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  1. Got a very light week so I’ll take a chance on this. Granted, with D & A at the helm, it’s hardly a blind leap of faith since I’ve really enjoyed everything else they’ve done in the last few years. They’ve even won me over on, well……..the whole damn cosmic Marvel U honestly!

  2. I’m annoyed at the tie-in mini-series for a tie-in mini-series.

  3. Damn it.  I’ve only got two other books this week.  I’ll have to buy this to stave off the boredom.

  4. I’m curious who couldn’t tell "War of Kings: Ascension" was a War of Kings tie-in? Solicit Fail!

    I’ll give this a read, wasn’t jazzed by the Darkhawk two-shot but this could prove interesting. 

  5. This is great with the return of Darkhawk and all a new villain known as Talon this 1990’s icon had made a great comeback surely this brings back memories of rap music and Kevin Costner ruled the entertaiment industry I just hope to snatch me a copy when I got the chance though.

  6. It’s not as though I didn’t recognize it for what it is, I’m simply a little annoyed at the practice of doing tie in mini-series for mini-series’ that are themselves tied into regular continuity books.

  7. @Jon I wasn’t referring to your post, I was referring to the fact that the first line of the Solicit says "A War of King" Tie-In when the title of this series already has "War of Kings" in it. 

  8. I’m still not sure if I’m picking this up.  I skipped the second issue of the Darkhawk mini, so I really think I’ll just skip this too.  If I hear enough good things, I’ll pick it up

  9. This looks pretty good.  I was turned off of the War of Kings: Darkhawk mini-series b/c of the reprints (especially since I still have the 90s comics in my closet somewhere…), but I may check this out!  I just wish it was $3.  Marvel’s strategy of charging $4 for their most popular books makes sense, but surely this isn’t one of them.

  10. I made a decision at my LCS to opt-out of this and a few other books and invest in Showcase: Doom Patrol. Sorry Dan, Andy and C.C. but I’m just not interested in this title after a flip through and the mediocre Darhawk mini that preceded this. The $3.99 price tag didn’t do you the book any favors in my eyes.

  11. I agree with PraxJarvin.  Marvel totally woulda had me on the impulse buy–IF–this title was 2.99.  I bought last week’s issue of Superman/Batman #57 by DnA instead (for 2.99 mind you).

  12. wow this was a bad read–dna disappoints for a change

  13. hmm i thought it was rather good.  not earth shatering but good, and the end i found rather supprising.  i think ill keep getting this book.

  14. I agree with you CaptainJack, this was much more in the line of Nova and Guardians than it was the Darkhawk mini before.  Even though I could kind of see the twist coming it was still cool as hell.

  15. um…maybe? looks like they are getting more and more ‘hawks. so yea im down with that

  16. The price was tough, but the story was good. I’m so happy to see Darkhawk getting some development, I’ll be buying the next ish.

  17. why wasn’t this just part of WoC Darkhawk?

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