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  1. Only 3 to go!

    Looking forward to Metamorpho the most.

  2. Since it’s coming out on Thursday I will be calling this ‘Thursday Comics’ for the week.

    I can’t wait to see how awesome a T.Rex/Hawkman fight is gonna be.

  3. Should be a good time.

  4. @TNC-That joke is really only funny once.  😉

  5. Am I the only one that thinks the art in the last couple of Kamandi pages haven’t been up to snuff, compared to the previous weeks? 

  6. If you had told me 10 weeks ago that I would be this excited about the end of this series I would have been shocked.  I fully expected this to contain a bunch of relatively low quality stories plastered to a newspaper page, not the extremely well designed and realized product we actually received.

  7. @win I can’t really say I noticed a marked difference. I thought the last two pages we had were colored a bit darker than they should have been (especially on this paper quality.)

  8. i haven’t actually read this for 7 weeks. That’s not a bad thing. It’s very nice to look at

  9. Kerschal’s Flash would make an awesome superhero sit-com

  10. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they planned ahead and realized this would come out on Thursday and thus retitled it for this week? Yes. That would be awesome.

  11. @Edward – That is actually a rather large compliment for the artists.  To continue to buy $4 issues simply for the art is very indicative of the quality of said art.  I agree that some of these strips are absolutely beautiful.

  12. This was good, although it seems like a lot of these strips ended with only two more to go.

    Highlights: Hawkman taunting the T-Rex, Java admitting he likes Broccoli, Risso’s art for Batman, Berjemo’s take on Superman’s Heat Vision.

    Lowlights: Wonder Woman of course. Demon and the Cat was pretty pointless. Sgt. Rock is also pretty medicore.

  13. I liked Green Lantern this week. Go figure.

    I liked that Deadman climaxed already.

    I find it hillarious that Sgt. Rock could’ve been done in half the strips with almost no modifications. 

  14. @miyamoto: I liked it how wrong that Deadman comment sounds 🙂

  15. A bit late, but never dated: Prax’s Patented Ratings:

    The Great: Kamandi (Lions and Tigers and Guns, oh my. Excellent again. Give Gibbons a Kamandi book now.); Deadman (Fantastic. Bit worried there’s still 2 weeks to cover, but awesome); Algon [nee Metamorpho] (Fantastic again. So strange, so funny, so good.); Strange Adventures (I love this new take on Adam Strange. Curious to see where it goes.); Supergirl (Simple, but good.); Flash (Beautiful yet again.)

    The Good: Green Lantern (Totally picked up this week. Shame it hasn’t been at this level all 10 weeks.); Metal Men (Good stuff. THe art was fantastic this week. Loved the frantic crowd spilling out of the panel.); Hawkman (Awesome. "Look what I can do!")

    The Mediocre: Batman (Batman killed a dog! What the hell!?); Demon/Catwoman (Kind of lost it this week.)

    The Bad: Superman ("Can you read my mind? Do you know what it is you do to me?" Bermejo’s art is stellar , except for an off-Supergirl face, but the story is bland.); Teen Titans (What the what? Teen Nazis?); Wonder Woman (I just don’t care anymore. Looks great.); Sgt. Rock (Unnecessary.)


    Special Bonus: Algon’s little speech says: "Rex, the element man, is dead. Element girl is dead. I am King of the World." 

  16. @Prax: Darn I was hoping Algon’s speech was going to be funny.

    Or like Java, that he liked Broccoli

  17. @Prax-I found it disturbing that you could see the outline of Supergirl’s left nipple in the Superman page.  

    I’ve enjoyed this series, but it has taught me that I would not be able to do a weekly series like 52.  I enjoy reading this, but can’t imagine investing in it for a whole year.  It’s just not for me. 

  18. @Drake I have to say, I did 52 and enjoyed it. It was tough, and I only just barely made it to the shop some weeks to keep it "weekly" but I truly loved it. I couldn’t do that for Countdown or Trinity though.

  19. @Prax-Yeah, I’m sure it would be much easier for me to say yes to a series like that if I absolutely loved everything about the series, or at least most of it.

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