Wolverine and his X-Men have very little chance of surviving the new Hellfire Club. And that’s without another classic villain returning!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo
Cover by Chris Bachalo & Ed McGuinness

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 15.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. This is my favourite book, i love the colour, you would have to be a epic hipster fail not to buy this

  2. I’ve never been a big Bachalo fan. I hope those that buy it like it though. And I am in no way a hipster.

    • I didn’t like Bachalo’s work in the X-Men sewer croc. arc last year, so I thought I wouldn’t like it here. I was so suprised! I think it fits the feel of the book perferctly and looks so cool. So now I have no idea how I feel about him, for now good.

  3. Seeing this cover was the reason I decided to check out the first issue. It was fun.

  4. Wolverine fighting a giant monster is cool and all, but I want more Toad janitorial action!!!

  5. A fun book.

  6. I shall re-read #1 before Wednesday. Not because I have forgotten what’s happened, but because it’s tonnes of fun

  7. Love the return to the school. Love Bachalo’s art, although admittedly I am not sure why. Normally I don’t go for art with such wild rendering. It feels so out of control, like the artist only barely knows what they are drawing. I think in Bachalo’s case the layouts are so clearly planned and carefully thought out it balances it.

  8. It is big team action, specially when two teams go at it, that Bachalo’s storytelling collapses.

    Don’t care. Love his art anyway.

  9. Loved the first issue of this. Uncanny XM #1 not so much though.

    • I felt the same way. I gave Marvel a second chance, and really liked the first issue.

      That 3.99 might lead me to leave it on the shelf, though. For 2.99, I would definitely buy it.

    • Yeah and if it starts to permanently double ship as of February it’s gone, unless it’s really really good. Unless we get like 28 pages of story or sth.

    • Flipped through this – 20 pages I think? F U Marvel I am done with you for good. This was the last straw and I’m done with them. Maybe it doesn’t matter to other folks here, but it matters to me, and they killed the last shred of good will they had left. No more bitching about 3.99 from me – Marvel is dead and gone in my eyes (except for Millar’s 2.99 books).

  10. First issue was just ok to me. Love the fact that the school is reopened. I read the first issue of Unc. X-men and loved it. I had thought I was going to hate Uncanny but I loved it and Wolverine & the X-men was just ok.

  11. I’m so tired of all the price bitching that goes on here. It is in almost every thread.

    I hope they raise all comics to $4.99 and price all of you out of comics . . .

    A dollar more is worth not having the complaining.

    • But if we all get priced out… there will be no more comics!


    • There would still be comics…every reader left would just be making monthly PayPal payments directly to Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo.

    • @ken–that could be the future of creator owned. Cut out the publisher entirely.

    • Don’t want people to be priced out. But I agree enough with the complaining.

    • comics is an addiction, not a hobby. if they go up a buck, people are still going to buy them and bitch even MORE. why not wish for them to go down in price. then everyone stops bitchn’ and buys even more comics to talk about here.
      just becuz some of you are willing to bend over and take the 4dollar price point, doesnt mean we all should.
      besides, complaining about complaining is a little redundant and counter-productive.
      im so surprised that people get so emotional over what other people think to the point where they wish ill-tidings to their fellow peers. anti-socialism is always an option for you sensitive boys and girls.hahahahaha

    • ever suck dick for comics???

    • Classic internet nonsense.

      Threads bitching about price is counterproductive to discussions about comics on a comic website.

      I’ll have to assume no one has pointed that out in a way that has stuck with users here cuz it hasn’t stopped.

      Discounted hardcovers on Amazon are cheaper than $2.99 comics.

      So not only are these 2.99 stalwarts annoying, they are also stupid with no money sense.

      I wish comics to go up 2 dollars now.

    • oooooooooo

    • so much hostility. you might want to go lay on someone’s couch and talk about all these angry feelings you have toward people you’ve never even met. the stress is going to kill you. remember, you’re in a safe place and no one is going to hurt you. lol

    • @rocknrolla

      its not something im proud of….

    • “stupid with no money sense” said the man who wants to pay six dollars a book

    • You, brother, are the next champion.

    • the next champion(the real one) frequents this site and might take offense to that.
      i probably would hahahahaha!

    • Good hustle, fellas

    • Always trying to make your internet experience a pleasant one.

      Fuck them kids without the $3.99

    • stedily gettn’ fuckd’ since 1996

    • Yeah! i mean, what’s with the language

    • I’m tired of people who bitch about people who bitch @scorp you should use more Fucks in you post because it makes your point seem more intelligent. I bet you get excited when gas prices go up too. Fuck them kids who love 3.99

    • @scorp plus you point about conversation on price points not being counterproductive is kinda weird because your the one who brought it up in a trend with people discussing X-men Wolvie in a fun none prickish manner. If you wish all books jump up in price because you hate opinions of others and you just want to hear people stroke you and agree with everything you say, well I think thats kinda sad. I hope your right and all books shoot to 6.99 per comic so you can discuss comics with yourself. As for the Amazon comment, like most addicts I like my fix every week but you’r right. Even better is just waiting for you local library to get the hardcovers which I do for most 3.99 books because I hate paying for overpriced shit. Oh and FUCK FUCKIE FUCK FUCKER

    • None of you are coming off well in this one

    • “Discounted hardcovers on Amazon are cheaper than $2.99 comics”

      Yes. But people waiting for trades means low monthly sales and, ultimately, book cancellation.

      “I wish comics to go up 2 dollars now”

      Well, if they could sell 10.000 of a $4.99 monthly book and make it profitable, why not. Maybe that would boost the TPB market and make TPBs even cheaper. Except I doubt they could move 10.000 units at that price.

      Me, I had space (=funds) for a couple more monthlies in my pull list. Books I really wanted were: Wolverine And The X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Batman and Batwoman.

      As I can’t afford all 4 and I had no real preference amongst them, I picked the latter 2. It is my way to politely tell Marvel that I don’t agree of their pricing policies without “bitching” on forums.

    • Let’s not really take my wish for a price increase too seriously. It is a purely rhetorical device that expresses frustration with you and not any possible reality. We don’t have to worry so much about it but continue to worry about a couple dollar increase if you think Marvel is reading.

      And are we really going to get upset about one “fuck” in a thread with a user named Drdeeeznutz and some dude talking about sucking dick for comics?

      If you apologize for your ironic shortsightedness, I will apologize for my profane word.

  12. Great story but the art just isn’t working for me at all. I’ll stay on as long as Aaron is writing it, because his swriting is worth sticking around in spite of that art…

  13. Go Bobby Go! Fun read, really enjoyed it. 🙂 Art/layout wise a tad messy but I don’t hold that against it.

  14. I had a few mixed feelings about this issue. I loved the first one but really had issues with a few things in this and hope it’s not an indicator of whats to come

    1. Bachalo is a great artist no denying it, however the panels were a complete mess it seemed like during the action scenes. Maybe it was just this issue and trying to show bobby being everywhere at once but I could barely keep track of who was where in a fight. Like I said maybe this was only for this issue but it got very frustrating after awhile.

    2. I love aaron as much as the next guy but am I the only one that thought there was a excess of cheesy one liners in this issue. I understand he’s trying to make this a lighter more fun book than his usual writing style but man it just seemed like he was WAY overdoing it here.

    3. What is up with the hellfire kids? One said he was demolishing schools since he was 4, that’s just absurd. I understand realism is not what this book is going for but as a parent of a child almost that age it completely took me out of the story.

    Other than those nitpicks, overall I seemed to enjoy this and hope to stay on board because I really like the concept of this series. However if my concerns above become a habit of this book instead of just an occasional occurrence it might start sucking the fun out of the series. 3.5/5

    • Good critique of potential problems.

      I read the Hellfire comment as a kid who causes a shitload of trouble in a couple schools a year and gets kicked out but then you have the girl talking about buying a zoo to kill the animals and I don’t think you can deny the literal meaning.

      I have a problem with comedy during supposedly high level threats from anyone except Spider-Man and it always takes me out of the story. This series is 3.5/5 between two issues for me. I will also be sticking with it cuz this issue was a step up for me and I trust Aaron.

    • I mostly agree with your points. I like Bachalo quite a bit he can admittedly verge on incomprehensible at times. Issue one was great Bachalo. Overall I enjoyed the art on #2 but it wasn’t as good.

      I don’t have a problem with the villains being unbelievable. I do think they are uninteresting. They are just kind of there to cause trouble and I don’t care about them one way or the other.

      The quips I don’t mind so much. The book is light and fun and I enjoy that. I like the cast and actually hope it settles down a bit after this initial attack so we can see the school at work.

  15. I loved it. The art was a little harder to follow at first but overall it was great.

  16. Not bad

  17. Kinda fun. I like Bachelo’s art, but it was hard for me to tell what was going on in some panels because the image was so styalized. Still, I’m enjoying the story so far.

  18. Bobby muh-fuckin’ Drake.

    The very apex of fun, even with some clarity issues in the art. Great cliffhanger.

    Also, Ron was totally right about Krakoa!

  19. Didn’t really enjoy this. I expected more after that great first issue. The art could have been great (it was last issue), but it was fuzzy mostly. Many times I thought it was unclear what was happening in a panel. The story is so so imo. I don’t understand many characters’ motive and frankly I don’t care either. Is that just me? There are too many other great books out already, so this is dropped. Sad, but I’ve tried a couple times to get into the x-books, but it was not meant to be 🙁

  20. This was a bit of a drop off from the last issue, yet in a mediocre week of very few issues for me and no number 5 ratings it still ended up being my POTW. For some reason the art was terrible compared to the first issue which surprised me by how much i liked it since i wasnt a big Bachalo fan prior to that. At some points i couldnt tell what the hell i was staring at or what was going on which took away from the storytelling a bit which was still very good.

  21. Gave this a shot because I like Aaron on Punisher Max but I find the characters and the story too be ingenuous/infantile. I like books with young heros with more of a edge and I can not get past how confusing and messy Bachalo art is. I don’t want to have too strain my eyes to make out what’s going on.

  22. Aaron and Bachalo have taken a character I have not been able to stand, and a corner of the Marvel Universe that I at best, have not cared about in over a decade, and turned it into one of my favorite books, and my PotW.

  23. Well, put me in the bah-humbug column, lol. Make no mistake, I don’t think this is a *bad* title – but I also don’t think it’s great, or even that memorable, or frankly worth my money and time with so much competition at this point in the publishing year. Granted, we’re only two issues in, but… these characters already feel so played out to me. Whether we’re talking Logan/Kitty/Bobby/Hank, or even these prodigy kids with alliterative names. At this point, I almost want the X-Men we know to vanish mysteriously so a new team of mutants would have to rise up to take their places and be new and interesting to me. Because I am Wolverined out.

    • That dream of them vanishing has already happened it’s called Ultimate Comics: X-Men and it’s freaking AWESOME! Seriously it’s such a breath of fresh air compared to a large majority of these continuity marred 616 X titles.

    • @thompsonlive: Is that what’s really going on over in Ultimate X-Men?! If so then I will pick it up. 🙂

    • @BionicDave Yeah I picked it up just because nick spencer was writing it and I was very impressed. There are just a few of the original x-men still alive/around and it’s a ton of new really interesting characters picking up the x-men mantle. Really fun stuff.

  24. I flipped open first page and it’s flashback in black and white and instantly I say this will be POTW Bobby going off and kissing kitty sealed it.

  25. Art is horrible. And Broo steals every scene he is in.

  26. @xrcst- I agree with you the artwork was not very good to me either and this book has just started and I do not like the way it is going.
    The Hell Fire Club was not very ominus at all and the fact that they built the school on top of this monster was just lame and really thats all they could come up with to get anyone hooked on this book. Not very good and gave it a 2 overall.



  27. I seriously dislike those Hellfire kids. I hope they’re not going to become a villainous mainstay of the title. On the other hand… DOOP! I hope Aaron has something cool in mind for him.

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