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• Winter Soldier and Black Widow are the super-spies of the Marvel U!
• Ex-Russian Sleeper Agents awaken, but under who’s control?
• Is that Dr. Doom? Uh oh.

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Butch Guice
Cover by Lee Bermejo, Gabriele Dell’otto, & Joe Kubert

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.3%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Brubaker and Guice on an espionage title staring Bucky and Natasha and it’s only $2.99. If you aren’t buying this, why????

  2. This team writing Winter Soldier managed to make a Fear Itself, point one, follow-up issue my POTW a couple months back.

    I think this is going to be someone truly special. Really can’t wait to read this.

  3. So psyched for this. Brubaker. Guice. Bucky. Natasha. Spies. $2.99.

    Sign me up.

  4. Is this a miniseries/limited or an ongoing? (And, yes, I know “ongoing” lately means – “Hey, it made 10 issues!”)

    • ^No, This!

    • This is a continuing monthly series.

      “Ongoing” is one of those silly comic-isms that doesn’t mean what actually means. EVERY series (even with a planned ending) is an ongoing series. Until it ends.

    • I suggest we change the term from “ongoing series” to “Unlimited Series”. anyone?:)

    • Thanks Ken. I agree “ongoing” is poor word in general, but contextually I see we all knew what I meant. I hope this is good, but I don’t wanna raise my hopes only for disappointment. I’d comment more, but got distracted by the mention of coffee…….

  5. I didn’t enjoy the slow pace of Brukaker on the new Cap series, It’s weird Bucky returns and I don’t think I give a shit anymore….Oh well I hope it’s good for the rest.

    • I didn’t enjoy the new Cap series either. This is not the new Cap series. If anything this direction is similar to Cap’s direction before the new #1.

    • I had heard good things about all of Brubaker’s Captain America up until this new volume. My local comic shop owner recommended Captain America and Bucky and I haven’t had a second thought since.

    • I really liked the Brubaker Cap series w Death of Cap arc in it then the Reborn mini and the 1st 5 issues of the newest Brubaker Cap series namely cause McNivens art is just that good. Bucky dying in Fear Itself as a stunt to get Steve Rogers to dawn the Cap mantle again is actually a good idea, planned or not and I love the moniker Winter Soldier and the whole idea behind it, if that’s how they’re gonna explain Buckys return/past, fine by me, he’s much more interesting w the adamantium arm w the red star on it and a dark past as a political spook/sniper. Espionage, Black Widow, w Brubaker and Guide w Bermejo covers(hope he does em for a few issues at least) at 2.99 sounds like a solid book to me.

  6. I’m treading lightly with this one. Brubaker and Super Heroes has been really hit or miss lately.

  7. double shipping with the first two issues? paaaaaass. at least it’s a 2.99 book, that’s something.

  8. perhaps you just have a larger budget for comics.

    • Fair enough. I just find that many people have pretty thin rationales for viewing double shipping as a negative thing.

      And to the larger point of not having enough money for comics, there are SOOO many ways most people could save the money required to make up for double shipping on the books they really like. I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by making a list, but finding out if you LCS has a discount for regular customers is a great way to start. I get 15% off new comics and it helps me buy more comics! YAY COMICS!

    • ken, its not necessarily a cash flow issue. I think its a good will and commitment kinda thing. Its like going to a restaurant that charges for refills on drinks. I guess they can if they want, but i always see it as short sighted. its pretty obvious why they double ship, and it isn’t to reward the fans…its to squeeze em and as you’ve noticed, customers are starting to realize it.

    • So if they announced the series was biweekly from the beginning, everyone would be happy?

      I drop comics because they are average to bad not because they provide me with quality more often.

      If people don’t have money for comics, they shouldn’t buy monthly issues. It is one of the least cost efficient means of buying comics.

    • @ken, i spend $15-25 on comics a week, that’s how much i spend, for alot of reasons. that’s four to six books, i don’t want to spend more than that. having added a couple more books to my pull list i’m much more sensitive to late shipping/double shipping books (last week F4 & justice league being late was a bitch), it’s part of the reason i don’t buy more marvel books.

      If i went to Starbucks and they told me ‘we don’t do Cafe Mocha for 3.50 anymore, it’s a popular drink so we only do 2 mochas for 7.00 now’ i would be drinking far fewer Mochas.

      i think that’s a pretty good analogy,!:)

  9. Yea looking forward to this. The art is gonna be real good!

  10. @adrian, that’s about what I spend per week too. I can only speak for myself, but even though I budget for about $20 per week for comics, the light weeks typically balance out the heavy weeks, so I hardly even notice the double shipping books, except for the fact that I’m getting to read books I like more frequently.

    I didn’t mean to come off as snarky in my initial post, just to offer the counterpoint that — as long as it’s good comics — I’m cool with double shipping.

    And kind of to Wally and Scorpion’s points (even though they take different sides) — I think Marvel has been pretty forthright in interviews and press releases that they’re looking to double ship wherever feel they can pull it off.

    I guess it just comes down to the Converse to iFanboy ethos: Don’t buy things you don’t like (regardless of whether the thing you don’t like relates to content, package or schedule).

  11. Really hoping that this is going to scratch that itch that Brubaker’s Captain America used to scratch.

  12. this is my most anticipated book this week! Hoping it lives up to my self imposed hype! I loved this teams run on Cap America, and the interior pages of this look spectacular!

  13. Never read anything from Brubaker or Captain America. I wonder if i should pick this up then…Ehh why not? I got 3 bucks to spare.

  14. Dr. Doom? Uh oh?………..Someone gets paid write these solicits right?

  15. I thought this was enjoyable, I wish the solicit didn’t mention Dr. Doom cause the ending would have had more impact. I really dug the art, even though a few panels were a bit muddy and I had to really inspect them to see what was happening. The majority of the panels were steaming with awesome, and this being my first taste of Guice, I look forward to more. All in all, color me happy.

  16. God, I love this issue. If gritty espionage is your thing, it does not get any better than this.

  17. I’m not really a Marvel fan, but I loved Brubaker’s first Captain America run, and I bought this issue digitally in the hope that it would read like Brubaker’s Cap. And it did; mostly. I loved everything right up until the big, hairy reveal. But I suppose I can live with that, if it means more Brubaker/espionage goodness.

  18. I admit that I did enjoy this, but I just didn’t love this. It definitely could have been better. May continue with this, just because I am sure this will get better as it goes.

  19. I liked it. Features 2 of my favorite character and look forward to where it is going.

  20. Enjoyed this, though I thought the art overshadowed the writing. Beautiful stuff.

  21. Not into it. I think I’m just over Brubaker. The art was way to photo’d out for me too.

    I can see why people would like this, but it ain’t for me.

  22. This was cool! Great, fun writing and beautiful art. Plus Bucky’s banging Natasha (I just want him to be happy; it’s like he’s my imaginary jewish son) and we’ve got sleeper agents and yup, even Vic von DOOM. I’m in. Thanks, Marvel.

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