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Well, discounting that the first half of this book was all military
tough guy cliche dialogue, I liked this issue okay.

I think the fact
that Wolverine went all Rambo on those guys was cool, but not something
we havent’ seen many times before.

I liked the fact that Maverick was
finally coming off as bad ass, which I’m sure is more do to his
exposure in the movie than anything else.

The art was really good. I
especially liked it when Logan came out of the mud to finish off the
opening sequence.

I thought the ending was pretty innovative and cool
as well.

I’m still a little iffy on how this series is going to sustain
itself past the first year or so without becoming generic Wolverine
title, but at least it’s starting out well.

Not a great series, but
pretty good

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I so should of got this instead of X-Men Forever!

  2. haven’t read XMF yet, but yes, yes you should have

  3. @changingshades: I disagree reading Claremon’t’s current work is a fate worse than waterboarding.  I do agree with your review, very good art and standard story.  As for the military cliches, "born again hard", nuff said.

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