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  1. Would Thor’s hammer really just be chiling there like that? Some body would totally pick it up.

  2. @Brandon2 I’m guessing in smells funny. I, mean that’s some pretty old leather that has been sweated on for a long time. Plus all the things that hammer has been used on. I bet it reeks and looks like it reeks.

  3. @Brandon2- Since you have to be worth to pick up Mjolnir, I would imagine that in this post apocaliptic version of the Marvel Universe there would not be anyone worthy enough.  I also realize that this post makes me a super nerd and a tool.

  4. @Hoshigaki Dude, I don’t think you have to worry about that here. Nerd it up!

  5. I am suprised at how much I’m looking forward to this, but I am.

  6. Probably Mikolnir would be poke you in the eye, when you would try to pick it up.

    But a question in the same vein: Don’t you think that the Thing would be just a pile of Rocks when he dies…I mean loose and little rocks spread everywhere?

  7. So all these great heroes are dead. And Hawkeye lived? How the hell did he survive longer than Thor and Cap?

  8. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been waiting for a Wolverine issue to come out. So much of it’s medicore, it was nice to have a fresh of breath air with this run, so far.

    God know’s where this series is going to take us, but if the art stays fantastic threw-out the run, I can deal with a so-so futuristic tale again.

  9. Been looking forward to this.

  10. i ussually dont like these dark future storys, but this one got me hooked

  11. I dont know anything about this arc.  Is it worth going back and picking up the back issues?  How far back does this arc go?

  12. Doski: This arc started last issue (66), go get it, it pretty much just a set up issue. If you’ve seen Unforgiven, the plot will be very familiar.

  13. Color me excited to read the rest of this run. Millar has been stroking my interested bone regularly.

  14. that sounds dirty.

  15. @Optimus187Prime– lol, might I suggest Ms. Marvel #29 also then.

  16. @Kimbo – is that a rip on Ms. M? ‘Cause dude, she rocks! 

  17. she is certainly healthy.

  18. Is it me or is it significant that you don’t see any Iron Man suit there?

    As a general rule, you always see Thor, Cap, and Iron Man togehter (not recently, but in times past), but I don’t see Iron Man’s armor here. 

  19. I find it weird that they dug up that mass-grave just to have a look at them like that.


  20. This book is just ridiculous…in a very odd way.

    Part of me wants to groan on yet another futuristic tale in comics, but another part in me (like Ron) loves the Marvel porn aspect of it. Just adding the Ghost Riders makes me believe that this title will get on sillier before it gets bloody serious.

    Still it’s worth the POTW, even Green Lantern give it a run for it’s money in mine mind.

  21. It certainly is’nt the Citizen Kane of comics, it’s just fucking fun as hell to read.

  22. Agreed! It’s a fun, entertaining arc, and a nice departure from all the SI tie-ins.

  23. it’s alright, feels like a strange place for what boils down to a elseworlds story…hopefully this storyline plays into a future storyline and isn’t just a jerk fest…lol

  24. Is this Marvel’s Kingdom Come?  It could either be an elseworlds or a possible future for the Marvel U.  Just throwing it out there. (I’m being sarcastic, in case you’re wondering.)

  25. Another awesome issue. I love all the details like the "superhero religion" type stuff & all the new variations on current characters (Ghost Riders!).

    As much as I loved when Hawkeye cleaned up the Ghost Riders … "That’s right, bitches. Just keep making noises." I can’t wait for the moment when Wolvie finally pops them claws. I have a feeling it’s gunna be so awesome, I may pee a bit in my pants.

  26. Loving this run.  Im for one is very interested in the way the heroes fell.  Im guessing it was a very Wanted like way, where all the bad guys teamed up, but still cant wait to fin out more

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