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• Your favorite X-Man done the way you wanted to see him – in a no-holds-barred MAX series!

• Written by award-winning crime novelist Jason Starr (PUNISHER MAX, The Chill)

• In modern-day Tokyo, Logan gets pulled into a terrorist’s plot…or was he the target all along?

• A new look at Wolverine’s past!

Story by Jason Starr
Art by Roland Boschi & Connor Willumsen
Colors by Dan Brown
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Jock

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 2.9
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  1. Really looking forward to this.

  2. Wish I can get this on Comixology, but I doubt they would have this there since they don’t have the other MAX titles on there.

  3. This really wasn’t that good. Maybe the most underwhelming comic I’ve read in a good while. The art was borderline terrible, and then when it shifts it is at least unique but also not that good. Just odd panel choices and storytelling choices all over the place. Really disjointed and bland.

    • I agree, the art was horrible, especially the flashbacks. Also, not to be that guy, but doesn’t Wolverine have an unbreakable skeleton? Sure the shark could strip the meat from his bones, but I’m pretty sure it couldn’t bite trough adamantium.

    • This isnt the same Logan that’s tied to the Marvel U, so what parts of his bones are grafted with adamantium could be different.

  4. A good start so far, I enjoyed Willumsen’s pages much more. Not much story but it looks like #2 will open up the plot a bit.

  5. Really Marvel? I thought all $3.99 books came with a free digital copy? If you’re not going to offer any “Max” books digitally then at least take it down to $2.99.

  6. This was fucking

  7. Thoroughly disappointed with this book. I had high hopes but was let down on both the generic story and weak art. Boschi was better than Willumsen though.

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