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  1. Can’t say I’m excited for this. I hope the Havok on this cover means he’s in the book for more than three panels like Guardians of the Galaxy. Or at least had something to do with the content of the book, unlike last issue of this series. Still, Abnett and Lanning rarely disappoint, even if it’s not quite what I want.

    Question to my fellow pullers… Are you hoping for a Vulcan/Black Bolt throw down or do you think it should end up Vulcan/Havok? 

  2. Havoc had his turn (in Uncanny and the Emperor Vulcan mini)….let Black Bolt take a shot at him.

  3. If it was a Black Bolt/Vulcan showdown, what would Black Bolt say in the battle if he had to utter something?

  4. @ Sai – Something along the lines of "bitchass" I presume

  5. This has to be the end for Vulcan right? He is such a bitchass

  6. I’m hoping it comes down to Havok vs Vulcan.  Thats been the conflict they’ve been setting up for a long time now.  It would fee like a let down if Black Bolt was the one who brought him down.  He can be the driving force behind things, and he can even rough him up some, but lets have Havock pull the trigger.

  7. I would think Blackbolt would say something more along the lines of "Bitch please."  But "Bitchass" does sort of work too.

  8.  @AlexG     i agree. vulcan is an asshat!

  9. I would rather see Rocket Racoon take out Vulcan with an RPG…

  10. @itiscritical

    Can RR then become the new Norman Osborn of the cosmos? Because apparently all it takes is one good head shot to take over the world, why not the universe?

  11. @everyone who’s written here – this officially the most histerical thread on the website. Thank you for giving me a great big smile

  12. I think Black Bolt should utter "I am Groot".

  13. @JesTr: Hilarious!

    @Parker: I agree, but do you think a racoon could fit into a patriotic Iron Man suit?

  14. The first half of the book was pretty good, but, when the Starjammers and some mystery guests show up, this comic becomes all kinds of awesome!  My favorite War of Kings book so far!

  15. I’ve been looking forward to that ending. Thank god

  16. This kicked all kinds of ass.  I love this series and it’s about time Gladiator grew a pair and started thinking for himself

  17. All right, this is back on track after the middling last issue. Still, all around good issue. Could have used a twee more Havok, though seeing him hand Gladiator the business was good. Also… Rocket Raccon is comic genius. 

    If only they had used Cosmo instead of Rachel Grey… 5/5 

  18. Whoops, typo… that should have been 4/5. For me it was not better than Power Girl. 😉

  19. This series still needs more Rachel Grey, damnit. 🙂


  20. Favorite scene: Rocket Racoon tries to talk Gladiator out of killing him by removing his glove and telling Gladiator to feel his soft fur.

  21. I already want to re-read the first three issues of this series. The pace never slackens-event book done right.

  22. I thought Rachel + Rocket + mop was pretty ingenious!

  23. Abnett and Lanning are starting to scare me. I have picked 3 out of the 4 war of kings books as my potw (including Secret Invasion: War of kings).

  24. Woo Hoo, The IFanboys Community Pick fo the week!

  25. just read the 1st 3 issues last night.WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!……..Awesome book. The beat-down @ the wedding was great. I’ve been waiting for Gladiator 2 jump sides. Now the only thing i need 2 make me completely happy, is 2 now have Gladiator royaly beat the shit out of Vulcan. Favorite line is when Rocket Racoon takes his glove off & tells Gladiator 2 feel how soft his fur is. Hi-larious!!!!!!!!! DNA can do no wrong.

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