Review by: TheNextChampion

Size: pages
Price: 14.99

What I love about Kirkman is that he never lies to us. When he wants to say ‘This issue will change forever!’…you gotta know he fucking means it!

With this arc of the Governer coming back and raising havoc on the survivors, we get a great mix of action and suspense. Never before have I seen a ‘zombie’ book has so much kick ass action before. That’s what Kirkman does so well with this series as well. There are zombies in this book, but he sorta ignores them now so it’s kinda funny to see these two sides duke it out while zombies try and invade either side.

Obviously there are a lot of ‘holy shit!’ moments, and you guys already know what they were. But for the sake of argument I wont talk about it if you havent read it. I’ve loved this series all the way threw (except for the rape of Michonne) and this trade does not disappoint. Just remember:

This trade will change the series forever!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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