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  1. I hate to be a negative nancy but i really don’t like yanick paquette

  2. I haven’t been a fan of Jason Aaron’s Wolverine characterization or his story arcs, but this sounds like a great premise.  I’m in

  3. Ya I dropped this series after the second issue, but this arc has me really intrigued. Waiting to see how it’s reviewed.

  4. I loved this first arc, and Aaron continues to woo me with everything he does.  This premise sounds bizarre.  I’m intrigued!

  5. I didn’t like the first arc and I’m not usally a Paquette fan and the price is a pain in the ass. But the cover’s wicked!

  6. @rockingeek – that cover’s a huge reason why I’m gonna pick this up

  7. I really wanna trade wait on this to save money, but mannnnn, the first arc was too good. I can’t wait.

  8. Did woverine write his name in feces on the wall in that cover?

    that’s awesome!

  9. Aaron writes a really good Wolverine, this sounds like it should be good.

  10. @edward reminds me of Marquis de Sade in ‘Quills’.

  11. I’m hoping this arc focuses on character rather than action.

  12. @Vadamowens: you dirty little so and so

  13. Hope this is going somewhere cool, cause it was ok, but a bit boring.

  14. Well… this wasn’t the most original thing I’ve ever read. I was hoping for a bit more psychology and drama but instead we got a bit of a generic mad horror doctor. Maybe I should have paid closer attention to the solicit. I still enjoyed it and will buy the next issue but I was a bit disappointed.

  15. From the solicit, i get the impression that Aaron would be bringing a bit of his b-horror ghost rider vibe to this, and i will be pleased if that is what this arc is like.  He does that stuff very well.

  16. What a great issue. 5/5 for me. Awesome stuff.

  17. This was really weak.  It’s sad how one issue can ruin your opinion of a run. 

  18. This wasn’t the best issue ever but I expect it to getr better like the first story arc.

  19. I liked Logan’s medicine.

  20. Loved it my pick of the week, The art quality is kept up and no one else today writes a better Wolverine.

  21. I really liked this. Easily the strongest issue in this arc so far.   I do agree with deadspace above that i was hoping for a bit more mystery.  The issue started off with a very strong "12 monkeys" vibe to it and by the end it is typical comic book fare,  but I still enjoyed it a lot.

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