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  1. I hope Batman and Green Lantern improves this week. It suddenly dropped in quality very fast after a couple of issues. Other then that, looking forward to the rest of the strips. Except of course Wonder Woman.

  2. still haven’t read a single Didio strip

  3. @TheNextChampion- I love looking at the Wonder Woman strip’s art, it’s a shame I can only see half of it because of the writing.

  4. Wow, there sure are a lot less people talking about this now!  A couple of strips got sucky the last couple of issues.  Karmandi has been fun this whole time though.

  5. @edward – The Didio strip hasn’t actually been that bad.  It has certainly been better than the derivative Superman strip.

  6. @robbydzwonar – I agree. Kamandi has been awesome.

  7. @Stuclach: i don’t care

  8. @edward-I’m sure Didio is heart-broken 🙁

  9. @Drake: well, that shows what you know. He cares about each and everyone of us equally

  10. @edward You seem to be discussing this a lot for someone who doesn’t care. 😉

  11. Didio’s story is pretty damn good! Maybe we can have him doing an ongoing series?

    (TNC does not approve of that last sentence)

  12. @prax: i said i don’t care about Didio.

    why is it someone can criticize a film or an ablum or TV show but when someone expresses a slightly less an glowing comment of a book the iFanbase responses with "Than why are you posting here?"

     – – – because i read the thing 

  13. @edward But you said you "still haven’t read a single didio strip." So isn’t it kind of, I dunno, hypocritical to criticize something even though you don’t read it?

    I mean I find it really hard to read the Wonder Woman strip every week, but I do it just so I can bitch about it. 

  14. Yay.

  15. I’m getting depressed that we’re already half-way done.

  16. @edward I know, I’m just busting you. Hence the little emoticon at the end.

    @TNC Hey now, Dan Didio wrote episodes of ReBoot, including "The Prisoner" homage episode. (I really need to write that article on Prisoner and comics on Murmur…) and wrote Superboy for a time. 

  17. @Prax: He….he wrote episodes for Reboot?

    The same Reboot which helped save my childhood? The same Reboot where I have all the episodes on bootleg?

    I love Dan Didio!!

  18. @redlibertyx: How exactly is “i still haven’t read a single Didio strip” a criticism?

    @Prax: oh!…. ha ha?

  19. @TNC: So I’m not the only who has decided to stop reading the Wonder Woman strip.  I think you need to have beer goggles just to read it.

    @robbydzwonar & @stuclach:  I agree Kamandi is top notch.  I also like Deadman, Sgt. Rock, & Green Lantern and although Superman is a litte derivative i’ve enjoyed Bermejo’s art.

  20. @JesTr – I agree that Mr. Bermejo’s art is stellar.  Sgt. Rock has been a bit too violent and too slow for my taste, but I still find myself wanting to read it.

  21. Six issues in, and I am not getting bored by this what so ever.

    Improving: Batman, Strange Adventues, and Sgt. Rock

    Downgrading: Green Lantern, Demon/Cat, Hawkman.

    Still enjoyable to read the downgrades. But the pace of them is just mindboggling slow.

  22. ugh i have issues 1,2,5 & 6. I hate missing issues. so far i’m really liking Hawkman, Superman and The Flash/Iris West. 

  23. @edward I inferred it to be a criticism from the bit where you said, "why is it someone can criticize…"

    I’m really kicking myself for not picking up Wednesday Comics #5 myself and letting my friend hold on to it for a week. He’s on vacation and the LCS was, so far as I could tell, out of #5s for me to read through. So now I’ve got this just sitting there and I really want to read it but can’t out of some sadistic fanboy loyalty to doing things in order. 

  24. @redlibertyx: that sounds like bullshit to me. you quote one part of my comment in one post than another part in a different post. get your shit straight.


    sorry for the crankiness

  25. I don’t care of the portrayal of Aquaman in the Supergirl strip was inaccurate, it was funny as hell.  Nothing beats a clam cell phone.  Nothing.

  26. I adore this!! the Flash/Iris strip is awesome. I wonder if my mundane marital hijinks would seem as exciting if Karl Kerschel drew them?

  27. Supergirl is top-notch. I love it week-in and week-out!

    This issue as a whole was a grand improvement over #5.

  28. @drake: The clam cellphone, yes! That had me on the floor laughing when I realized it was a clam.

  29. aquaman was the best. my favorite strip of the entire series so far!

  30. Wow, I’m the only one to fully review this. Then again this is a hard beast to review.

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