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  1. I was a bit worried at first that Aaron’s wolverine wasn’t going to be any good. I had that horrible feeling that Aaron might end up being one of those guys whose creator owned work is great but his other stuff is lacking.

     The first issue of this arc put that feeling to rest. It was fantastic and i have to admit that i didn’t see the twist with mystique coming. Simply put, im freakin’ exctied for this issue.

  2. So if wolverine is here…and his in uncanny….and X-Force….that means..2 SKRULLS!!! right?

  3. i’m actually excited for wolverine?!? Weird.

  4. Jason Aaron is awesome.  I can’t wait to see where this storyline goes. 

    Interestingly enough, I was watching X-2 with my fiance the other day, and told her about how Mystique was in the Wolverine comic for a storyline, and it actually piqued her interest.  Thank you, Jason Aaron.  🙂

  5. Now show her X-3 and see if she’s still interested. 😉

  6. @ shogunt- HA!  Look, I just wanted her interested in the X-Men…not leaving me because of them. 🙂

  7. imadeadpool, This arc takes place before X-Force #1 and probably before the current Uncanny story too, although thats probably interchangeable.

  8. I’m not a regular reader of this book but did enjoy last issue.  The art from Garney was nice.  My only concern is that it looked colored directly from his pencils.  Why could Bill Reinhold ink his stuff here as he did on ASM during Civil War?

  9. @Neb — Man, THIS should be the plot of the Wolverine movie, shouldn’t it?  Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romjin stalking each other around the world.  In what way is that not awesome?

    Forget all that X3 silliness.

  10. Uh, shouldn’t Mystique be a vegetable at the end of Messiah Complex?  I hope they explain why she’s running around the world just fine and dandy.  I liked the first issue of this arc.  Wolverine is always hit or miss horribly with me; glad they got it back on track

  11. I didn’t read Messiah Complex but I love Wolverine and Scalped. Do I need to know anything about the Messiah Complex story to follow and enjoy this series?

  12. @comicdork — continuity wise, Aaron’s first issue picked up right after MCX, if anything, this story goes back to the adjectiveless Xmen storyline from a few months back.   But so far it’s mostly Wolverine and Mystique playing cat and mouse in a war zone.  I don’t know that it really matters WHY they’re doing it.  

  13. I really like where this story is going. I was king of indifferent to this and Fantastic Four last time, even though both titles were hyped because of new creative teams. The second issue of both stories have hooked me. Last issue I liked Garney out of nostalgia, because I hadn’t seen his stuff in so long. And I’ve never read Scalped. But with this second issue everything just clicked for me.

    I’m liking this story a lot more than Logan #1. We’ve never seen this Iraq stuff done with Wolvie before. It’s provacative, very original and intriguing. How are those for buzz words.

  14. Jason Aaron is truly an up-and-comer.  His work will one day have a profound impact on industry.  When he’s finished with this run, Wolverine will never be the same

    Ok, I’m done with my buzz words/phrases also.  I liked it, by the way. 

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