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    Story by Jason Aaron
    Art by Jorge Molina
    Cover by Nick Bradshaw

    Size: 0 pages
    Price: 3.99

    I enjoyed the story, but Jorge Molina’s art was irregular than what I’m used to. The art wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t recognize Kitty and Colossus. Also he forgot to draw the X on Doop’s stomach. Other than those nitpicks, everything else looked fine. Towards the middle of the book Colossus begins to loose grips on the Phoenix powers and Krakoa pops up behind him but the next panel be disappears. I thought that was odd. I thought it was funny that. I one let’s Dethlok finish telling his calculations. They probably could’ve prevented what Colossus does if they had just listened. What I’m really interested to see after reading this book is that some of the X-Men are starting to realize that, “Cyclops and the others…they’re not the people we knew anymore.” so in the next couple of issues of AVX are we going to see less X-Men? Not that we see many of them already. It’s really just Cyclops and the others in that book.

    Story: 3 - Good
    Art: 2 - Average


    1. AvX!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ruined one of my favorite Marvel books!

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