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TehDave03/12/08NoRead Review


  1. I’ve been so happy since Gail took this book over.  Just having a stable writing will improve this book greatly.  I’m so ready for Diana to get into space and have a fun adventure!

  2. I may be in the minority here but I didn’t care for Gail’s first arc.  I’m hanging around for the Bernard Chang drawn issues (when was the last time that he drew interiors in a book?) and will give Aaron Lopresti a couple of issues to try and hook me.

  3. Oh damn I thought Lopresti was starting already, oh well – here’s hoping Gail can really shine once they get a consistent art team set up.

  4. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I bowed out before the culmination of the last arc. Wonder Woman strikes a hell of a pose now and then (talk about statuesque) but everyone in this book is way too uptight, even the apes.

  5. This has been such am improvement over the last run !!  Good going Gail.

  6. Jeez, Lopresti starts soon right? I did not like the art in this one bit.

  7. I didn’t really care for the story or the art in this one to be honest.  If this keeps up, i may be dropping this.

  8. Although, the ending tease could turn things around…

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