“TOMORROW DIES TODAY” PART ONE Beginning an epic, action-packed arc featuring the debut of an all-new, all-different Deathlok. Killer cyborgs have come from the future to kill the heroes of today, while Wolverine embarks on an international pub crawl with a certain recently reborn Sentinel of Liberty. Beer and bullets galore!

WRITER: Jason Aaron
PENCILS: Ron Garney
COLORED BY: Matteo Lolli
LETTERED BY: Rich Ginter
COVER BY: Ron Garney

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 17.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I’m really glad the last arc is over.  Moving on…

  2. So… we had laser claw wolverines… insane brain monster Dr. Rot… a forgettable Loves of Logan one-shot… now, Deathlok???  Can we have this title renamed "Dark Wolverine," too so I drop it???

  3. Actually, I think this one looks pretty fucking sweet.  I haven’t read anything with Deadlock in it since I originally quit buying comics in the early 90’s.

  4. @Grandturk: How does the title affect whether or not your buy the book? If you don’t like it, drop it.

    (This book is fantastic.)

  5. @ Conor – Makes things easier when I can make absolute blanket statements like "I’ll never read a Dark such and such…"  I love most of Aaron’s stuff, but I’m just not feeling it on this run of Wolverine.  Actually, I wasn’t 100% on his Ghost Rider stuff… so maybe I don’t love Aaron’s stuff…

  6. Looks awesome. Love the cover. Garney’s art is STILL improving. But, ugh, I hope Logan’s totally boring girlfriend is not in this much. Otherwise, Aaron’s done a great job on this series lately.

  7. I am pretty excited to see Dethlok, and to have Garney back.  I had no problem with Paquette though; I liked that Dr. Rot arc.

  8. @flapjaxx Don’t worry. She’ll be dead soon…

  9. @Grandturk I agree. i think this Ghost Rider run was average.. and with the exception of the last issue (which was amazing) Weapon X has been fairly unspectacular. But don’t forget that Aaron is doing amazing work in Scalped and Punisher Max… don’t write him off yet! ; )

  10. @ corpseeder – Scalped is my must buy every 6 months when a new trade comes out – I’ll kick myself in the ass when they release a 50 issue hardcover – oh man, that would be swwwwwweeeeeet.  I liked the goofiness of Aaron’s GR run, but not the overall story – it left me kind-a flat.

  11. This book is outstanding. Would you rather Sabertooth and Toad?

  12. @kndou I didn’t even know those were options.  Let me think about it and get back with you;)

  13. I think I am gonna take another stab at this.  The first hardcover is pretty kool.

  14. @robby – it’s good, but would read better in collected form.

  15. Cap and Wolverine gettin trashed? Hells Yeah!

  16. So many wrong opinions in here, this book is AWESOME!  Wolverine is accessible, fun, badass, self contained, artwork that amazes, new characters, what more could you want?

  17. I dropped this two issues into the Lazor Clawz arc at the beginning, but Logan and Cap on a pub crawl? Sign me the fuck up!

  18. I have loved every issue of this arc so far. This is desert island level of awesomeness.

  19. This issue was weak. Reminded me of cable and deadpool in intercourse PA bar. Gunna do a bar scene? Don’t bunt. Swing away.

  20. Wolvie will never admit it, but he totally  wants a bromance with Cap.

  21. Deathlok, Captain America and Wolverine? Count me in!

    After the crap dished over the last few months I can appreciate an arc like this. Garney is awesome and a perfect fit here. The story doesn’t need to be pulitzer worthy, I need brain candy.

    5 stars!

  22. I enjoyed everthing about this book.  Jason Aaron’s characterizations are dead on.  I hope Nightcrawler sticks around for the rest of this arc. Definite POTW contender.

  23. This was almost my favorite book of the week. I’m on this book until Aaron leaves.

  24. Already enjoying this arc more than the previous.

  25. Wow! I love the dialogue between Logan and Steve. Aaron’s writing chores and Garney’s pencils really executed that moment. This should storyline is going to be an interesting one. 

  26. Great read this month. So Aaron takes a great book and adds Deathlok to it… AWESOME!!!! Aaron writes a great Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Punisher. When can we get a third Wolverine Ghost Rider Punisher book?

  27. This was a gorgeous looking book. I think I just fell in love with Ron Garney a little because this was so damn goodlooking

  28. Superhero pub-crawl = AWESOME.

  29. Damn, this was beat out for my POW by a centimeter by Detective Comics.

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