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  1. So…these Brandon Peterson covers have been great for WoK, but how come they didn’t get him to do any of the interiers on any of the books?

  2. This series is pissing me off. Its the only War Of Kings related book i havent been reading because I was almost positive it wouldent tie itself directly into the main story. I thought it would be more like Nova (off on the sidelines, but still interesting) id rather see Nova in the main story……sorry to Ron(and his 25 #1 issues of Darkhawk)

  3. @ Aquaman:  Too bad for you… this miniseries had been a blast as anything else A&L have been writing in the last 2 years.

  4. Thank you!  How can you not like this?

  5. This has been great so far. I’ve never given a damn about Darkhawk. But this book has actually gotten me interested in the character.

    Abnett and Lanning can do no wrong.

  6. I hadn’t read anything Darkhawk previously.  That said, I’m really enjoying this.  I think that Darkhawk will be a much better character coming out of this arc.

    If you’re not reading this, you’re missing out on some of the Shi’ar side of the War of Kings.  This is book is doing much of what I wish that the Thunderbolts of Dark Avengers were doing.

  7. I never read much of Darkhawk  but I bought a few issues back in the 90’s.  I always thought he looked cool but there wasn’t much to him.  but DnA have really resurrected the interest in this character.  I’m sure Ron is very pleased.

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