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  1. The man who killed Magneto? Hasnt he died a bunch of times? lol

    Seriously loving this, again words I would never have said for a Wolverine title….please let us see the claws, I cant stand it anymore! 🙂

  2. You probably won’t see Wolverine’s claws to about issue #5. 

  3. Nope the claws come out the second to last issue. He does it to save Hawk Eye probably. Plus the new Kingpin and the man who killed magneto is probably…. I have no idea.

  4. Maybe the title would have been more accurate if dubbed "Lazy Man Logan".

  5. My earlier comment was a Secret Invasion joke.  Not really funny when you think about it.

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Shouldn’t the loss of Hawkeye’s eyes preclude him from driving a jeep?

  7. Its the spider mobile it has a built in spider sense or something

  8. @Kory – It may have been a joke but its probably not inaccurate.  Wolverine is not going to go back to hiws old ways until part 5 or 6, I imagine.  That’s the nature of these stories.  It’s like UNFORGIVEN.

  9. I don’t want to see Logan’s claws until the last possible moment.  It will make for a better story.

    And you know, I’ve never seen Unforgiven.  I should probably get on that.

  10. Why do my spider sense make me wonder he’s gonna pop his claws out against Hawkeye?

  11. I find it funny that they’re still running with the Spidermobile joke.

    There was also a Spidermobile joke in ASM: Extra. 


  12. Maybe he’ll pop out stumps, that would be cool

  13. @TheNextChampion That’s pretty good wild speculation.

  14. Well think about it….it would be a perfect moment for this entire run.

    I see it as: Hawkeye makes Wolverine go threw all of this shit and still havent gotten him to be his former self. Clint is trying to make the heroes come back and he feels Logan is the best spark for this. But for the entire run he never does anything, he just stays his wimpy self. So in the end when we get to their destination, Hawkeye reveals his master plan and tells him that he never had money to pay him. This pisses off Logan cause he realizes that he passed the deadline for the Hulk family and somehow, he knows that his family his dead….What does he do? Go bat shit crazy and dice Hawkeye up…..That would be the best ending in my opinion, it comes out of left field and it’s a deep, emotional impact to end a fantastic run.

    If only my dreams did come true.

  15. Mark Millar needs to quite writing such good books with suck great artists. It is getting a bit expensive.

    But seriously, I’m reading all of his current Marvel books (which all tie together, yay) and I’m enjoying every issue. The overall story has been a wonderful journey so far, and much more worth the time and money than Secret Invasion in my opinion. I, too, was suprised to find myself reading a Wolverine book, but I’m glad I picked it up… because my girlfriend made me.

  16. I meant "with such great artists." Bad typo. Bad.

  17. Yeah, I’m loving Millar’s stuff right now.  I met him in SF on Saturday, signing for War Heroes.  I’m pretty excited about this issue, but like others said…don’t expect claws for a while.  I think the one that killed Magneto is none other then…Kick-Ass!!

  18. I just watched Unforgiven last night (for about the 5 millionth time) and if they continue to follow that story then Hawkeye will get killed at the end, and Wolverine will go back to his old ways & kill ALL the villains in revenge.

    And then when Wolverine is leaving the salloon he will say: "All right, I’m coming out. Any man I see out there, I’m gonna shoot him. Any sumbitch takes a shot at me, I’m not only gonna kill him, but I’m gonna kill his wife, all his friends, and burn his damn house down." while the thunder cracks, Wolverine mounts his horse & rides off into the rainy night.

    Man, I love that movie.

  19. I have to watch Unforgiven. Absolutely
    @J4K3 : Yeah Millar stuff has been amazing. 5 titles that kick so much ass. And I just want more.

  20. Yes this series has been my favorite.  Hawkeye’s daughter looked real sexy on the final page of #67 – hopefully she’ll join them on the trip.  What’s going to happen after the series is over? Hopefully they’ll continue it since its been so popular – I think they’ve had 2nd and 3rd prints for the first 2 issues so far.

  21. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    This looks like so much fun! I love alternate-could-be-true-but-then-again-maybe-isn`t-true-future stories.

  22. I really hope this doesn’t end after 8 issues. I hope its just the first arc. There’s so much possibilities for this in the future…no pun intended.

  23. @ AdamZ. If this book ends well I can see the universe becoming its own series.  But do not hold your breath. For all we know Logan is going go bezerk and kill everyone.

  24. Any ideas on who killed Magneto

  25. this. issue. was. awesome.

  26. I liked it.  Gave it a 4.  Would have given it a 5 is Logan wouldn’t have repeated the same damn thing on every page of the book!  I get it… he’s a pasifist.  Move on already.

  27. Unless Millar drags this out (and so far things have been moving pretty fast) we will probably be seeing those claws of Wolverine sooner than expected. Then again I’m sure Millar will figure out a way to keep them sheathed for a few more issues will solving the problem that this issue ended with.

  28. This was my pick of the week.  I gave it a 4, but that was all it took with the rather weak competition from the other books I picked up. 

    @CharlieBlix – I agree that Logan came off as annoying, but I felt the rest of the book was very good.

  29. Oh man oh man, I’m glad I just started reading Cormac McCarthy’s "The Road" just as this hits. Dinosaurs eating Punisher and Daredevil?!?! KOOL!

  30. With William’s post:



    You get the rest, awesome issue. 🙂

  31. Looks like Logan is going to get in on the action sooner that I expected. I wonder if he is going to smack Hawkeye’s daughter around.

  32. I bet he just drives up and grabs hawkeye.  I doubt Millar will have Logan go claws out this early in the game.

  33. No, I bet he drives, the hits the jump button on the buggy, then the buggy jumps, hits the girl in the face, Logan grabs Hawkeye, and there they go, another crazy-ass panel, featuring that Spider-Buggy.

  34. Yeah I’m not going to try and guess the way it happens… just don’t think he will pop his claws.

  35. The way Kingpin died was gruesome.  Mark Millar you are a sick, sick man and I’m loving it.

  36. @Kory yeah this issue had a lot in commen with Kick-Ass… that is blood… lots of blood.

  37. Did anyone else have a problem with the Kingpin being beheaded by the swing of a shotgun?  Seriously?!  Did it have a sharpened edge?  Was his neck made of jelly?  Other than that I thought it was a fun issue, 4/5 stars.

  38. This was a bit more violent than the usual Marvel Comic, almost like Millar had his foot on the accelerator a little more than usual, in regards to the Kingpin’s demise.  The funny thing is how that scene sits next to the Moloids swallowing up an entire town — Kirby next to Millar, weird.

  39. @DavidB – Yeah that was kind of crazy with the shotgun.  I guess I just went with it because this is Millar and if you are reading Kick Ass you know the blood runs free and a little girl can cut limbs like butter.

  40. the sequence of Hawkeye taking out the guards was ridiculous, McNiven is an absolute animal.  And I love this whole molemen swallowing cities concept, very cool

  41. Millar must going through a bad divorce….

  42. @spooky: Or he’s going crazy like a mother *you know what* like Frank Miller is.

  43. I’m starting to believe he is writing what he would do when he wouldn’t be a comic writer.

  44. First of all, if the claws come out, its not gonna be to save Hawkeye, its going to be to save his family once he gets home, or to save some young girl he befriends and bonds with at some point, or to exact his vengeance on the Hulk gang after they kill his entire family before he even gets back.

    Secondly, I was expecting the "all-new all-different Kingpin" to be a known character, but I guess "all-new all-different" just means black?  I really thought it was Luke Cage until I realized how old he would be by now in this future.  Indestructible skin might slow that down, maybe, but if even Logan has gray hair at this point, then Luke Cage would be a wrinkled mess.

  45. Lots of awesome ideas, with the Mole Men, Hammer Falls, Spider-Bitch, etc. The art on this is incredible. If I were rich, I would pay in gold bouliion to get some of these pages to mount on my wall. I really like where this is going. Maybe it’s more fresh for me because I never saw Unforgiven, but I’m really excited about this miniseries and now that I hear that Millar’s run on Fantastic Four and possibly even 1985 are related, I might have to go out and get those. I’d love to see more stories in this world, especially if it’s Millar and McNiven/Vines/Hollowell.

  46. @actualbutt – i doubt we’ll ever get back to his family or see the hulk gang again

  47. @DavidB – My guess was that because she is Peter Parker’s granddaughter she has some inherited super strength, which made the shotgun handle just plow through his neck with brute force — otherwise it makes zero sense.

    What an awesome issue! Does comic artwork get ANY better than this? And do you think Millar has been watching some old samurai or ninja flicks lately? With all the brutal sword work in this book & Kick-Ass, it seems like it. I’m not complaining at all, I’m loving it & can’t wait for the next issue.

    Does anyone know how many issues this story runs for?

  48. @WadeWilson: It’s going to be an 8 issue arc.

  49. Thanks, dude.

  50. Well, if it’s only 8, I plan on enjoying every last issue. In my opinion, this was the best title of the week.

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