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  1. great cover. been looking forward to it for months.

  2. I’m like a roach not knowning the hotel he’s going into is full of poison.

    Or a mouse noticing only the cheese and not the trap.

    Or a kid walking into Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch….

    I’m so stupid that I will buy this comic. Even though I fully stated I dropped this series. Call me what you will guys, I feel stupid for what I did a couple of weeks ago. All I’m gonna say is: This issue better be perfect in every way.

    *wears dunce hat*

  3. The Red Skull parading around in Cap’s bloody uniform might be the best thing ever.

  4. I have to rub it in and point this out because you were being a complete ass hat.

    "I’m not wasting my time waiting and spending money on something that should’ve been done 6 months ago.

    Wolverine is offically dropped. Dont even wanna bother finishing this story."

    -TNC on the forums

    Stick to your guns you wimp.
    Now that that’s over with, I can’t wait for this issue!!  Good stuffs a’comin’

  5. see now, TNC is a wimp for going back on his word

    however drakedangerz is a far worst word for spending his time to find a quote than posting it here


    Anyway, very excited, very excited it should be a great issue. Logan’s going to pop his claws, baby!

  6. Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to this. I could really, really do without Marvel telling me for the fifth time that this is "the greatest Wolverine story ever told" (I reread the ’82 Claremont/Miller mini-series last night, and there’s almost more characterization on any given page of that than there is in entire issues of Old Man Logan), but nevertheless this should be great fun. Get ready to think about whether they really needed a two-page spread of just the word "SNIKT", or whether a single full-page would have been sufficient. Maybe by 2012 the next "greatest Wolverine story" will have a four-page fold-out of the word "snikt", and we’ll wait six months between issues for that. But I have been thinking about how awesome that Red Skull cover is since I first saw it months ago.

  7. Can’t wait to fill my gap between #71 & #73. Also can’t wait to see how this concludes. Old Man Logan has been a wild ride.

  8. Wait, so, not only did 73 already come out… but this has one more part?  So it concludes in 74?

    WTF, Marvel?

  9. @Templar-it concludes in an oversized stand alone issue that has yet to be solicited by Marvel.

  10. @Templar: It concludes in the same manner that ASTONISHING X-MEN did.

  11. I heard that it concludes in an oversized issue that also concludes Aaron’s and Way’s stories from Wolverine #73.

  12. Based on what I’ve seen in the previews this looks FUCKING AMAZING!!!  I don’t really care about the lateness and the mis-numbering so to speak.  When it looks this awesome and has that cover I just want to read it!

  13. Possibly my most anticipated book of the week.

  14. agreed with kwisdumb

  15. bad ass cover.  I wish old man logan was an ongoing.  I love this book and I wouldnt care if they numbered them backwards.  So good. 

  16. Fuck, that cover is brutal.

  17. Finally! Thank god.

  18. I’m going to miss reading a Wolvie book by Millar. Thankfully he’ll be moving on the Ultimate Comics Avengers after this and FF wrap up.

  19. Is there any, ANY indication when this Giant Size whatever issue comes out? Seriously I dont think it comes out this summer.

  20. I’ll wait however long it takes.

    The book no longer depends on clearing up this storyline or either of the stories in Wolverine #73.

    Conceptually it is a future storyline and the title is switching to a Dark Reign book with #74.

  21. I’m just glad that the issue is coming out. this series has been really great, it just saddens me that it is coming to an end soon… well not soon, probably take a few more months for the conclusion, but still been an awesome series. I had a good run with Wolverine, but after this issue and the giant sized issue, that’s it for the main wolverine series. Don’t give a damn about Daken. Hopefully the Weapon X series will remain good.

  22. Ok here is the solicitation clear up since there seems to be some confusion in the comments

     as of right now:

    This is not the conclusion to OML, but that will come as a giant size special that hasn’t been solicited (so it won’t come out this summer)

    This issue is coming out after 73 which featured the first parts of two stories that will be wrapped up in issue number 74 of Wolverine.  Issue number 75 starts Dark Wolverine featuring Daken

  23. Don’t care if it is late.

    Don’t care if Marvel is was silly by putting out 73 first

    Don’t care if the giant sized special comes out after Holloween

    As long as McNiven brings it as he has done for the ENTIRE story, and Millar gives me a fun end it was worth it.

  24. Shit happens with comics and stuff is late, or goofy stuff like numbering and giant sized issues. Ain’t nothing new about that.

  25. Just finished reading this and the Pick of the week button cant appear fast enough. This issue delivered! For the love of god i want giant sized old man Logan special so bad right now! After this i have very high hopes for the final issue.

  26. @Omegadark   You people from the future still amaze me everytime! DAMN YOU

  27. @twooldridge Canada is a mistical place where polar bears dance around in top hats and nothings as it seems!

  28. Flapjaxx wrote: "I could really, really do without Marvel telling me for the fifth time that this is "the greatest Wolverine story ever told" (I reread the ’82 Claremont/Miller mini-series last night, and there’s almost more characterization on any given page of that than there is in entire issues of Old Man Logan),"

    I read that old comic for the first time recently in paperback, and boy was it shit.  Wow it was bad.  I’m tired of the nostalgia factor playing a role in judging comics.  It was shit, and Old Man Logan is light years better.

    Also, pretty sure the "Greatest Story Ever" tag is Mark Millar’s, not "Marvel’s" as you say.  It’s his typical hype factor that he does with every comic, like "Kick-Ass" for example, or FF.  Same here.

  29. i read on Tom Breevorts blog that the reason this is so behind is because Mark Millar was hospitalized way back in December for like a month and also that Steve’s Mom died of Cancer a few months back.  so that is why the book is as late as it is.  we were all expecting lateness when we started this series though.  So i dont know why anyone is complaining. 

  30. and i think that if marvel would have halted 73 and 74 there would be just as many people griping about them not coming out.  i think that it is cool that marvel went ahead and published them out of order.  that shows that they care about the fans.  in my opinion anyway. 

  31. oops!!!  Bryan Hitch is the one who lost his mother.  My Bad!!!!!!

  32. @zakcaldwell: I think you misread Breevort’s blog. Millar was indeed sick, but it was Bryan Hitch’s mother who died. He was answering a question about FANTASTIC FOUR.

  33. this book only requires a two-word review:

    F*ck yes!

  34. i agree with Kickass, the old Claremount/Miller wolverine arc is not fantastic. However, i think it has to be given it’s dues for properly establishing the character.

    I can’t get this issue quick enough, it’s my last day at my current job on friday before i move on to another. I’m pretty sure i’m going to skip out at lunch and read this at a cafe before returning

  35. Hold on a Second!! that’s the bucky Captain America costume that red skull’s weaing on the cover! Holy Jesus!

  36. This is definitely a fun story and an exciting comic, but it isn’t "deep" or exceptionally well-crafted.

    It is a pretty simple surface level tale.

    Something like Superman Red Son has a lot more going on thematically than Old Man Logan.

  37. SNIKT! Where is the finale?! I know it’s not the most complex story, if you think about it, it’s maybe the simplest story you can imagine, but it’s a fun ride. McKniven’s art is fantastic, Miller’s delivering on the blockbuster front as well. Totally agree with @SunnyvaleTrash!

  38. That was pretty flippin’ awesome. I didn’t mind the two-page "snikt!" like I thought I might; it fit the sort of storytelling that’s being used. Hope the finale comes about before fall.

  39. This was perfect, it gave us some resolution to most of the stoyline and it still leaves it wide open for almost anything to happen in the giant sized issue. looks like this’ll be pick of the week for me

  40. I enjoyed this so much that I lost count of how many times I said "Fuck yeah!" out loud. And, as always, McNivens pencils are unbeatable.

  41. Terrible, horrible issue.

    Took less then a minute to read and I am more frustrated then ever at McNiven. Nothing in this issue gave me the impression it should’ve took him this long to draw. Anyother artist could’ve made it look gorgeous in their style and still could’ve had it done on time. Hilarious people think this was ‘perfect’.

    But hey we got 3+ months for the finale. So yeah….there’s that to look forward too. *rolls eyes*

  42. I guess it wasn’t perfect in every way. 

     *waits for TNC to protest giant sized issue in 3 months and then pick it up*  ;p


  43. To the complainers, I say this: Pearls. To. Swine.

    For Steve McNiven’s art, I’d happily wait a year (more?) between issues. 

    That said, this was pure fanboy porn. I loved every panel of it.

    @edward, I too noticed that that was Bucky!Cap’s costume, and with the brown eyes, I can only assume it was meant to be Bucky (or some latter-day Cap). Had two fleshy arms, though. Unless one of these things was a colorist’s mistake (or unless Bucky got his non-metal arm back somehow), I think this is someone else as Cap.

    There are plenty of things in comics to complain about. This run is not one of them. There are more than enough other Wolverine titles out there for readers upset with the wait.

  44. @WetWork: The way this thing keeps getting delayed, I dont know if we’re gonna get the finale this year….let alone me reading it.

  45. Besides, what’s the super fantastic ending out of this?

    Logan kills the Hulk family? OOOOO!!!! That needed to be shown and be delayed for over 3 months. Then what’s gonna happen? Logan being the new protector of America or something? Or just him being so depressed for losing everything and killing himself.

    It’s gonna be one of those two endings. I cant image it being anything else but those two. This series has went from unpredictable to predictable.

  46. @TNC I hope it’s neither of those, i hope logan kills the hulk family by strapping a nuke to a rocket and flying them all to the moon, thus nuking the moon and the 4 of them and sending pieces of the moon raining down on the citizens of the marvel U. I hope that happens just so you’ll be wrong. this book was POTW, it delivered. period.

  47. @Roi: What did it deliver? More grunting in a comic then normal; a quick introduction and quick death of Red Skull, and the most obvious end to a comic ever. What more can be told then just him fighting the Hulks? Seriously dude what more is need to be told to make Giant Sized ‘wide open’?

  48. @TNC Well for starters he killed the red skull, y’know the guy in charge. Well Logan killed him. Somehow i doubt the other villains are going to take that lying down. Hell they probably think it was all part of some plan that logan had. And it delivered two things that we’ve been waiting for the entire series, a real reason for logan to pop his claws and a showdown with the red skull. If you were hoping for more than that during this chapter of the story i’m not sure what book you’ve been reading this whole time.

  49. @Roi: How about I was trying to read a good story that had more to it then just gore.

    Yeah he killed the Red Skull. But other then the Mt. Rushmore reveal and this quick flashback of him….what more was done to give this Skull a personality? Replace Skull with any other major villain in the Marvel U and it would’ve been the same diaologue. Hell the fat Hitler-like henchmen had more personality then this Skull. He was just a dime a dozen villain who had no real importance to this story. He was just fodder like anyone else in this

  50. @TNC it doesn’t matter how the skull was written or how much personality you would like a nazi to have. what matters is that logan killed him and thats gonna be the chicken that comes home to roost in the next issue. Also the Skull is always a boring character, it’s his mad plans that are the exciting part

  51. @TNC
    I dunno about anyone else, but just the quick bit with him lording over a fallen Cap (even if it’s Bucky) was enough to make me want him to get his. Knowing that it was him orchestrating the deaths of all the superheroes and behind the plot to get Logan to kill the X-Men and behind the killing of Hawkeye, to add a more recent evil deed to the list also made me want Logan to deliver some good ol’ Wolvie justice to Skull. Seeing his room full of the trophies of the fallen heroes? Having that and Logan turning against his pacivity in such a spectacular way? I really don’t think we need a whole lot more.

    Guess what? Sometimes things in life are predictable. Why is that any different in fiction? I’ve had enough twist endings; often times they’re good but many more these days, they’re done for the sake of "oh, did you see the twist there?" It’s still great story telling, in my opinion. 

  52. @Roi: How is anyone gonna know it’s Logan? Only Skull knew the guy with the bullet holes in him was Wolverine. By time security people came in to see what was up; Logan was in the Iron Man suit and blew them all away. So how the hell can they know it’s Logan if they didnt see his face?

    @captbastrd: Fine, I understand for you the brief flashback was enough. For me, it was no where near enough. Again other then the Mt. Rushmore page in the previous issue, this is not enough to just say ‘Hey Skull was the real bad guy all along’. Your find with predictablity. But for the last year I’ve been on this website; we’ve seen a ton of stories by different writers with unpredictable plot points and was more then just a glorified beat ’em up. Mark Millar delievered a very standard action story with some Marvel Porn mixed into it. Add in the very unacceptable lateness by McNiven and you got yourself a frustrating read.

    But since over half the people have made this their pick. I’m not surprise more people want bland, predictable stories then unique takes in the literature.

  53. This is  THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS for Wolverine

  54. @TNC: dude, i really do like it when an iFanbaser expresses an unpopular opinion and than has to balls to stand up for himself. honestly

    once i get a chance to read the friggin thing, i’ll come back and post with all the vitriol i can muster

  55. @TNC

    I am not taking anything away from your opinion on like/dislike the book.  But it is exactly the same story that it has been for the past 7 issues or however long.  This has been a Bruckheimer film from the beginning and there was no reason to think that it would suddenly change into a James Cameron film.  They told us who the President was/who lead the takeover as soon as they passed Mt. Rushmore.  You knew that there would be a VenomT-Rex as soon as you saw the suit and the dinorsaur.  As soon as they said that Logan was now a pacifist you knew that in the penultimate chapter he was going to pop his claws.  And even as far as dealing with what made him a pacifist, the lowest odds were that it was going to be some sort of mind control or perception altering incident that made him want to lay down the claws.  

    Just sayin’, it is what it is and what it has been the whole time

  56. @MisterJ: Your right, this comic has always been like this. I should’ve brought it up in my review but I have been thinking of this lately. For some reason, at some point of this run, this story just got old. It has a pattern to it, and that’s a problem for me.

    It seems to be every issue: Advance the plot for 2 pages, Holy Shit moment!, huge fight scene with no diaologue, Holy Shit moment!; one panel to advance the story, see ya next issue!

    That seems to most likely be the pattern of the story. While at first the issues were amazing to read….it got predictable and boring to read. Sure it’s still cool to see Punisher get eaten by Raptor….but we see one huge gorefest we see them all. That’s sort of why I’m pissed off at this. That’s why I think it’s predictable and an insult to readers. Sorry I havent adressed it yet but thank you MisterJ for bringing it up.

  57. I was a little underwhelmed by this.  I just think the story got a little stale, and Millar may have been getting by on cool marvel porn like Loki’s skeleton and the kid with the antman helmet.

    I can’t say the story itself has been very mindblowing in recent issues.  I’ve still got plenty of faith that Giant-Sized will be great though.

  58. No matter what anyone says, this book kicked ass.  I feel like a little kid when this comes out.  I drive at rediculous speeds to get home and read it after work.  Sick art and a great story!  POTW

  59. Fantastically fun book. Several moments where I went "Aw shit!" The story to me is secondary to seeing cool shit, like the torso and head of Beast on a spike in the background of Skulls trophy room. My POW easily.

     Imagining what happened prior to this story is almost as fun as reading this particular story. This is what I want out of my bombastic super hero comics.

  60. Yep, I agree, the analogy to a summer blockbuster popcorn flick with plenty of fan service from the get go is accurate, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.  Not every comic book needs to be deep, wordy and unpredictible.  I am entertained. Very enjoyable.

  61. 70.9%!? *as of this post*

    I didnt realize the 1990’s was still in effect. Lazy written and action heavy comics is still the norm for today’s readers.

  62. hahahaha TheNextChampion is just baiting folks.

    One dude broke down the best scenes with Skull and he was right. Those were good moments. I gave this a four and stand by what I said earlier in this post.

    I’m hoping this isn’t the best book I will read this week cuz I got a good six more to get through and there are some titles I really like in the stack.

  63. @Scorpion: I am not fucking baiting. I’m telling the honest truth. But whatever, my opinion doesnt matter. Especially if this is the site’s majority POTW. Wouldnt be surprised if it’s Ron as well.

  64. Please, man. That last comment about the 90s was done purely to rile people up. You are basically shitting on a good portion of the users taste in comics.

    This ain’t my pick of the week though.

  65. Man, Logan is kind of a douche…

  66. This was good stuff. 

  67. @TNC: I’d never claim to say that you’re not entitled to your opinion, but you might just wanna sit back and have fun once in a while. After all, that’s the only reason this comic exists. It’s not going to redefine the medium, or be a seminal story, and no one ever claimed it would. It exists soley to be entertaining and extremely fun. If I were a psychologist, I’d say you’re just projecting your annoyance at the books lateness, which is warranted to some degree, onto the story itself. But all in all, I can’t see how you can deny that this story has been nothing but mindless fun, which, although you might not count yourself as one, is something that many people enjoy.

    As for the book itself, I thought it was AWESOME! He decapitated the Red Skull with Cap’s shield. If they ever kill the Red Skull off for good in continuity, that has to be the way to do it.

  68. "Holy Shit moment!, huge fight scene with no diaologue, Holy Shit moment!;…"
    So, we can’t have a story told predominantly through the art? I mean, McNiven’s work is really why I think it’s easier to take the bitter pill of the lateness of the book, isn’t it?
    I just flipped through it again and, to me it was a ‘holy shit’ moment when he beat Skull, not becuse *SPOILERS* he decapitated him, but because he did so with Cap’s shield. There’s a reason for said ‘holy shit’s. That’s just my humble opinion. 

  69. @jericho: Marvel and Millar have advertised this previously as ‘THE GREATEST WOLVERINE STORY’. So yeah I would think they are trying to make this one count. I like fun….I just didnt think this was fun in particular.

    @captbastrd: I’m not saying you cant have story told threw art, nor am I saying McNiven’s pencils are the worst ever. This is a gorgeous book; no if, and’s, or buts. But this issue was late for some god awful reason….and I have to think it’s for the art. But there’s nothing in this issue that’s really complicated. Again, any artist in the industry could take this particular issue and make it on time and gorgeous threw their own style. This might be the blandest issue of the story to date, and when I mean bland I mean less over the top moments or huge action sequences. There is a fight scene in here, but even the less talented artist could’ve done this.

    There’s nothing special about the sequences in this comic. Why did this take so long to come out? I want answers to it but I never will get these answers.

  70. This    Was    Awesome!!!

    The trophy room was fanboy porn, the hardcore stuff!

    The fight scene was brilliant!

    The art was stunning! 

    The stuff that is spoilerific. Made me ooh out loud! 

    I don’t know how it won’t be my pick.  

  71. Yeah, I lied.

    It was between this and New Avengers and I have to go with this as pick of the week after thinking about it more.

  72. The more I think about it; the mistreatment of Hawkeye was much more upsetting then the overall issue.

    Just like in X-Men Origins: Wolverine with the two old couple, Hawkeye is just plain mistreated in death. First we get most of this series sorta focusing on his blight to save the world. Of course we didnt know that until last issue. But this story was focusing on Hawkeye a lot more then Logan; we had much more badass moments from him, and Millar definitely seemed to set him up as a major player. But what happens to him in the course of a half a comic (and a previous issue panel)?

    Shot dead without a second thought; dragged to Red Skull’s trophy room, and then practically blown up cause of Logan using the Iron Man armor. That’s the final ‘hurrah’ we get with Clint on this folks. I dont know; maybe Millar set everything up so we can get pissed at him dying. But just like how Logan didnt care for the old couple’s bodies get blown up by Agent X; this just seemed very insulting to anyone who cared about Clint in this story. That goes for more then just josh and other Hawkeye fantatics.

  73. its a comic dude, relax

  74. let me ask, the iFanbase this? Is it really fanboy porn to show a trophy room full of shit you see every week in the regular comics? i mean you actually see all of the iron man armour in iron man and both of Nova’s pointy elbow things in Nova.

    @TNC: how does the Red Skull not have a personality? The weird old bastard was dancing around in a un-washed bloody 50-year-old captain america costume. That is some straight David Lynch Blue Velvert Dennis Hopper crazy ass villianious character stuff.

  75. This was AWESOME. Loved the "SNIKT" double page spread, & the "the name isn’t Logan" moment, even though we all saw it coming since since part 1 of the story, it was still killer.

    Say what you will about Millar, but man, the dude knows how to write over-the-top, balls to the wall, entertaining-as-hell comic books. And the artwork? Wow. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s amazingly good.

    5/5 for me. Pure comic book goodness on all levels. 

  76. yep. 5/5. people are going to be talking about this run in 20 years time

  77. I’m debating whether this a 4 or a 5. I didn’t think this was as good as previous issues of the run, but I loved a lot of things about it and I’m more excited about the story now than I’ve ever been…hm.

  78. So freaking good, i gave this book a stand ovation!

  79. Oh … it’s on.  After reading the first few pages you can see exactly where the book is giong, but man the ride was fun.  Though I read the book quickly, I have been going back and back again to re-read parts and enjoy the whole progression Logan’s personality.  And come on – when a book is so well written that you get all gitty and you pump your fist in the arm for a full 2 page spread of a sound effect and no other art … the book is good. 

  80. I haven’t read all my comics yet but this is easily the POTW for me.

  81. just put it down and god damn I love when a book lives up to the hype.



  82. @ TheNextChampion :  What are reading right now that is this much fun.  Sorry you didn’t get 7 pages of guys and girls sitting in Jets or at tables and spouting witty one liners to each other but that is still on the shelf at your LCBS to pick up.

  83. Loved this issue.  Would happily wait however long it takes for the giant-sized finale to come out.  This is gonna make a hell of a collection.  Cheers!

  84. Did anyone notice the Hood’s hood in the Red Skull’s trophy room?  Is this definitive proof that the Hood is going to reform and become a hero?

  85. never have a been more excited to not see art for a double page spread.  after seven issues of building to it, Wolverine pops that claws…shit is on now!

  86. Amazing!! Simply stunning. 

  87. WOW!! This is going to go down as one of the greatest Wolverine stories ever. I love it the art is amazing and the story is great. It makes me so happy to have some goodness coming from the Wolvie  book.

  88. This has been a fun romp but let’s not go cannonizing it.

  89. stupendous.

  90. @joeycardgame pretty sure thats Dr. Strange’s cloak.

  91. Every single issue in this arc has either left me saying OH SHIT or HELL YEAH at the top of my lungs. God I love it.

  92. The thing I liked the most about this issue was that Millar is really writing the last Wolverine story ever.  He’s bookending the character’s comic book life with two Hulk stories.  I can’t wait for the giant-sized issue o’ fun. 

  93. Does anyone else feel that the killing of the Red Skull takes away some of the impact of Wolverine popping the claws?

    I thought his resolution was to not kill anymore. Actually, I thought he was a pacifist now.

    I think he should have just beat the crap out of Red Skull and then the ending would have had more power.

    Great comic anyway. The hardcover collection is going to be awesome.

  94. @Scorpion: I had that thought ringing in my head too. Like, how did Wolverine go from pacifist to cold blooded killer within one issue? It couldnt have been because Hawkeye died….or maybe it could’ve been. I dont know, cause Millar never gave a proper send off between the two.

    But it did strike me odd Logan went from calm and meeky to badass killer when fighting Red Skull.

  95. @scorpion – I think the killing of red skull (other than depriving us of more red skull) was great and didn’t lessen the ‘claw-popping’ at all.  He killed Red Skull with Cap’s shield and WITHOUT having to pop the claws.  He avenged the heroes, or hero, and did it while ‘keeping his promise’ so to speak.  And for me when he does finally ‘snikt’ I know that the giant-sized special is going to be insanely awesome!  I think it work exactly how it’s supposed to.

  96. on the most basic level, killing red skull was self-defence, popping the claws  is offensive

  97. I think he killed Red Skull as revenge for Clint.  And, lets face it, Logan snapped.  @Edward – yes, it is Marvel porn when the trophy room is well drawn and a knowledgeable Marvel fan can identify the various pieces scattered throughout the background.  @TNC, gotta agree with the majority, this book is mindless good times fun, written to highlight how good McNiven is on art,

    I thought the Red Skull looked so cool in his nazi uniform, I actually missed it when he donned the Buckycap suit.

    And I do agree with those thinking that pounding down the Hulks doesn’t sound very satisfying.  My guess is Millar will do better than that.

  98. Oh yeah Wolvie’s gonna get some sweet revenge for everyone that died and kill all those motherfuckers!

  99. @Urthona: Is there any indication in this issue that Logan fought Red Skull because of Clint? Cause I dont know if you got a copy that had more diaologue to indicate that.

  100. Not for nothing I love this run but I really do hate the fact that is not going to end in the regular Wolverine title, but in a special oversized issue.  Then why even start this story in the regular book anyway?

  101. umm…I think he killed the red skull because he’s the red skull.  and you know, for turning the world all post-apocalyptic and everything

  102. I loved this. I understand why people wouldn’t, but I don’t understand why those people are still picking this book up. Everybody knows that McNiven can’t do anything close to monthly comics, everybody knows that this is the widescreen and fun but ultimately insubstantial style in which Millar writes, everybody knows that the way you change things in comics is to vote with your dollar, and still people are perversely disappointed. Disappointment stems from expectations being dashed. I don’t understand from where these expectations were born, because it’s clearly not from historical evidence.

    To give an example of how this works in other media, I don’t watch Fringe. I watched two episodes and realized that it was not for me, and I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY $2.99 PER EPISODE. I don’t like the storytelling style, I don’t like Joshua Jackson, so I don’t watch it. Even without the monthly charge, I would be AN IDIOT if I continued to watch a show THAT I DON’T EVEN LIKE! If you are paying to NOT ENJOY SOMETHING, you are AN IDIOT!

  103. Umm, if that were the case, Old Man Logan would have begun with Wolverine going to get Hawkeye so they could travel across the country to kill the Red Skull.

    We are looking at character motivation when that character had seen a lot of horrible stuff and kept his pacifist stance intact, including taking a beating by hulked out thugs that were threatening his family.

    I still don’t think he should have killed the Red Skull until the Giant Sized Finale, if at all, no matter how cool the death was.

    It just doesn’t fit with how the character had been set up so far. I can accept him killing anyone and everyone after the end of #72.

  104. @TNC – no, but I just feel it is a trend where Clint throughout the series has been an action catalyst for Wolverine, pulling him out of his non-violent farm life, makes sense to me that Clint would affect him one final time in dying.

  105. The way I see it killing the Skull was the only way for Logan to get out of that room and thus deliver the money. I don’t think there needs to be any motivation beyond that considering it’s those deaths that make him pop his claws. Killing the skull was done because it needed to be.


  106. @Roi: But by that logic (just clearing the room out) he could’ve just knocked him and the other goons out. There is no reason for him to be his old self yet. I understand him being in a murderous rage AFTER he sees his family die. But just doing it randomly on Skull before the ‘thrilling’ conclusion makes it for a weaker conclusion.

    Why should I care about him killing the Hulk family when he’s already killed someone before them? I think Millar ruined the ending slightly with that Red Skull fight.

  107. To elaborate on TheNextChampion’s points, when shit goes down in Old Man Logan up until #72, Wolverine had a tendency to grab Hawkeye and run.

    Fight or Flight. Wolverine fled. The comic could have been basically the same thing without the decapitation.

  108. See this is why I still stand by this was a predictable and bad comic.

    Just like the Wolverine film, it’s all surface and the more you think about some of the plot: It makes no sense. Or at least it doesnt make sense why Logan didnt choose something else in the course of the issue.

    Also, if Red Skull is dead….then he’s dead. I dont know where people are getting the idea that suddenly people will be after him because he killed Skull. A) His guards never saw Logan’s face nor did anyone else know him by his real name (Only Skull did). B) He bured down half of the White House, so there is probably no trace of him. C) People are just trying to think outside the issue for these ideas.

    Seriously I hate it when people think of something when it’s never shown in the actual comic. I’m sorry but if Mark Millar never showed it on the issue itself; then you dont know what happened. Dont make an excuse of an inconsistancy in the plot by saying ‘Oh well it’s gonna happen, we just didnt see it’. Your helping the writer out on something he didnt writer or thought out.

  109. @TNC  All I’m saying is there’s no way Logan was sure he was getting out of that room until skull was dead. He can’t afford to take chances.

     and in reference to the "never saw his face" argument, he did steal an iron man suit and fly all the way across the country. Even with today’s tech we could trace that, nevermind the future tech the skull and all the other villains will have. 

  110. @Roi: I just find it hard to believe Millar is gonna cram all of this into one final issue. Have Logan fight the Hulk family and Skull’s remaining minions? That’s just bad writing if he does that to just put as much shit into one last issue.

    It’s gonna be forgotten just like how Clint’s daughter was forgotten.

  111. clutching a straws, TNC, clutching at straws

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