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“SOMETHING TO FEAR” continues!

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  2. Getting REALLY close to the 100th here, people. Expect sudden gasps and damnation afoot. Either accept that and move on or NEVER go back and read these comments. A warning I should also heed… but I am only human. Good thing I read the issue really early. One word? “Happy” *

    *Why aren’t there spoiler tags everywhere?

  3. Do not read the preview available on Comixology! I went to buy it and got spoiled big time by a reveal on page 2.

  4. First Tyrese and now…

    Damn you, Kirkman.

  5. Do not F with Rick Grimes, I love how they totally pwned two-face this issue. Excellent I gave it a fiver.

  6. Oh, HELL yeah!! Definitely an adrenaline filled issue. Looking forward to the next two issues in a major way. 5

  7. On the bright side we got to see Andrea’s ass.

  8. Not sure how I felt about the arrow in the eye and the long dialogue after…

    Not sure how I felt about the confrontation at the gate…either these antagonist don’t care about getting killed or the writing is a tad silly in this. 3/5

    • yeah i felt the same way. did a double take…um is that a lettering mistake or? cause an arrow through the brain would be like instant brain death. I think they were going for the chicken with the head cut off thing, but a bit too much.

      overall good issue. very surprised by the events.

      its kinda funny how Rick and his crew all of a sudden have turned into thugs looking to fight people. interesting turn.

    • the arrow through the brain was actually completely realistic.

      also, the confrontation at the gate? also totally plausable. this rival gang is used to being the bullies, used to being the biggest dogs in the yard. they were totally unprepared to be stood up too like that (even if they DID witness what rick and company did last issue). personally, i am loving it. its cathatric to see Rick and friends finally taking stand

    • Totally with ya, JokersNuts. This issue upped the excitement level in some pretty fun (at least for the reader!) ways. I thought the arrow through the head was awesome.

    • “plausable” is relative. Thats a cool story, but i mean…its kind of a one in a billion thing. I wonder if they were referring to that specifically?

    • I love the book too and I’m not trying to rip it apart but:

      An arrow through the brain with a guy who continues to speak as if nothing has happened is completely realistic cuz you cite one incident?

      Not sure how I feel about that either.

      As for this new crew…going to have to see how they operate before I completely damn the plot development in this issue. Still, they don’t seem to have a lot of guns and any fool could see that Rick’s crew seem generous when it comes to spraying bullets.

      What I like about the Walking Dead is the books seems realistic. People operate in ways that make sense within the context of the world. This gang’s behavior needs more explanation before I buy it.

    • They were smart enough to ambush two of Rick’s crew.

      Would think they would have played the incident at the gate smarter as well.

      At least the Gov had a tank, multiple armed men and a hostage when he tried the same tactic.

  9. Way to show some cojones Eugene….

  10. Now we are talking!! Some real live new action, Abraham NO!! I was not expecting that and the Fat-fuc#er biting the dudes scrotum was straight up desperate and really set the tone for this issue and for what was happening and how we are really at one of the big cross roads for this title. The only bad thing for me was in a couple of parts the artwork made a few people look like each other and at one point I thought Rick got shot however; it was someone else. There was like two or three spots for me where this happened however; the story and action were set up like right away, so I figured it out as we got to the end of the issue. 4 and much improved issue for TWD series!!


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