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Acclaimed author JASON AARON (ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN AND WOLVERINE, WEAPON X) and superstar artist RENATO GUEDES (Action Comics, Adventures of Superman) launch an all-new ongoing Wolverine series as Wolverine goes to hell… literally! Someone’s out to destroy Wolverine – permanently – and they may have succeeded. But if Wolverine’s soul is in hell, how is his body terrorizing those closest to him?


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  1. I can’t believe I’m buying this. This is going to be my first real experience with Jason Aaron. And its a gimmick about Wolverine going to Hell.

    Hopefully this is the last time I’ll have to see that image though. I am so tired of it. 

  2. Didn’t they just do a Wolvie story line about him being taken over and ravaging his buddies?  Wasn’t that Enemy of the State?  Sheesh.

  3. This was a no go for my until I googled Renato Guedes and remembered that he was fantastic on Superman. Damn you Marvel and your agressive aquisition of talent!

  4. @Grandturk – You’re right, they did just finish a Wolverine story like that, only 5 years ago!!  Talk about ripoff!!  😉

  5. Aaron has been spot-on with his Wolverine work, so I’ll be picking this up without hesitation. Hopefully this whole new Wolverine-verse will be interesting.

  6. I haven’t read any of Jason Aaron’s Wolverine work yet. Think i’ll give this a go.

  7. The odd thing about the last Aaron Wolverine story is that it was really a Deathlok story. It started with him drinking with Cap, but by the end he could have just been Random Confused Hero #3…

  8. That cover looks retarded to me.

  9. @JumpingJupiter Right there with you I have hated it every time I’ve seen it.

  10. Aarons wolverine has been fantastic, the only reason I’m getting this

  11. Another  Wolverine #1……. F it… I’m out

  12. Another Wolverine #1 (by Jason Aaron)……F it…I’m in

  13. im so not up on my marvel so this is lookin cool to me, plus its jason aaron

  14. Has anyone made the "do we need ANOTHER Wolverine book" comment yet?

  15. @Wade… This is going to be the only Wolverine solo book out there. Origins and Weapon X are over and the regular title was turned into the crappy Dark Wolverine book.

  16. @butch- the only wolvie title at least until the road to he’ll and the rest of the wolvie-verse books come out.

    Seriously? Does a single character have to have a crossover within their own books? I’d have expected that from Deadpool, but not Wolverine.

  17. As far as I have heard, the “wolvie-verse” is only gonna consist of this, the Daken book and the X-23 book (neither of which I’m planning on reading). Sure he’ll probably show up in those books, and yes, he’s still on almost every team in the Marvel U, and there is the Astonishing title w/ Spider-Man, but as far as a solo book goes… This is it… The one and only… Until someone says, “Hey, you know what would sell great? Another wolverine book!” Anyway, I’m excited for this. I love Jason Aaron’s work and his Weapon X was a lot of fun, so I’m in.

  18. As much as I liked Aaron’s Wolverine: Weapon X book, this is a good opportunity to duck out and cut down on some single-issue purchases.  If I hear good things, maybe I’ll catch this in trade or HC.

  19. Looks like he’s about to take crap or something.  This is the first ever Jae Lee cover I didn’t like.  He should stick to doing Transformers vs. GI Joe stuff, that stuff was bomb.

  20. Yawn…boring

  21. I agree that Wolverine’s solo adventures can be quite lacking in quality, but I think that Aaron is bucking the trend with the solo adventures. None of the negative qualities of bad Logan solo stories of yore have been apparent in these issue, and I think that this issues continues the trend of quality Aaron penned Logan stories. I’m not quite sure exactly where it’s going, but I think that’s part of the mystique about this story. I’m certainly hooked.

  22. The backup was solid, but the main was surprisingly boring until the last page.  I really, really don’t care about any of these characters other than Wolverine, so the fact that he essentially disappears a few pages in was a disappointed.  I may not pick up #2.

  23. Backed out of buying this at the last minute after flipping through and finding that Logan only appears on, like, 3 pages. Not in for another Deathlok storyline, thanks.

  24. Yeah, this was a disappointment. Not terrible, but not up to the level I expected after hearing such great things about Aaron’s previous Wolverine work. May or may not pick up #2, depending on how light my pull is that week.

  25. I think I read most of this when it was called "Spawn."

  26. @drake that sucks.  That’s two people I have similar interests to that didn’t like this book.  I miss collecting Wolverine titles.

  27. I thought it was good. I didn’t buy this for the Wolverine so I wasn’t sad when he wasn’t in it too much. I think Wolverine is best if used sparingly so I’m fine with that. But best by far was the Silver Samurai backup story.

  28. I dug on this too. I don’t buy the book for Wolverine but for Jason Aaron. I don’t know shit about most the characters in the book but I liked the dialogue and pacing. I also haven’t read much solo Wolverine so it remains relatively fresh. 4/5 and pick of the week for me in a week that should have been better than what it was.

  29. Only picked this up because of Aaron – had no idea it was going to involve a "Hell" theme.
    Mixing superhero & occult genres has never worked for me; Always find it mind-numbingly boring.
    So disappointed. Dropping this title . . .

  30. Lord I wish there was a different artist on this. I really dislike Renato Guedes.

  31. Pretty good. Very setupy but that’s to be expected. Don’t like the whole including X-23 and Daken since I don’t read those titles, but whatever. It’s Jason Aaron. I love him.

  32. Guedes is a good artist. But his style really doesn’t fit Wolverine. Esecially Jason Aaron’s Wolverine.

    Weapon X was great. But I’m not sure about this. At least this story line. Maybe they’ll try out a different artist for the next one.

  33. Gave it a shot, but I found it random, and the art was dull.

  34. God the art was terrible.

  35. Wow, I thought the art was great…I was really stunned (in a good way) about some of the "camera angles" and shots of places like the church in particular.  I think it may be off-putting for many just because it was so clean and bright in colors, when most Wolverine books are dark and muddy in tone.

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