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  1. about time… it seems like millar is only putting out books to get movie deals these days, everything he does is so late!!

  2. yeah, its ridiculous. And I mean, how many books can you possibly write at the same time? Give yourself a break and deliver them on time!! Ok, actually, I’m not really saying that, because all of his books made my summer.

  3. This is a make-or-break issue for me… #1 didn’t wow me but did enough to bring me back for one more.  Time to prove this is worth singles and not just another trade wait

  4. The first issue was fun, but nothing spectacular. here’s to hoping they wow us with this one

  5. Make-or-break issue for me as well.

  6. Wait nevermind. I’m gonna keep buying this book. As long as Tony Harris is doing the art i dont care if it’s 32 pages of Millar trying to get another movie deal.

  7. Actually, Millar has already stated that he has finished writting pretty much everthing that he has right now.  FF, Wolverine, Kick-Ass first arc, 1985 and even War Heroes.  So the delays are all due to the artist and printers.  Sigh, why does he have to work with such great artist that take so long?  I’ll still pick it up, but I am really hoping to be impressed with this issue.

  8. Balls.

  9. cock and balls

  10. From multiple angles.

  11. That solicitation says "not everyone makes it out alive."

    Who didn’t make it?  Except for that dude’s pants.

  12. Other than the giant scrotum in this issue, i like the direction this book is going. The reveal at the end has made this much more interesting, i mean honestly who doesnt find a decked out super-powered muslim extremist, wearing cowboy boots, and dual weilding scimitar blades on the wing of an F-22 entertaining:)

  13. Although I still like the art I feel like Harris does a better job an Ex Machina. Did anyone else pick up the Tommy Lee Edwards cover? Anyone have any idea who is doing the alternate cover on the next issue?

  14. The lady’s car didn’t make it out alive.  And neither did that guys pubes.  Poor pubes…didn’t see it coming.

  15. This issue was amazing!!

  16. Meh, i’m not realliy digging the story. I don’t really like the whole "pill" thing, and i don’t care about any of the characters.

  17. This was my POW.  But it wasn’t a strong POW.  It was either this or Action, but I think the direction this thing is taking will be a positive from a story aspect, so it got the nod.

  18. This issue should have carried the now-classic warning: 

    Conspicuous wang alert!

    This issue shows suddenly shorn scrotum.

    Not that I’m a prude or anything, but it was a bit . . . sudden.

    I enjoy the direction that the story’s heading as of the end of this issue, though I see from the next issue cover that this series will continue to take it down a generally potentially offensive direction.  As with others, I’ll continue to buy it for Tony Harris art and to see where the story’s going. If this were an ongoing, I wouldn’t stick with it. 

  19. I’m getting bored of Millar. There wasn’t much here. And that last page? That’s their big crime? I was hoping it was going to involve a little bit more inginuity. Like some sort of super-hiest. And the shock it was supposed to cause…it was just lame. Just write a good story, with good characters. Stop trying to be clever. Because this wasn’t anywhere near clever. This issue sums up for me all that is wrong with Millar.

  20. I was expecting a super-heist, but knowing that they’re going to betray their country and sell Al-Qaeda(sp?) the pills is way more exciting.  I like where this is going.

  21. I reckon Millar is the best ideas man in all of comics & sometimes the story doesn’t quite hold up to the awesome idea — like this book. I like it, but it could be way better & hopefully it improves as it goes on. I find the art really distracting (not just when they show cocks) the colours are so flat & dull & there is just WAY too much photo referencing for my taste.

    But, we did get 24 pages of story AND a card stock cover for only $2.99. If we ever get that from Marvel again I will eat my own face.

  22. This story is a bit too silly for me, I’m in it for the Tony Harris art and the cool idea, but I hope we get some decent characters soon.

  23. @NealAppeal Agreed.

  24. the thing is Tony harris uses the same models for every character and when every character is bald and white i have no idea who is who

     Balls, cock and balls!

  25. @edward — I thought exactly the same thing, not "Balls, cock and balls", but about all the characters lookin’ the same. It’s very hard to tell most of them apart.

  26. yeh, it was impossible to follow


    Balls, cock and Balls

  27. This was my pick only because of the cock and balls.  Tony Harris should call up Prism comics STAT!

  28. Millar thinks little of the US military and it’s regard for human life.  Dropping one of their soldier-heroes into the middle of a crowded city was a flat out stupid story moment, and then showing how all of these candidates are part of a major plot to sell the American weapon tech to the enemy???  Seriously, it would be more interesting if the lab involved in making the drugs had rogue employees hatching that plot.  Recruits to this program would have been sooooooo heavily vetted (and then monitored) that this nonsense is, well, pure nonsense.  But it does make me feel like a superhero myself.  This issue gave me the super power to drop another comic from my pull list!

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