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  1. Are you kidding me? I don’t even remember where / when this left off. Now I have to dog out # 1 and 2… jesus, maybe I won’t bother. This is too much work for a Millar book that will probably take about 30 seconds to read.

  2. Whoa…holy shit. This is unexpected.

  3. How is that people can forget so easily the last issue of a delayed series? Without touching War Heroes #2 I already know everything I need to know to read the new issue.

    If you forgot the last issue, then you probably didn’t like it that much anyway. Quit your bitching.

  4. All I remember from last issue is…penis. So much penis.

  5. I loved this series and Mark Millar/Tony Harris.  The only reason I won’t get issue #3 is because issue #6 where this series ends probably won’t be out until 2011.  I’ll just get the paperback.

  6. @JK43: There is so much ridiculous assumption in your comment I scarcely know where to begin.

  7. I just read the preview online and HOLY CRAP IT WAS AWESOME!!!

    Makes me wish the graphic novel was done, it would blow readers away!  Kind of sad this won’t be out monthly.

    At one time I thought doing an independent comic paid the creators more because they got a bigger chunk of the money.  But apparently not?  Delays on some independent books I read have been blamed on money at times.  Sucks cause I’d like Tony Harris to get paid well for this, just so we could see the ending.  His art is excellent.

  8. @KickAss-Getting paid more money is dependent on the title selling well.

    I dropped this because the story just wasn’t interesting, neither were any of the characters.  Just not worth picking up.  Maybe if I hear good things I’ll get the trade

  9. I thought the sales for this were bigger than the average indie book, yet it still can’t keep Harris on art.

    Kick-Ass which sells as good or better than most Marvel books has a hard time keeping JRJR on it.  He said himself he had to "Do it for free, not tell the wife about it."  I thought Kick-Ass sold something like 50-60,000.  And it still can’t keep an artist on?

    Sure JRJR has to draw like 16 Spider-Man comics a year too, but he can’t do 8 issues of Kick-Ass in a row?  And pay the bills on that?

  10. @KickAss-They "do it for free" for the first few issues, until revenue from the sales actually starts to roll in.  And I’m not sure where you got that number, but I don’t think Kick-Ass sells that much, and I’m sure War Heroes didn’t either.

  11. there comes a time, gentlemen, when you have to stand up for what you care about. There is a terrible cultural  trend in our society which is infecting our husbands, wives, children and loved ones. I’m talking about late comic books. that’s right, late comic books. Write your congress men, hand out flyers, stand up and shout "I’m as mad as hell and i’m not going to take it anymore"

     Good Night and Good Luck


    No, wait, i don’t care. it’s just a late book

  12. Finally! This & Planetary in one week. I may have to play some brief catch-up with both titles, but who cares? Really? This is gonna be great.

    Yes, I wish it was already finished. Yes, I wish it come out on a regular basis and didn’t have delays. So goes the game of comics sometimes……

    I’ll read this as it comes out – then read it as one piece when it’s all complete.

    Millar & Harris. Worth the wait. 

  13. I’m waiting for the trade, having to wait what seems like a year for a single issue is crazy, even though I do like the comic.

  14. I was gonna get this, but i am leaning against it now.  Who knows when the rest will finish up?

  15. What I remember most from issue #2 was the reveal of the inside plot at the end, and my sheer disgust with Millar’s gross cynicism toward (and mis-characterization of, in my opinion) the "American soldier" (iconically) as a person.  Fortunately, that recollection prevented me from accidently buying this issue.  To my tatste, I found the writing to be very poor, and the art wasn’t enough to keep my interest or my money.  Perhaps Millar will deliver some twist that could have redeemed the story in my opinion, but I’m not sure I’ll be paying any attention to reviews of this series by the time it concludes in order to notice, and consider giving it a second look.  Not for me.

  16. And for those who might scoff at people criticizing the lateness of this book, issue #2 shipped on September 17, 2008!   The World of New Krypton crossover hadn’t begun, Secret Invasion was in full swing, Trinity was on issue #16, Batman RIP hadn’t reached part 5, Final Crisis was between issues #3 and #4, and George Bush was president, just to mention a few reference points.  So I think it’s understandable that many readers could have forgotten all about this story.

    As for the sales discussion, Diamond reported sales of 22,405 copies sold for War Heroes #2 in September 2008 (and that’s with multiple incentive variant covers), which placed it at #109 for sales that month (not a top seller overall).  By comparison, Kick Ass has been selling in the 50,000+ range (issue #6 had reported sales from Diamond of 50,033, ranking it at #33 for April 2009, just behind Secret Warriors #3 and ahead of Thunderbolts #131), so that is a better selling book. From JrJr’s standpoint, Amazing Spider-Man sells 60k+ per issue and ships three times a month – and for JrJr that also comes with a guaranteed page rate (e.g. pay check on page submission) up front.  Kick Ass probably pays more on the back-end per page, but who knows how many months it takes between when he finishes a page of pencil art until he receives a check.  From a cash flow perspective, Spider-Man’s the steady paycheck when you’re paying a mortgage and feeding a family.  Kick Ass is the sweet bonus check for Christmas and family vacations.

  17. i was just thinking about this book not that long ago. i guess i’ll get it. i won’t be happy about it though.

  18. This was actually really exciting, which surprised me. I hope there’s not a long wait for the next issue. I think this story would have made a really great original graphic novel.

  19. I don’t know if it’s the delays or the fact that everybody looks like Bradbury from ex machina, but this was very blah

  20. I hear about American soldiers being wounded and/or killed by terrorists what seems like everyday. I sure as heck dont want to see it in my comics!

  21. I thought this comic was awesome. The art was sick and the intensity was high.

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