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  1. Am I the only who doesn’t absolutely love this? With each issue I think I like it less. Except for the supergirl story. That’s just fun

  2. I’m going to try to say only positive things for one week…. so i’ll talk to you all on a different thread

  3. If there’s more gorilla’s with machine guns and every comic stays consistent….I’m not gonna complain.

  4. my girl friend picked up the 3rd issue of this thout it was an old newspaper and thorw it out

  5. I think it’s some of the cleanest, prettiest art I’ve seen in comics in a long time.  Are these guys regular artists on their resepective books?  Cuz I need to start checking out guys like Quinones, Sook, et al.

    I feel like I’ve had my head in the sand for the last 10 years.  And it’s only been 5. 

  6. so far this has been my POW 4 out of 6 weeks. I love everything about it.

  7. I am really interested in seeing how this is collected.  I’d love to get a copy of this for my father for Christmas.  He would grin from ear to ear.

    @JesseG – I like your Zardoz avatar. 

  8. What do you guys think of this idea?

    How about if DC decides to do another weekly series they only do it for 40 weeks? Then when the series ends, they can do another Wednesday Comics for 3 months? That way they can alternate between a weekly series to this project every year. That would probably take some burden away from the creators of the weekly series since they cut off three months for them.

  9. excellent idea, TNC, put the call though and get it green lit

     You can do that right?

  10. @edward: Sure can.

    You know that Kevin Smith Batman book? I called for it to happen

    (piano falls on him)

  11. It makes me happy that aquamans been in the supergirl strip.

  12. @TNC – I would rather they scrap the entire weekly comic maxiseries approach and just do Wednesday Comics over the summer every year.  That keeps the format fresh and gives people something to look forward to.

    P.S. I’d love to see a Morrison/Quietly Green Lantern strip.  Imagine the beautiful aliens Quietly could create. 

  13. Can’t wait to see what happens in Hawkman this week. 

  14. I didn’t even read last week’s yet because I’ve been so busy reading trades and playing Call Of Duty: World At War on the PSN.  The week before was kinda sucky though.  I’m starting to have doubts about being on board the entire 16 weeks!  It’s fun and all but $16 a month is a little harsh, especially when I’m pulling more then 11 books every damn week anymore!!

  15. @robby-it’s 12 weeks.

  16. @robby Do you ever post anything with a $ in it? 😉

    I really would like DC to put out a short survey about how the readership felt about each strip’s writing, art, colors and the overall package so they can gauge reaction to do a sequel.

  17. @PraxJarvin – Couldn’t they just read this board?  Free market research?

  18. Ifanboy is free free free!

  19. @stuclach True, but unlikely. 😉 I think it would be interesting though. With a few disagreements for the most part many of the people on this board dislike and like the same strips on the whole.

  20. I personally wouldn’t want a weekly series for an entire year. I’d rather a 3-month run of WEDNESDAY COMICS once every 12 or 18 months.

  21. We can’t have a popular vote on this. Because then everyone will vote me out of the only good Wonder Woman story I have. I don’t mind people disliking Caldwell’s WW, but it makes me so happy and it’s all I have left.

  22. No Gorilla’s with guns in this. Wonder Woman is still a bad strip. Plus Aquaman was a big jerk to Supergirl!

    But this was still fun to read as always, and I made it my pick once again.

  23. Decent issue. A lot of fluctuation, especially compared to last issue. Anyway, it’s that time again!

    Prax’s Patented Ratings:

    The Great: Kamandi (A bit of a let up on the pace, but still excellent. Probably the best this issue.); Deadman (Fantastic layout and beautiful art. Really upped the ante.); Metamorpho (I love the cheat of "missing" all the action and think this was wonderful. Second best story this issue.); Strange Adventures (Brilliant. Simply loved it.); Supergirl (It took a while to get there, but I think this strip is finally hitting it’s stride.); The Flash (I admit it’s getting a little confusing, but I’m loving it.); Hawkman (After a filler strip last week, we’re back at stellar art and storytelling.)

    The Good: Metal Men (It’s not outstanding, but it’s a quality "B-Feature.); The Demon and Cat Woman (A good showing, this strip and last really changed the tone and pace of the story for the better)

    The Mediocre: Batman (Again, it’s not bad. It’s just not Batman.); Green Lantern (Finally getting to the heart of the plot after literally 6 issues of meandering, not enough to redeem the quality though. Still looks great.); Sgt. Rock (it’s getting better. There seems to be a story developing. Only 6 issues late.);

    The Bad: Superman (Despite Kal-El getting the crap beaten out of him, this was terrible. Which is a shame, because the art is really good. Not digging the Crimson Dynamo rip-off armor on the aliens though.); Teen Titans (This is trying really hard to be in continuity. Also, Eddie, please stop using "does not even" all the time!); Woner Woman (Again, brilliant layout and great art mired in an overly complicated "questing" story. Feels like there are less words on the page, too.);

  24. @PraxJarvin – I actually thought Batman really improved this week.  It felt like something happened.  I’m also up for where Sgt. Rock seems to be heading.  I think this Metamorpho strip may be my favorite strip of the entire series, so far.

  25. Not enough clam phone.

  26. @Drakedangerz It did make a surprise appearance in the Strip’s header!

  27. @Prax-And the octopus put it in his back…belt.  Yet I still stand by my statement

  28. Why is the Titans strip trying to get into continuity? That really bugged me when read this today.

  29. @TNC I thought it was weird last issue that it was kind-a in continuity, but this was confusing. Wasn’t the point that they were supposed to accessible tales.

  30. Agreed.  That strip takes two steps forward, one step back.  And as a latino, I was really bugged last week that Blue Beetle felt the need to speak Spanglish.  But whatever, that’s beside the point.

  31. @drake You know, I kind of enjoyed it, kind of found it offensive. The Titans strip has been all over the place, though. Also, I’m tired of hearing how hot Starfire is.

  32. @Prax-But…she really is hot.  Also, I retract that "as a latino" qualifier.  In general, it bugged me.

  33. Starfire is hot, but Galloway is not making that a reality.

    I think the biggest gap in quality from issue one to now is the Green Lantern strip. That was a beatufiul looking comic when I first saw it. For the next seven weeks the art has downgraded from ‘amazing’ to ‘fugly’. The noses is what really bothers me, they’re the shape of a big toe! Plus the story has moved aimlessly for the seven strips.

  34. I’d say, aside from Wonder Woman, that The Demon and The Catwoman is my least favorite strip.  I don’t care about the characters and the story is boring.  Looks pretty though. 

    And I loved the fact that there is about a dozen Barry Allen’s now.  Hilarious.  Iris be getting some mad lovin’ tonight

  35. @drake: That last sentence was horrifying and hilarious at the same time.

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