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  1. Maybe I’ll get this if I know how much it ties in with War of Kings.

  2. …maybe only cuz its darkhawk

  3. Ron, you gonna buy 25 copies?

  4. Ron almost has me convinced to buy this issue just based on how much he talks about him.  I somehow missed the big Darkhawk craze and don’t wanna miss his comeback.

  5. Maybe Ron will send us each a copy of it along with our iFanboy members only shirt? 🙂

  6.  Sqeeeee, I’m excited for this so much. Also cool how the Loners will also be there as well. I’m already buzzing around about the War of Kings.

  7. Aw man, the Loners, too? Shit. I wasn’t gonna buy this, but…


  8. have no desire to pick up a mini for a while…..im burned out from bad minis. i will wait for the realy expensive hardcover

  9. I’m hesitant because they are trying to do the same for Darkhawk that happened to Nova.  But what happened to Nova was a natural progression and people just caught on to that book.  This seems forced.

  10. That’s the main reason for the membership drive right?

    Cause it’s the only way I see ron getting rid of all of his Darkhawk comics. 🙂

  11. I am kinda pumped about this, myself.  War of Kings has me pumped, Darkhawk has me pumped…

  12. Darkhawk’s back awesome I used to know him when I was very young he became a member of the New Warriors and he kick the Hobgoblin and Venom’s ass during the 1990’s now his back on his solo saga I’m gonna get me a copy of this comic book when it releases.

  13. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Darkhawks back Yeaaaaaa!

  14. I have fond memories of Darkhawk from my youth although I don’t really remeber why other than the Marvel Legends cards. I hope this is decent. Plus I am really enjoying War of Kings so I’m willing to pick up the tie in books and I am jumping back onto Nova although I don’t know why I really ever stopped.

  15. Pretty good issue.  It wasn’t awesome, but it got me interested in Darkhawk.  I realized its only 2 issues, thats good.  I don’t think I would have stuck around if it was any more than that.

  16. Eek.  That…wasn’t good.  At all.  I think that if they had condensced it into a one-shot and left out Darkhawk #1, I might have liked it better…assuming issue #2 is any good…but I have a feeling it is really only setting up War of Kings: Ascension, essentialy making this the first act in a 6 issue mini.

  17. Ascension is a one shot right?  From the solicits I just looked up, part 2 of this is also $3.99 and comes with a reprint of issue #2.  That irks.

  18. Nope.  Ascension is a 4 issue mini, the first of which PROMINENTLY features Darkhawk on the cover.

    That said, it is written by Abnett & Lanning, and not Cebulski, so that’s a HUGE plus for Ascension.

  19. Yeah, I hate the habit Marvel has of reprinting an old book as backmatter just so they can crank up the cover price to $3.99.  Perhaps my most hated thing about comics right now.  That said, I did enjoy the regular issue, though I was annoyed at the seeming lack of any connection whatsoever to the ‘War of Kings’ story until the very last page.

  20. I’m not sure I like Darkhawk as a character.

  21. Do we really need another Darkhawk series ? As I remember the last one it sucked …really bad . Do the Marvel editors seriously think that fans are clamoring for yet another badly written book , with a lame charecter and barely passable art ?

  22. I’ve never read a Darkhawk comic before this and had no expectations.  I’d read Loners and New Warriors (back in the day), and more recently Nova, so I knew generally who the character was.  I enjoyed the art and felt that it was a pleasant introduction to Darkhawk (much better than than the reprinted original #1).  Still not clear how this will tie into War of Kings, but it was a lot of reading for 3.99 and I generally had a good time.

  23. Was my copy the only one with horrible typoes and misspellings?  "Some things I’m empracing" on one page, "all’s finnaly good" on the next.  Someone needs to learn to proofread.

  24. Yeah, totally didn’t need to be $3.99.  I ordered this without knowing that I’d essentially be re-buying Darkhawk #1 along with it.  I liked the art and enjoyed the ties to New Warriors and The Loners in here, but it all felt like build up to the last page.  It seems like everything that will tie into War of Kings will be in issue #2.  The padding for a four dollar cost is insulting, but the new stuff is enjoyable.

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