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X-MEN #1


When a suicide bomber strikes in downtown San Francisco, it gets the immediate attention of the X-Men. But this is not your garden variety terrorist – and he’s not acting alone. Vampires from around the globe are descending en masse on the City by the Bay, staking a brutal claim for the patch of land the X-Men call their home. What is their agenda? Who is their mysterious leader? The X-Men are about to find out, as they brace themselves for a war of the species that will wrack the Marvel Universe.

WRITER: Victor Gischler
PENCILS: Paco Medina
COVER BY: Adi Granov

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Conor reading X-Men??? Conor reading this and Ron having the potw, might force me to pick this up. I really want to like an X-book again.

  2. I was going to get this book. I loved this artist when he was on Deadpool with Danial Way, but I was put off by the tie-ines. If I hear good things on the podcast I might get a trade.

  3. @Ruo21: Did you read the Dracula one-shot? I liked that which is why I’m giving this one a go.

  4. Though i don’t think another X-men ongoing is warranted i’ll give this a shot though Dracula’s weird rebirth, reboot and redeath make me weary

  5. I might have to go back and pick up that Dracula one-shot, I totally forgot about it.  

    I’m gonna try to be really objective about this book.  I don’t want to keep buying it just because it’s a X-Men book.  

  6. Is Second Coming finished? why relaunch now your basically saying everybody in this book survives!

    oh wait the new Twilight film is out  gotta have a tie-in

  7. This has all the makings of a train wreck.  With the changes being made to the x-line, maybe we’ll be looking back at Chuck Austin and Warren Ellis’ run on Astonishing as the good ol’ days

  8. Does Adi Granov have to do every x-book cover?  Just saying….

  9. I’m not up for tie ins either, but I’m looking for an Xmen book I can pick up on real quick.  It’s a #1, so it’s gotta be accessible, yeah?

  10. @misterckent: Well, uh, you’ve got a better chance of it being accessable than if you just picked up a random issue of one of the current ongoings, but there’s no guarentee.

  11. Are we expected to just swallow an additional ongoing, or will some weak member of the X-herd be picked off by the Wolves?

  12. In case anyone’s wondering, yes it’s Ron week for POTW.

  13. I am definitively not buying this.


  14. but do the vampire mutants sparkle in the sunlight? lol

  15. I’m just so happy to have someone other than Fraction and Carey writing an X-book, that I’m willing to try just about anything.  Make it happen Gischler!!!

  16. this book is meant for a purpose other than mutants vs. vampires, right?  theoretically there will be stories beyond the dracula one?

  17. I finally read the Death of Dracula one-shot last night.

    Without a doubt the worst offering from te Big Two I have read all year. Littered with continuity errors, and seemed to be in step with pretty much everything I hated about 90s comics.

    So I’m really not sure if I’ll pick this up. Gischler’s writing style in that one-shot grated on my like nails scraping a blackboard.

    I’m usually the guy to try ALL things X. But I think I may just stick with Legacy and give this one a miss long term. I’ve already one X-Title making me angry each month (Fraction’s Uncanny) I’m not sure I need a second.

    And let’s be honest, we’ll be reading this story in Ultkmate Avengers shortly, anyway… 🙂

  18. I was not going to be picking this up but after reading my free curse of the mutants saga thing I am now acatully intrested in this

  19. Not bad.  Didn’t suck.  Picking up the next issue.

  20. I enjoyed this, Wolvie killing the vampire had me going OMG!  They showed that!  Not a fan of Uncanny at the moment, so hopefully this will be my in-continuity X-Men fix.  Hopefully.

  21. This was really well written and a nice breezy read. It was pretty much a good ol superhero book, which being as that they were heavily toting this as being the start of the X-Men’s involvement in the Heroic Age, was exactly what I was expecting. Anyone who is worried about Twilight references need not worry.


    That being said, I don’t think I’ll be picking up the 4 (!!!) tie in minis that are focused around this event. This is seemingly a good story, but I don’t think I care enough about it to delve into it to that degree.

  22. I agree completely with comic BOOKchris.  This book was more like a classic X-Men book, which is something I feel I haven’t gotten in awhile (even reading Uncanny and Astonishing).  The amount of tie-ins is overwhelming though; aside from Namor I’ll skip the rest.

  23. I just noticed something…they’re using the classic X-Men font for this series, as seen on the first X-Men #1. Cute.

  24. taking Angel flying recon from above then swooping down to help out into consideration bumped this from a 4 to a 5 in my book.

  25. This wasn’t bad. It’s quite fun, and it has Jubilee. But I just didn’t like it. I really can’t say I care for Vampires and the Vampire terrorism thing lost its originality with Capt. Britain. Still, I can see the appeal and don’t begrude its existence. And it certainly felt more coherent than Second Coming. 3/5 Though, what’s the point of including Storm, having Wolverine and Cyclops essentially say "No, your intimate knowledge of this situation can not possibly help in this situation?" It seemed off and unnecssary. Why waste the space? Second Coming had a similar scene.

  26. @PraxJarvin – I had the same sentiment. But they included Storm because she will have a book with Remi and of coutse "Her intimate knowledge of this situation will probably help in this situation". I usually read x-men in trade, so I will wait for this.

  27. I can’t begin to describe how bad this book is. The "writing" is even worse than Fraction’s Uncanny, and trust me, that is utter crap. The art is barely above cartooniss; looks like Paco Medina rushed through the whole thing. I won’t go into the "plot" because frankly there isn’t much of it. The multitude of tie-ins is staggering but I don’t blame Marvel for milking the zombies dry while they can. Needless to say I won;t be picking this up anymore.


  28. I’m just completely vampired out a this point.  There has just been so much with vampires due to the success of Twilight, and True Blood, and I’m worn out.  I have absolutely no interest in this "event"

  29. @johnthrax: I actually think of this as Marvel’s attempt to print an X-Men/Twilight crossover, so your comment is fair. It was okay, the art was slightly above average (storytelling was sound), the dialogue was pleasant enough, but the plot felt somewhat uninspired for kicking off a new series. Nothing sets this apart from the bazillion other x-titles. Entertaining for a few minutes but forgettable. So if that’s all you need (and that’s not a bad thing either), this should hit the mark.

  30. I loved this issue.

    After years of being a diehard X-Men fan, I began to drift away about two years ago. It was becoming waaaay to convoluted (and that’s saying something for an X-Man fan). I checked in here and there (including Fraction’s Uncanny) and was largely unimpressed. The recent crossover with Hope left me cold again because, while it was well written – again, too convoluted.

    X-Men #1 however was a breath of fresh air. Nice clean simple story, good characterization, and great art by Paco Medina. I’m looking forward to #2.

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