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Prax’s Patented Rating System for Wednesday Comics.

The Great: Kamandi (Brilliant as ever. The pace slows a bit, but does not disappoint. Gorilla Power!); Metamorpho (I really love that each issue has a different layout and and gimmick to it. The main story could have been a bit better, but it’s still fun); Strange Adventures (Awesome as ever. Love the 1920s look to the strip. It’s amazing that Pope was so easily able to make this pulp-y with a Pope’s trademark look and maintain almost all of the “continuity” of Adam Strange, while still standing on its own.); Supergirl (Solely for the best portrayal of Aquaman ever.); The Flash (Continues to deliver)

The Good: Deadman (A bit of a slower strip, but a lot of fun to read. Interested to see where it goes. Plus, a lot of Deadman Exposure this week); Metal Men (Fun, but tapering off a bit.); Hawkman (Sadly, I was let down by this strip. It was still very well written and looked fantastic, but it felt like we should have gotten a bit more.)

The Mediocre: Batman (Again, this strip isn’t bad. It’s really just a Azzarello crime story with a fairly tame/boring Batman as the protagonist.); Green Lantern (Yawn. It looks great, but there’s virtually no substance or, at least, nothing we don’t already know about Hal. I’m real glad that Busiek watched Moonraker before writing this.)

The Bad: Superman (Don’t wake the baby! Waste of page.); Teen Titans (It was a bit better without the medical team, but it’s really insipid. Even Blue Beetle slipping in out of Spanish doesn’t help.); Wonder Woman (Great panel layouts, loved the top-to-bottom reading, but the story felt jumbled. There definitely were a couple panels missing in the narrative.); Sgt. Rock (It looks so good but the story is just bad);

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I believe you stole my idea from last week 😉

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