• Two new students join the school. Who could it be?

• The future comes back to haunt the school.

• And who is PREGNANT?!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Nick Bradshaw
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Rob Steen
Cover by Nick Bradshaw & Frank Martin

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 38.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Anyone reading X-Force should have a good idea who the two new students are.

  2. I bet Broo’s pregnant!

  3. my favorite cover of this run, so far. So much fun!!!

  4. I’ve been a Nick Bradshaw fan since his days drawing Danger Girl and Rokkin so I can’t wait to check out his art on this book.

  5. Meh on the Nick Bradshaw art, but the story is good though.

  6. Last ish was my “a hah, this is awesome” moment.

  7. I love broo

  8. Still diggin’ this fun title even though Bradshaw makes Wolverine look chubby. I’ll be furious if Iceman is the father of Kitty’s unborn child. Always pictured a continuation in the Rasputin blood line

  9. It’s gotta be kitty, and it can’t be icemans because they only kissed. So it could be colossus’s

    • Yep. It only makes sense. Ex-Boyfriend’s yo baby daddy = Drama.

    • I’m not on board with the “Kitty’s pregnant” idea yet (no spoilers in the comments yet, please! I’m at work until 4:30!), but being that the theoretical Baby Daddy is currently possessed by a demon certainly adds a wrinkle.

  10. New pregnancy theory:

    Krakoa’s gonna have a baby land. Rockslide is the father.

  11. Is anyone else following all the Jean Grey School live-tweeting going on right now? It’s pretty entertaining.


    and others, you can figure it out.

    • I saw somewhere there was a list you could follow that included them all. Looking at just the list you can see the interplay between students pretty well. It was a fun read.

    • Turns out it was mostly dialogue from the book, but still it was fun diversion on a Wednesday afternoon.

  12. I feel like I’ve kept this series on a pretty tight leash, thinking the wonder of the first issue was a fluke and then I worried I wouldn’t care for Nick Bradshaw’s art BUT I am proven wrong on all accounts. This is an awesome fun book.

  13. this is one of the best single issues of superhero comics i have read in years

    Also, I started working as a sub last year (yes, I’m responsible for the younger generation) I had plenty of more gothy students who would love to show up to class looking like Genius

  14. I felt bad for Evan. He just wants to be a hero :'(

    • I haven’t been reading Uncanny X-Force, but I get the feeling that Evan could be the most important new character to the X-universe in a long time (even more important than Hope).

  15. Wow! I love this Bradshaw guy, who I have never heard of or seen before. I thought the solicitation was wrong because I was convinced this was an Art Adams cover. This art was wonderfully Adams-esque and I love it! I hope to see more and more of Bradshaw on this book.

  16. Ive never really thought about it, but i dont really know anything about wolverine. I know he has claws, he heals fast, he has amnesia (I think?), and he’s metal on the inside but he’s not a cyborg ( I think?) . Anyway, this book is awesome and I literally have no idea who the hell any of these people are. There are occasional moments where I get really confused (like what’s up with that one kid’s mouth lines?) but i’m enjoying this so much i kinda want to go and read a bunch of old x-men stuff just so i can get more out of this title.

    • He was created in another X-Men book – Uncanny X-Force.

      He is basically a clone of Apocalypse, raised to be a hero instead of the harbinger of doom

  17. This was a better issue than the first three, Angel seems to be was different now then what I remember and Bobby seems pretty confused as well. I know it had something to do with Apocylpse and not having his memory because of what he did to warren.
    Pryde is pregnant that fast? Seems very intresting, since she looks like thru the book it has progressed at a super extreme rate!!


  18. What a superb series this is. Aaron seems to know one of the secrets behind all great stories: have an entertaining supporting cast that can 100% carry the story if need be.

  19. Wow i’m really glad I decided to get this digital. I was on the fence with this series (mainly cause of the inconsistent art) but geez this was a blast. Almost made my PoTW but there was no beating Invincible this week. 5/5 i’m officially on board with this series.

  20. Can Nick Bradshaw be the regular artist? Pretty please.

  21. Thank the comic book gods for given my eyes a blessing with no more Bachalo art! I was about to drop this book for good. Instead this became my book of the week!

  22. This was brilliant. Funny as well. Had a big smile on my face for most of the issue. I mean come on a kid brood. the gladiator kid?? and Qeuntin, …the heckling between these students. The broods responses… HA.. Angels new skillz?? and Deathlocks disastrous guest teaching gig! Awesome. and i dont care that wolvie isnt being sooooo serious. Time for some change. bring on the funny!

  23. This is the first week since the New 52 launch that a Marvel book is the most pulled of the week on iFanboy (except for a week when DC didn’t ship).

  24. I don’t like silly Wolverine and I much prefer Bachalao, however this was great.

  25. really strong outing here, enjoyed the first arc to a degree, this issue really hit all the right notes though…. can see this being a definitive run if this keeps up.

  26. I think Broo is quickly becoming my favorite character, thanks in no small part to whoever writes the @_Broodling_ twitter feed.

    He just seems like such a nice kid!!

  27. I smile all the way through this book

  28. I get my issues a few days later than everybody else, so I’m late to the party, but holy fucking shit this issue was amazing. Bradshaw really nailed it. I was iffy on him following Bachalo, but I agree with Ron in that I would be very happy if he was the sole artist. I’m very excited for the future of Wolverine and the X-Men. We’re spoiled.

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