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  1. i wish i had green dildos stuck to my hands. sigh…

  2. aww to be young again…

  3. In a recent interview, Aaron said that he would be moving on to the Weapon Plus program soon after this arc… this doused my interest in the series a bit.

  4. @edward Even if I used dildo’s, I don’t think that I would care ones with that shape and sharpness.  Your a crude crude man;)

  5. @vadamowens: been drinking there, buddy?

  6. Heavily, why do you ask?

  7. no reason

  8. lol

  9. I know it’s only been two issue but i’d expected to be more excited about this series

  10. this book remindeds me of ennis puniser for some reason

  11. I’ve been digging this series.

  12. @TopGun I agree. This is my first Wolverine title and all my friends have alot of others and like them, so maybe I had my bar set to high? Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it greatly! I just thought there would be more to it. But it is early, so maybe it will pick up.

  13. I want to like this book… not happenin’ though.

  14. Bought this one on a whime, not a bad read.  Has the potenal and Jason Aaron is usually good (Scalped). I’m on for a little while longer.

  15. Wolverine books are always hit or miss.  If your not collecting this for a complete collection, I would recommend sticking with the writers/artists you like.

  16. Loved that last panel.  That struck me as a signature Jason Aaron move.

  17. Loved this issue….  Everything I hoped for!

  18. Ron Garney’s art great in this ..

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