• Sabretooth Vs. Beast In The Most Vicious Fight Set To Paper!

• Angel Goes On A Mission To Repair A Broken Wolverine.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend
Colors by Chris Bachalo
Letters by Rob Steen
Cover by Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Love this book! Can anyone fill me in on how Sabretooth is back? I thought he died.

    • He was killed by Wolverine and then killed by Wolverine AGAIN when he was in Hell. Decapitated both times with a magical sword. But then Sabertooth realized he is a Marvel character and said ‘enough with this being dead crap, I’m back baby!’ And now here he is.

      Seriously…I have no better explanation than that. Wolverine killed him with a magical sword TWICE and when he killed his soul the second time in Hell he actually made a point of saying there is no way to come back if you’ve been killed by this sword. And now he’s back anyway. I wonder if they’ll even bother to actually explain it…

    • It’s going to be a mini series coming the next month, written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Simone Bianchi that will explain Sabretooth’s return. Victor is already the main villain in Wolverine’s solo’s last arc.

    • it’s comics. there you go

    • He is just sorta back. They’ve alluded that he came outta hell kinda like Wolverine did at the beginning of Aaron’s run. Like darkclaw09 says, Jeph Loeb plans on filling us in on what went down exactly…

      Which means I ain’t gonna care nor read it.

  2. @KenOchalek – I think @USPUNX explained it the best. No Ken I do not think there has been a real explination to how he has returned from the dead and hell. I have read the issue where he is decapitated in hell so I do not know what the hell is going on with Saber. Two rumors I have heard about Saber lately and here they are:
    1.) There are several clones of Saber out there and the real one is truly dead.
    2.) He has been reborn as a baby Saber.

    I am very serious they are some of the rumors I heard creeping around the comic book shop lately. I for one do not believe either of these, I think he is dead and they will just come up with an all new one to take his place.

    This is the only X-book I am reading and it had fought hard for me to keep it and it has won my hard earned money.


  3. They literally didn’t even try to explain it.

  4. frankly, i don’t care how sabretooth back,
    but i hate how wolverine is wheelchair-ridden because he tried to get money, and Krakatoa just shits diamonds.

    dropped the ball on that one, headmaster.

    pretty great book, though.
    kinda wish Professor X would’ve come over to this book as a teacher.

  5. Can’t wait for this issue! I liked Bradshaw, but a Sabretooth issue drawn by Bachalo is right up my alley!

  6. Great, Bachalo is back. 3 or 4 more issues of arms bigger than torsos. Bradshaw needs to stick around.

  7. I’ve been stacking up the mutant books.

    Time to get caught up on this… next month?

  8. really like this book but damn do i hate Bachalo’s artwork

    • Bachalo’s artwork is the main thing that makes me want to still get it, while the upcoming crossover is pushing me away.

    • It’s terrible. I know this is the darling of the fans but I hated it art-wise from the beginning with the lazy backgrounds and stock photo skies. Diffrnt strokes I guess.

  9. I’m torn – Bachalo is one of my all time favourite artists, but Bradshaw has been killing it

    I usually hate Marvel for their rotating artists but it is working for me on this title. Both are turning in great pages

    • What Bradshaw has been doing is pretty good, but for some reason it’s not as good as what he’s done in ‘Danger Girl’.

  10. SOOOOOOOOOOOO Glad Bachalos back!
    Dont get me wrong, because of this title i now consider myself a Bradshaw fan, but nothing replaces the Epic Awsomeness that is know as Mr. Bachalos Art.

  11. Great, more Ziggy inspired superheroes courtesy of Bachalo

  12. Don’t know why people hate Bachalo’s art. I mean sure, its not the best art out there and on any other book it wouldn’t be all that great, but his art for this book just fits it so well. Maybe it’s just the tone of the book or something but it’s just awesome how it meshes so well with the story for some reason. This kind of art belongs in this kind of book, is what I’m getting at.

  13. I like Bachalos art as of this title cause it brought an abstract form to the X-verse I haven’t seen and like the writing on this one, it gives wolvie & the xmen a unique tone.

  14. Just so’s you know, Chris Bachalo is a terrific artist and anyone who doesn’t like his work is an idiot with no conception of what art it. Just sayin.


  15. So I guess it’s save to say that Bachalo is THE most controversal artist in US comics these days. Even more so than Ramos.
    I, personaly, love his art, but I can see why some people don’t.

    But Bradshaw has been great, too.

  16. Truly that was something I forgot to comment on; the stupid diamond trees protting up all over. What a really shitty deal that was and the mutant Krakatoa just seems really useless to me. I don’t care for a character or thing like this, just seems so childish. I know I am reading comic books however; I just can’t stand all of these new age heroes and villians popping up with these strange new powers. Always looking to create something unique qith powers and I gotta say this is one that is right there with the power to poop!! Am I crazy or really does everyone like this Krakatoa BS? I think the title could be so much better with out that end of the story ever coming up.


    • I liked it.

    • He has more powers than just shitting diamonds (although how you can’t enjoy that twist is beyond me). He’s a living land mass, and now he’s basically a geological security system. Personally, I think that’s pretty cool.

      As far as old characters popping up with new powers, that happens all the time. Especially in X-books. They introduced the idea of secondary mutations way back in New X-Men, so the door is wide open to level-up any mutant at any time.

    • I totally love Krakoa. The idea that there lawn can defend itself is isanly creative and just pure awesome.

  17. Looking forward to this. Dig that cover.

    I like Bradshaw plenty, but if I had my choice I’d go with Bachalo. Luckily, they’re rotating for the time being, so there’s really no point in whining about either one.

  18. He wasn’t under the original (five) school(s), but he was chillin’ there when Logan built this one.

    And yes, it would appear Aaron is putting Logan in a wheelchair (on the cover), but I’m sure it’s temporary. In the last issue, Logan’s legs were mangled by some crazy alien weapon that a security guard on the casino planet was packing. My guess is that the new Angel will use his fancy new healing powers to bend the adamantium back into place by the end of the issue.

  19. God Bachalo’s art sucks so friggin bad!!! I think if my 8 year old cousin drew this issue I would have liked it more. Thats how bad bachalo is. /rant

    Loved the Angel/Genesis part. can’t wait to see where that leads. would have been 4 stars but the beyond terrible art brings it down to 3.

  20. The story is fantastic. I love the characterization and the dialogue. but Bachalo on art makes me want to drop the book. He is so god awful it hurts me to read it. Half the time I have no idea what is even being depicted, especially in a fight scene. He also has, hands down, the worst Ice Man ever. Bring back Bradshaw! I don’t want to drop this hook but I feel as if I have no choice. I derive no enjoyment from the art. In fact, it significantly lowered my enjoyment.

  21. Count me as one of the people who absolutely does not like Bachalo’s art in this book. The story, however, has been great so I am still enjoying this series, I just really wish they would go with someone else when Bradshaw isn’t the artist.

    • Thank you! I am going to have to stop myself from entering the comments sections of this book until Bachalo leaves, because I can’t seem to stop myself from commenting on how much I hate his work.

  22. I wouldn’t call bachalo a terrible artist like some her but he definetly doesn’t help when your trying to figure out what is going on in some of the panels he draws which ends up detracting from how great the story has been.

  23. A fantastic issue, but I must agree that this was not the best Bachalo ever. Loved the moody coloring, but the layouts made things very confusing, especially in a zero-g fight in which everyone is wearing spacesuits.

  24. Not sure it was just the art or the general script but I had no friggin idea what was going on thru half this book, especially the beast/sabertooth fight in space. I guess it’s a lot more suspenseful if you don’t know what’s going on, in which case this delivered in spades!
    I was really enjoying this book up until the last 2 issues that seemed to go off the rails and become a totally different book. Much better than the stick up the ass Cyclops team out on the west coast, which now is all about the AvX series.

  25. This was great! Beast vs. Sabertooth; the fight I never knew I always wanted. Personally, I love Bachalo. I had no problem following the story panel-to-panel. In fact, I think he’s constantly pushing himself to come up with interesting new angles. All the Genesis and Angel stuff was great. This book continues to mix high stakes and humor brilliantly. Can’t get enough!

  26. Been a fan of Bachalo since his vertigo/generationX days. Bradshaw has made this book for me though, look forward to his return. still two great styles on this book. Aaron seems to be on point with this too.

  27. This would have been my PoW but the art just brought it way down. The fight in space was way too hatd to follow. I also hate how goofy he makes everyone look. Aaron is killing it on this title though.

  28. I was planning on dropping this during the crossover but it’s so good I’ll just stick with it. Hopefully Aaron can deliver a stand alone story.

  29. I gave this issue only a 3 and that was because of, “The Most Vicious Fight Set To Paper” was anything but. I really could not tell who was doing what to whom? I was excited and could not wait for this fight and then it was hard to tell whom was whom and than I guess Beast’s girlfriend finishes Saber off by shooting him into space?? Come on?? I did like Beast getting raged up and jumping thru the glass of the space station, I could see his face in the suit in that one. Overall though it continues to have some great moments and the story arc has continued on nicely with The Hell Fire Club.


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