During the shocking events of SECOND COMING, Logan lost one of his dearest friends: Nightcrawler. Now with the reading of Nightcrawler’s will, Logan learns that his friend had one last request, something Logan can not refuse, no matter how much it might pain him.

Don’t miss this stirring series finale that helps pave the way for next month’s WOLVERINE #1.


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  1. Ah, elf. How long before they resurrect you? I believe in a rule of 5 years, myself. That is enough time that the death is weighty and consequential. Two years, which seems more the norm, just seems like the cop out marketing move that it is. Then again, they could bring you back, but stick you in a glass tube so they don’t have to actually do anything with you. That would be awesome.  

  2. @JimBilly4: Totally with you on the glass tube bit. Might have been ok if they hadn’t jumped straight into Second Coming right after they brought Kitty back.

    With Nightcrawler, I see one of two things happening. One: he’ll be back soon as part of a longer arc that Fraction has planned. Two: he’ll be back pretty soon after Fraction leaves the book. If they do option two I hope they bring him back in an awesome Colossus way

  3. Love Nightcrawler. In my top five favorite characters.

    There is a month off between this Weapon X issue and the renumbering Aaron Wolverine, right?

  4. I never understood why this wasn’t the main Wolverine book and Dark Wolverine the new one. Oh well, either way Jason Aaron has be writing some good Wolverine stories. This seems like a good way to end the series. Who is the artist on the new book?

  5. This was a good one. A nice ending to a great series. I’d be really bummed about this if Aaron wasn’t moving to Wolverine proper where he should have been all along. This was a nice look back at the friendship of Kurt and Logan as well as a pretty touching present-day story. And I really dug Gianfelice’s pencils. Nice issue. Keep it up, Aaron!

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @ScorpionMasada – Nope. Look for it in two weeks. I love seeing Logan’s rogues gallery on the cover of Issue Two.

  7. This was excellent. Perhaps a bit contrived (just a bit) but still well executed. 5/5

  8. I really loved the way Aaron dealt with Wolverine’s faith issue (or lack thereof) by bouncing who he is off of a pretty positive character in Nightcrawler. The journey Logan undertakes for Kurt sheds light on who Nightcrawler was as a character while bringing up new struggles for Logan to deal with internally. This issue made me care about Nightcrawler more than any other X-book I’ve read with him in it. Nice art as well.

    After the last storyline sort of crashed and burned for me, it was great to get another one-and-done, intimate Logan story in this run.

  9. …My friend lent me this and told me to read it. And damn it now I need to read the whole Wolverine goes to Hell story arc. Because if it is going to be like this I will love it.

  10. @Minion: I have no doubt that Logan Goes to Hell will be awesome. I reccomend you do yourself a favor and read Weapon X from the beginning. In my opinion it’s been the best Wolverine book in years.

  11. Didn’t Wolverine just go to hell?  Wasn’t that where he was in Chaykin’s arc a couple years ago?

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