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  1. Once this arc is over, I’m done with this book.

  2. I was done when Stroman was drawing, but now I am back and last issue was good.

  3. Issue 39 was hinted to be the return of Layla, at least thats what I gathered from the recent X-position article from CBR. Joy!!

  4. @ntpmcrtp U kind of see that happenning with rictors comment

  5. Stroman really needs to go away and stay there. 

  6. I think I’m done with this book until Layla comes back. And I agree with @AMuldowney.

  7. all I have to say about the art on the first few pages is aaahhhh, my eyes, my eyes, they’re bleeding, make it stop, please make it stop!   enjoyed the story though.

  8. Reading this today made me realize that X-Factor is plummeting down my list…I loved this book, but since Messiah Complex, it has really floundered.

    Currently my most endangered book.

  9. this book was really picking up steam until after messiah complex.  once stroman came on, its almost seemed like the book was just kinda wandering without purpose.  i think all the blame is on stroman.  Davids too good a writer, and i think we are just projecting our disgust over the art onto the story

  10. I thought the art on this one was bad, too…and not just the four pages by Stroman.  Case in point, the shooting scene…from the art alone, one was almost led to believe the shooting was comical, but for a long-time character to be badly wounded (chest shot) it just didn’t "feel" like a serious situation thanks to the mix of dialogue and art (nice thong shot).

    Maybe it is substandard artists dragging the book down…of course, I also don’t care about Darwin, so that doesn’t help…but thus far X-Factor is slipping toward the bottom of my list fast.

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