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Remember the myth of Orpheus? Wonder Woman certainly does. And we hope she’s learned its lessons well, because someone she dearly loves is in Hell’s clutches – and she’s the only one who can mount a rescue mission! But Hades has no mercy, even for his own family – in fact, especially for his own family – and he doesn’t intend to let her walk out of his domain without paying a terrible price!

Written by Brian Azzarello
Pencilled by Cliff Chiang
Inked by Cliff Chiang
Lettered by Jared K Fletcher
Colored by Matthew Wilson
Cover by Cliff Chiang
Cover Color by Cliff Chiang

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.9%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Yay for the return of Chiang. I love the Orpheus myth, Hades and the Underworld, so this issue should be wonderful.

  2. oh no, this may violate Sandman continuity!!!


  3. I am so excited for this issue. And, there is nothing I do not love about that cover.

  4. That better not be a Fear Itself hammer 😉

  5. Hooray for more weird gods!:)

  6. She’s holding that hammer wrong. Just saying…

    • So many jokes… must resist… head exploding…

    • It looks funny to me too, but I just tried to mimic the pose and (assuming I’m doing it right) it seems like it would work, almost like a baseball bat grip.

    • …and I just played in to player1’s joke. Nice.

    • HAHA at least you tried bro…respect

    • Methinks the artist hasn’t spent a lot of time around tools.

      The way Diana’s twisting here suggests she’s about to hit something ‘croquet style’ ie the end of the sword rather than the flat of the blade. The only other explanation is that she’s hitting the blade with the flat of the hammer in which case the twisting she’s doing is going to destroy her back.

      And holding the grip that high is just dangerous. She’s going to stab herself in the gut using it that way.

      It’d look great if Diana was playing golf but for using a sledgie the pose is all wrong.

      Please note: this comment was modified to provide even more fodder for jokes. Please type responsibly 🙂

    • It’s a left handed death blow..she is a Amazon, I would think they’re well trained using both hands….I’m I missing something here

    • That is no way to use a sledge hammer.

      Cliff Chiang needs to do some research at the carnival, ringing bells.

      But she does look strong.

      Silly, but strong.

    • LOL really guys,,,;I’m out, when people start to break down art from comics into realism, know way to win that bs,,,have fun

    • Yeah dude, you’re missing something.

      You hold a hammer by the end.

      That’s why the handle is that long.

      Otherwise, you could just cut off the part you’re not using.

      Also, big F equals little f times d. Where ‘f’ is force and ‘d’, Archimedes, is distance.

      Also known as leverage.

      It’s not a baseball bat.


    • Pick up a carrot and smack a pebble,,.how do you you look.

    • SHE A AMAZON-how you look doesn’t compare to her

    • That hammer feels like a twig to her,,,

    • She’s not using it Triple H-style!

    • @walterwhite: You’re grasping at smaller and smaller straws.

      And for somebody who said “I’m out”, you sure have a lot of lame replies.


      If it was like a twig to her, she wouldn’t choke up on the handle so much, or wield it two-handed.

      Just give up already and admit that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’ve never used a sledge hammer before.

      Successfully, that is.



      Just like splitting wood, bro.

      Or using a hammer to pound nails.

      Besides the fact that you use a small, one-handed sledge to work a blade.

      You want to harden it, not shatter it.

      I get that it’s art and the image should be impactful, but a little realism goes a long way towards furthering the illusion.


    • Holy shit @player1,,,,,I ,surrender, I dig you passion, You win. Agree to disagree.

    • I still think it’s a great pic even though you guys

    • feel differently

    • and calling my view lame was not needed, but I still respect your view….I still feel a amazon doesn’t need to hold a weapon like a mortal person.,,,,it’s all fun chatter.

    • that was weird

    • 8)

  7. Cliff Chiang is back!!! Hell yeah!!!

  8. I love the fact that Chiang draws Dianna with the height and thickness of an Amazon, but manages to keep her traditionally beautiful. I feel like I’ve been waiting years for someone to do it right. When a penciller draws her like every other big-titted, Barbie-waisted tart I start to bleed out the ears a little.

    Lookin’ forward to this as always.

  9. This is what I always in a WW series. Huge influence from the myths, not halfway done but full on.

    • Totally agree with you on this. Take the myth aspect head on and bring a modern twist to it.

    • i would be happy if this revolved around the mythology theme for years. i mean, sure, the occasional supervillain type would be fine, but what sets this series apart from other superhero books is that WW has to deal with these temperamental gods/goddesses and their egos.
      azzarello’s take on these deities seems so new and exciting. i would be very interested to see these characters explored to the fullest extent. hopefully it will extend to other books as well with similar themes, like shazam.
      i think i would even like to see WW and shazam hook up. that is if they don’t turn out to be related in this relaunched version. but this is “greek myth” centered so that would actually fly back in the day. but nah, i think scarlet witch and quicksilver are enough incest for all of comicdom. strange to me how that is so generally accepted.

    • Agreed,,Does WW have a classic villain like a joker or lex?

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      @WW Cheetah.

    • not a very cool villain at all if you ask me.
      hades, aries and even apollo(so it would seem) are much better suited to be an awesome adversary for WW( wonder woman, not walter white,lol).

    • Thanks Paul….@sitara very cool class of bad guys

  10. This has been a difficult title to stay with on the last few issues, I thought they were dragging WW down. I get the importance of the greek gods to WW I just feel by now we could have started establishing some earth type villians for her to face as well as some earth type problems as well. I like WW and hope her the best and I think like all other WW titles that start of strong this has already started to plumet and I may be dropping this title.


  11. love this title, even more excited for this than snyders Batman this week tbh… all due respect to that great series but Batman has been spoilt for great stories over the last 20 years (a lot of less great stories as well)

    WW on the other hand is finally getting the defining era.

    right now.

    and i’m excited to be on board.

  12. hey, i wonder if WW will run into hellboy in one of the circles of hell while she’s there.
    not to mention my 4th grade teacher, the old bag. total bitch.

  13. Dropped.

    Just can’t get into the revamped gods and goddesses — chickenfoot Mercury — blah! And Chiang’s style is gritter that it was on Green Arrow. I have to make cuts for financial reasons — and this just isn’t a title I enjoy much. I will be ordering the 12 Labors of Wonder Woman tpb (Bronze Age Wondy) for my WW fix.

    • I will also be getting that trade. It is from the time when I started reading comics, and I had a few of those issus. Not to ruin a surprise, but just wait ’til you see how Aquaman gets hydrated at one point, Yeesh! 🙂

  14. so happy Cliff Chiang is back!!!

  15. This book makes my heart sing happy songs.

  16. Has this been this fun for the past six issues? I hadn’t checked this out until today – and I absolutely love it!

  17. POTW
    lennox reminds of jason statham. that’s how he sounds in my head.
    at first, i thought the first couple of pages was a lover’s quarrel between eros and the bearded man. had to do a double take.
    the story of amazons going on pirate raids for “booty” was interesting. it’s fucked up that they kill them after sex like a praying mantis. cool, though.

  18. This was really good. I remain truly interested in this new take on WW.

    My only nitpick would be that it read too fast. Even with all the times I stopped to soak in the art, some of Azzarello’s dialog is so fragmented that the entire issue takes five minutes to read.

  19. This was a wonderful issue, it’s a wonderful series. And a crossover with bellboy would be wonderful.

  20. I honestly dont know what to think about this issue.

    I really don’t.

    On a surface level it’s fascinating because there are so many changes. I have no idea what’s coming next or what the writer has in mind for the rest of the story. It’s covering potent character moments, introducing, but not over-explaining, new characters that could go anywhere, and dragging, wholesale, an entire world of myth into the rest of the DC world. I can’t comprehend the future because of all the possibilities and that has me fascinated.

    But on the other hand… how much of Diana will be left after this run? I don’t know this author, so I don’t trust them enough to just go along for the ride. I feel like I need a reassurance that, at the end of the day, the Diana I knew will still be there at the end. Will the Amazons? Will the political mission of Wonder Woman still exist? Is she still the goddess of Truth? The antagonistic change-agent harrassing conservative patriarchy? Is she still the embodied ideal of liberated femeninity?

    After this issue I can’t answer those questions. And it worries me, no matter how fascinating the actual story is.

    Oh, and the cryptic dialogue: doesn’t help when you’re desperately trying to get clues as to the new personalities of these characters. Precision would be nice. At times the dialogue borders on the abstract.

  21. Here it is for me,


    Just nothing really meat and potatoes here to keep me around, it feels more like a quest and I for one don’t need that.


  22. Wow, some pretty heavy stuff this issue. I guess in a story that is using greek gods as characters, we have to expect some tragedy, and the revised machinations of the Amazons are nothing if not tragic. Diana’s realization at the end showcased her human side very well; sometimes doing what you percieve as right, and with the best intentions,doesn’t produce the results you expect. I’ve never read a WW book before, but I’ve enjoyed every issue from Azzarello and Chiang. The art is gorgeous, the story is layered with intrigue, and I look forward to it every month.

  23. Being a big “God of War” fan, it’s really fun seeing the different take on these wonderful characters from greek mythology. Another great issue that beat the mighty Batman for the POTW, and I loved the way they explained why Amazons are only women-Talk about killing a fantasy. 5/5

    • how this didn’t beat out batman by the majority is beyond me. i raised the “fanboy flag”(cousin of the bullshit flag) over at the batman thread. i love snyder and all, but i’m not going to give him POTW just because he has a track record of being consistantly awesome(which he is). but i honestly don’t believe his book deserved it this week. i think a lot of minds were made up beforehand. seems so political…

  24. This doesn’t feel like it’s taking place in the same world as the rest of the New 52 and that’s fine with me. Just like Swamp Thing & Animal Man have their own plane of existence. I know DC wants everything to be able to crossover, but I don’t think a totally inclusive universe is what’s best for storytelling. The continuity nerds would scream if it wasn’t all connected, though. No way is this the same WW as the one in Justice League and I like this one a whole lot better.

    • Agreed,
      I have dropped JL a few issues back and a big part of that was the difference in WW’s personality.
      (Bruce running around without a mask and Jim Lee’s wooden figures didn’t help either)

  25. Wonder Woman #7 is my favorite single issue of the DCnU so far.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  26. So many feelings about this issue and I lack the eloquence to describe just how awesome it was. This was a good week boys and girls.

  27. The revelation about the male Amazonians was fantastic! This was my pick of the week.

  28. Scanning over this page it seems this is a title that is really dividing opinion (or here we would make a reference to Marmite at this point I guess). Personally I’m really into this title and really dig a WW that is realising the characters potential.

    The thing I love about iFanboy as community though is there is a lot of respect of the forums and it’s OK to come on here an express a different opinion about a book without getting your ass handed to you.

  29. To be honest, I am losing interest in this title.

    I like Zola, I kinda like WW, I kinda like the portrayal of the other gods, and I really like Chiang’s art.

    But the last two issues, and now this one, don’t really click for me like prior issues (especially the first 2 issues) did.

    I’m in for at least the next few issues, but if things don’t “WOW” me like they used too, I’ll leave this title behind..

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