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  1. I’m pretty excited for this arc.  should be a rollercoaster

  2. I pulled this but now I am thinking I might wait for the trade. Mainly because I am already buying a ton of books (thanks to iFanboy) and I didn’t read any of civil war. I have been liking what Millar has been doing on Kick Ass and 1985. I am also looking forward to War Stories (still haven’t decided issues or trade). I love issues but trades are so convenient and easier to get for a cheap price. Decisions, decisions.

  3. Millar did Wolverine: Enemy of the State which is probably the trade most responsible for getting me back into comics.  That was like a 12 issue action movie, and I’m hoping for more of the same out of this

  4. I agree that Wolverine: Enemy of the State was AWESOME. I stumbled across it not even knowing it existed. That was a great read in trade. Another reason I might wait for this in trade. These types of stories seem to better read as a whole rather than in part. In contrast I really liked reading Aaron’s "Get Mystique" arc in issues.

  5. comicdork37 – without a doubt this is going to be made for trade.  knowing mcniven though, that probably won’t be out till 2010

  6. Millar, McNiven & Wolverine — could this possibly be bad?

  7. Enemy of the State is one of the Marvel’s best stories EVER (yeah I liked it that much) so Mark Millar’s return to Wolverine has me very excited. No doubt it’ll get a good slagging from the Millar hating comics community at large, but I can’t help but feel that this is going to be great. I mean come on, a geriatric Logan on a road trip through a post apocalyptic Marvel Universe – how can that not be great superhero comics?

  8. I really wanted to pick this up today, but all I saw was a big empty spot.

  9. I had a lot of fun reading this.

  10. @thebouv – it didn’t get shipped to my LCS today either.  the owner was pretty pissed off

  11. Did anyone else get a Hunter Thompson vibe from Hawkeye, especially in the last few panels?


  12. Decided to pick this up after flipping through it at my LCS and was glad I did. I loved this even though I read none of Civil War it just didn’t matter. This was my first exposure to McNiven’s art and I was blown away. Now I know what everyone was talking about. His thin/fine lines and detail reminds me of Geoff Darrow (wish he did more comics).

  13. This was totally great. Between this, Mavel 1985, and kick-ass, Millar is doing much more than his fair share to fill the market with big awesome books. Possibly my pick of the week. This or Herc.

  14. i didnt see this title in the september titles coming out, does anyone know if theres a delay or somthing?

  15. Woo Hoo Doggy! Gotta love the Spidey-Mobile!

  16. "Logan? The Hulk gang’s here."

    You gotta love it.

    I’m guessing Millar was watching Unforgiven when he thought up this issue (un-4-given looks like is even written on the front of the Hulk gang’s fantasticar-jacked ride) and I’m not complaing — it’s one of my all time favourite movies.

    Best art I’ve seen in a while too.

  17. *complaining

    My mutant power must be the ability to be too lazy to re-read my posts before posting them.

  18. I am sooo getting this in HC! How many issues is this arc supposed to be?

  19. 12

  20. I thought I read it was 8 issues (that is a weird number if it is true).

  21. this is gonna be that long?  thats awesome.  right away im going to say this is the next planet hulk.  lets hope it doesnt get delayed.  definitely my pick of the week and i only read half my books so far.  i just have a feeling this is gonna be an epic run.  oh, and who’s taking early bets on who the first fill-in artist will be?  is there a pool going for WHEN the first fill-in is gonna be?  my early bet is on mike mckone, issue 5.  i just hope we don’t get a crap fill-in like sean chen….*shudder*

  22. First of all, I am a hardcore Wolverine fan and have followed it for years…even through like the last 10 years that every writer has tried and failed to do something interesting with the character….This looks like it could develop into a good story like the end was, but if it has like 27 parts like Enemy of the state did and with a 3 month gap in issues, I’d rather just skip it…Lest we forget that the first three issues of Enemy of the State were boring as batshit with Wolverine beating on Marvel B-listers and *huh* running…??


  23. This installment of the Wolverine Chronicles is awesome so far!!!  I really loved the way they went about this storyline.  I can’t wait for the next issue to come out.

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