• We can’t say much or we spoil the event of the summer!

• Kitty Pryde on a date with…???

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Jorge Molina
Cover by Nick Bradshaw

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    1. I read issue #13 right after reading Walking Dead #100. I can’t take an emotional one-two punch like that again. That said, I’m excited for a Kitty and Colossus reunion!

    2. Really really wish AVX would just end already, so I could have this book back to focusing on the school

    3. I just started reading this before AvX started and loved it. I admit that I started late and it took me a while since I’ve never been an X-men fan, but the humor just made me laugh out loud and I loved it. Just hoping to get past the AvX stuff and get back to the stories about the students and teachers again. I usually don’t mind the tie-in books and I think that they’ve done a good job working it into the book, but I think it’s suffered from the event.

    4. Stopped reading this during AvX as I don’t much care for events, and need to temporarily cut my budget.
      Is this a big mistake? Will I have loads to catch up on on when I jump back on will I be able to figured it all out?
      I assumed that all the regular plotlines have paused for AvX and will continue where they left off (with minor changes to the landscape) after it ends.

    5. I keep hearing good things about this title. Will I be totally confused if I jump on with this issue? I haven’t been following AvX at all either. Also will this be cancelled when Marvel Now happens?

      • Hard to say at this point — AVX could break a lot of ways (many would argue it’s already broken… ba dum bump!). Wolverine is already confirmed as being a part of the Uncanny Avengers, that could lead you to believe that he won’t be around the school as much. However, he’s been on a handful of teams for years now, so I’m sure he could still be on that team and serve as headmaster of the school.

      • Thanks, yeah, I may just wait until Marvel Now happens to see how everything changes. I know I’d like to try the ‘New X-Men’ series for sure.

    6. Last issue was AMAZING. I want more Warbird.

    7. Aaron’s doing the best he can to cope with the crossover, but it’s wearing thin. I’ve enjoyed every issue so far, but every time out I’m a little more annoyed by the AvX stuff. When this is all over we’ll have had more issues of W&XM with a big AVX banner on top than we had before the crossover began. And now, because they’re committed to their breakneck twice-a-month schedule, they’re giving us artists who aren’t Bachalo or Bradshaw. Maybe Molina will be great, but I’d rather we got Bachalo and Bradshaw drawing non-AvX stories again.

    8. This is the first I’m hearing about Molina on this issue. Did I miss something?

      I’ve never read a book drawn by him so I had to look him up. His style seems like it’ll fit nicely in between Bachalo and Bradshaw, so I’m not complaining. Just a little surprised to see a THIRD artist in the rotation.

    9. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

      No, no, no, last issue sucked! Issue #13 was the best issue, yet.

    10. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

      Sorry. I meant to say that I loved Issue #12 with the Avengers and Rachel Gray. I’m fascinated by the split over this book between fans of Baccahlo and fans of Bradshaw.

    11. I can’t get over how Molina draws in this issue Kitty. She’s just … wrong.

    12. Wow. where did this Molina guy come from? The art was beautiful!!!

    13. I really liked this issue. My favorite part was when Toad eagerly volunteered to clean up Husk’s last shedding and the following panel showing what he does with those remains.

    14. toad had a buffalo bill moment lol

    15. i use to love this series but the AvX tie in is really killing it for me

    16. this was the weakest tie in issue so far i personally felt a lot of the others have added to the event but this was just weird and cheesy

      • I think this was mostly to show that all of the Phoenix Five are becoming less human and more radical. If Colossus is losing it this is going to get real bad.

      • @RoiVampire: Illyana is having the same issues over in X-Men Legacy 270. She’s always battled her demonic nature, but I wonder if Namor losing the Phoenix power in AVX 8 is causing the other four to basically hold more Phoenix Force than one person can handle.

        And if you think about it, Scott is really the only part of the Phoenix Five who isn’t really known for having a “dark” side. Illyana has her Darkchild stuff, Collosus was possessed by Cytorrak when the Phoenix took him. And Namor and Emma have both been characterized as “evil” at points in their histories. An interesting “What If?” might be to see what would happen if some of the more “pure” X-Men or the Avengers had gotten hit by the Phoenix.

        My conjecture at this point is that Scott will eventually have/take the others’ Phoenix force, and Xavier will be the one to take him down by offering the Phoenix a better vessel (Charles’ one panel appearance in the first act smacks of “checkov’s gun”). So Xavier manages to take control of the Phoenix and either kills himself to destroy it, or actually controls it and uses it.

    17. I dug this, BUT yeah I’m ready for AVX to be finished, and I’ve been enjoying it for the most part

    18. poor colossus, he can never have it all, even when he has all the power in the world, he still can’t get the girl. but i like that he always tries not to lose control, he stops himself with the juggernaut and even with the phoenix power he tries to be the good guy he really is. the phoenix five may really give people a reason to fear and hate mutants, especially their teammates. from misunderstood heroes like spider-man to power mad extremists. I am interested in seeing cyclops the control freak lose his marbles. It is nice to see cyclops with all the power vs dating a more powerful jean grey or even a goblin queen. now cyclops is making the mess, who will pick up the pieces? who will lead after cyclops?

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