X-MEN #1

Review by: Kelly

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WRITER: Victor Gischler
PENCILS: Paco Medina
COVER BY: Adi Granov

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

Vampires being vampires!

I don’t know the background to these particular beasties, so I’m not sure if they’re a vampire-like alien race, creatures indigenous to our planet, or born of some lab experiment gone wrong.  It doesn’t really matter.  Some of them are sexy, some of them are bats.  None of them are broody, and all of them are violent.  They’re organized and they have a leader. I raise my skeptic eyebrow that his name is Dracula, but whatever.  Use the myths you’ve got on hand.

Since this is my first foray into the comics aside from a brief dabble with Whedon’s Astonishing, I have no clue what’s going on, nor do I recognize anyone who wasn’t in the movies or a part of the cartoon I occasionally watched as a kid.  It certainly helps that I can short-cut much of the bad guys’ back story. I felt like I had a decent handle on how much trouble they were about to get into, and I can pick up the rest along the way and with a bit of help from My Friend the Internet. 

The art is exactly what I’d expect. Everyone is pretty and well dressed and looks the same from panel to panel.  I can’t comment on how these artists and their interpretations differ from other runs, but I dig it.

I can’t say whether it’s a good jumping on point for anyone else,  but I’ll definitely be picking up #2 next month.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Apparently there was an issue a week or two before this called "Death of Dracula" that gave some background on the vampires.  I know the X-Men have fought this crew before (particularly Storm did, which was why she tried to volunteer her knowledge, and Cyclops shut her down for some reason).

    I think this is probably a decent jump-on point in the sense that (so far) there’s not a lot of background to the story that really matters.  (It might help to know that Jubilee lost her powers a while ago, along with a bunch of other mutants, but it’s hard to tell whether that’s going to be a big issue here or not).  The reason it might not be a good jump-on point is that I didn’t really feel like any of the characters were doing anything interesting enough that I’d want to come back and read more about them.  BUT I’m glad you dug it, and ironically I’ll be more likely to pick up the second issue because you’re getting it.  (What do comics fandom and vampirism have in common?  Discuss.)

  2. RE: What do comics fandom and vampirism have in common? 

    One rarely goes outside during the daytime and sunlight easily singes their pale skin, the other is undead.

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