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Story by Jason Starr
Art by Roland Boschi & Connor Willumsen
Colors by Dan Brown
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Jock

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

I picked up this book on a whim, as I am a very big fan of Wolverine, have been for a very long time in my 30 years of reading comics on and off.

This is my first venture into anything labeled as Max from the Marvel line of products, so was not sure what to expect.

I had an idea that I might see more violence, language, maybe some risque artwork of half naked ladies, something that pushes the envelope from normal comics.

This is not what I got at all. Was there some language, yes though I felt that it had nothing to do with the storyline, so it was not even needed. Was there some blood, yes, more then I would see in normal comic, I don’t think so. Nothing that would distinguish this from a Max Title with an Explicit Content Label to a normal book pushing its boundries a bit.

So maybe I was not clear on what to expect from a Max title.

What I am clear on though is something that I look for in any book I pick up. Good Story and Good Artwork, or some combination of the two that counters the lack of one or the other.

Did I get that from this book? No, not in the least in either catergory. Story line was weak, artwork was something I would expect to see in a High Schooler getting his feet wet with some talent with a pencil, and that is pushing it. Some may like this art style, however it does nothing for me as a fan.

It was so bad that there is a scene where Victor (Sabertooth) throws Wolverine into a tree, and when I first looked at the panel, I thought to myself, who is the girl throughing Wolvie, knowing full well that Victor was the only one there.

I have read bad books before, and chalk it up as a loss, however in this case I feel totally ripped off. I would have spent my $4.00 buying lottery tickets, I may have won something and at the worst, I could through away the tickets into the trash.

Being a collector, I feel obiligated to bag and board this piece of trash and keep it, which takes up space in my home instead of a landfill.

I would usually read two or three more issues before I decide to collect or not collect a book, however this was so bad to me that issue #2 will not even get a sniff from me.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. I looked at this one in the store and thought, “Oh, man! No way!”, then put it back on the shelf. Then I felt sorry for anyone who bought it.

    • No doubt about it, the artwork is very amateurish. I won’t spend $4 on this kind of junk either. Marvel has no problem treating its fans like suckers. Their output these days seems to focus on quantity rather than quality. The art work for Tales of the Punisher Max was always bad, the art for the current Captain Marvel is ridiculous, and thank god they are canceling FF…it also had atrocious artwork for the last year. As much as people love Daredevil these days, (due to Mark Waid’s writing), I won’t buy that book either because of the art. What Marvel is really good at these days is the art of marketing gimmicks.

  2. The most unskillful uses of the word ‘fuck’ ever known to man. The fact that it took four pages to establish that Wolverine was swimming/wadding through snow is beyond me.

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