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  1. Last issue was excellent.  We’ll see where this story goes beginning this issue.

  2. Yeah, interesting creepy-ass stuff going here. Well worth your wolver-dollar.

  3. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Did anybody solve the Dwarves’ riddle? It was something like "What’s greater than God and eviler than Satan? Rich people want it, but the poor have it. And if you eat it all you will die."

    A. Bacon? 

  4. Couldn’t stand the last issue, but I’m hoping this gets back on track.

  5. @PymSleep: "Nothing"

  6. Very intrigued by the last issue, and hoping for more hilarious mad scientist material and hopefully some snikt.

  7. Nothing?  Is that the answer?  If so, that riddle is f***ed up!!!

  8. riddles in the dark?

  9. The last issue was one of the best issues of Wolverine ive read in awhile. Can’t wait for more

  10. Only Wolvie book worth reading. Awesome stuff, love how it went from action story to creepy 

  11. Wow.  CREEPY!

  12. I enjoyed this a lot more than the previous issue.

  13. So are Aaron and Remender trying to out-do do each other with mad scientist machinations?  Frankencastle… chainsaw hands… sheesh.

  14. "He’s… he’s got chainsaws for hands." AWESOME.

  15. Very awesome.

  16. A little predictable at the end, but the stuff in the middle was disturbingly awesome. Thank you Jason Aaron!

  17. Chainsaw hands were awesome.

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