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X-23 #9


X-23 may be working with Daken to bring down Malcom Colcord — but that doesn’t mean she trusts him. Daken is up to no good, but investigating him may require X-23 to embrace a dark side that no one wants to see.

Story by Marjorie Liu
Art by Ryan Stegman, Matteo Buffagni & Michael Babinski
Colors by John Rauch
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Recently at the LCS, my four year old bent up the pages of the “Innocence Lost” trade and I felt guilty enough to buy it and bring it home without knowing a thing about X-23. SO I read it and LOVED it. Is there more X-23 worth reading? This series? Any series?  

  2. @BatStewie The last arc with Gambit was pretty great.  However, I may be biased because I love Gambit and X.  Hope that helps

  3. @BatStewie There’s another X-23 mini-series called Target X which was a good follow-up to Innocence Lost.  Then X-23 joined the New X-Men around issue 20.  This story led into X-Force which had some good X-23 stuff going on.  That all led into the current incarnation of X-23 which has been an awesome series so far.  So there’s plenty of X-23 stuff out there (and I’m sure I’ve missed stuff too.)

  4. Fantastic! Thanks so much for the info. I’ll get my wallet ready for Wednesday.

  5. I’m not reading this but looking at that cover it seems Daken wouldn’t stand a chance against X-23.  Sure, they both heal but she has an unbreakable adamantium skeleton and he doesn’t.  They both pop claws there Laura’s would penetrate Daken’s skull.  Daken’s would probably break on Laura’s jaw.  Just sayin’ 🙂

  6. I’m new to X-23, but I don’t think her skeleton is adamantium laced, just the claws. I could be wrong.

  7. Yes, that is correct. Only her hand and foot claws are laced.

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