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Wolverine is a character that has been written a lot of different ways over the years. There is a tendency for some writers to portray Logan as this unstoppable force of nature, just tearing his way through anything in his path with reckless abandon. I find that approach to be far less interesting and true to character than the other way of handling him. Jason Aaron writes Wolverine the way he should be written. Yeah, he has a healing factor and heightened senses and unbreakable bones and claws. But that doesn’t make him on the same power level as Superman. If Logan was in the jungle against a handful of opponents almost as powerful as him, could he just wade in, claws slashing, and win the day? Probably not. But Wolverine wasn’t only given Adamantium to augment his powers. he was also given years of the best special forces type training money could buy. In the hands of a writer like Aaron, we get a chance to see that side of Wolverine, a side i wish was remembered more often. Ron Garney, as always, delivers very solid artwork to hold up his half of the creative team on this book. In the hands of Aaron and garney, Wolverine is in good hands. This is a strong title that i am really enjoying so far.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Good job John.  Exactly how I feel about Aaron’s portrayal.

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