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  1. YES! More walking dead!

  2. woo-hoooo

  3. Been waiting so long for this!

    And I have issue #49 waiting after this.


  4. this trade will knock your socks off.

  5. I have been waiting and waiting for this to come out.  As one of the few series I read in trade, I am having trouble with the whole waiting thing.

  6. I don’t know how you guys do this in trade.

  7. I’m switching to singles, actually.  This will be the last trade I get of it (well, I might be a completist and get the trades TOO).

    I need to sit down and reread the whole lot.  I already got my wife hooked and she’s waiting for #8 too, and now I got her 17 year old sister on it as well .. she read 4 volumes just last night.

  8. Good it finally out, now I could read the singles, ok thats all.

  9. This is the best book for hooking the ladies.  It is the first book I could get my wife to read.  Now she bugs me every week "When’s Walking Dead Coming Out?"

  10. Ditto man.  My wife loves this comic.  I switched to singles now with #49 so after reading Vol 8 last night, she read #49.  She prefers to read it in trade, so I might switch back (or buy both).

  11. holy shit.  just finished this. i must now read this monthly.

  12. I need a bath after reading this!

  13. Wow this book is SO GOOD. My wallet prefers trades but this book is just…wow.

  14. Just finished this…Jesus, I am fucking traumatized! I may go curl up in the fetal position for a while.

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