I don’t have the funds to hope that it will become coherent sometime in the future.

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